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Its Not Confidential I've Got Potential

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Franks a stripper Gerard goes into the club everyday just to see the guy he thinks he could fall for. Things get going. Frank opens up about the trauma in his past causing Gee to fall in love ...

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Franks P.O.V
I was dancing around my one bedroom apartment making up a new routine to Britney Spears
It really didnt matter because once i get up there its all just spontanious

3 of my dance's are to Britney bitch. I dont like her just love stripping to her music
its probably how she wrote it.

There has been the most perfect guy comming into the club the past 2 days.
Havnt talked to him yet, Havnt exctatly had the chance

When and if he comes back i'll just dance by him.
I've got an Hour untill i got to go to work.

Maybe i'll go pack my bag. If i can find it.
My rooms way to messy i've got 3 tops fluttering around the floor and my c.ds are out of place its getting on my nerve

White Top, Black Tie, Black Skinnys a gay persons best turn on. See this is why they employed me because im sexy
With a quick fluff of my hair my perfection is complete

I took my sweet pink man bag and car keys and headed for my car.
I drove across town listening to nothing but the misfits. Jeez i love Belleview especialy if that hott emo comes back today

I pulled into my usual car park to see Larry leaning up against his car

"Hey ya Frank" He called threw my car window
"Uh Hi Larry" I really didnt enjoy being alone with this Guy. Like were all gay here but this guy takes gay to a new level
And it creeps the Fuck out of me

"You think hes hott?"

Yeah Frank do you like him?
Shut up head
I cant nob hand im you and i know you do so you cant deniy it

"The Guy thats been comming in for the past few days?"
"Oh well yeah hes Cute but i dont really get a chance to talk to him so yeah"

Jeez he nearly mouth raped me

"Yeah i just said so didnt I?"
"Well i bet hes taken"
"Probably, But i can still think hes hott"

Larry looked so super sad but i cant help who i think is hott

You dont think hes hott, You like him and wanna fuck him
What, No i just think hes hott
Lie to me
What im arguing with my self this is stupid i know i dont like him
Really, so thats why you want him to come back

I looked around to see that all the other boys were looking.

"Just pratcing for my play, Its the only line i have" Wheather or not they believe me i couldnt care less
"Ok" Larry said un surely

The club opened and i went up on the stage and waited for my songs

Gerards P.O.V

I took my usual seat right next to the bar.
and waited, I knew he would come out some time soon.

"Red Bull"

I saw this really weird looking guy give me a terrorfying smile. That kind of smile a mass murderer gives someone before they kill them
I gave one of my please dont hurt me smiles to him then turned around to find my red bull sitting there so i drank it like it was vodka

I never sat near the stage because i didnt wanna be one of them sleezy stalker people so i always stayed at the bar
Music came on really loud
And he stepped out from a black curtain. I finialy found my smile when he took center stage
and that creepy guy smiled again

I quickly looked back to this tiny boy with droopy black hair and a red fringe.
He had the best body i've ever seen. Well not today because he hadnt stripped yet

He smiled at me and it was beautiful. I stopped breathing

Hes just being coustomer friendly. He dosnt have the hotts for you like you do him
Just shut up what do you know
I know you want him, I know you need him, Mikey knows you need him and so does Bert
Just fuck up, If i want him then i would talk to him wouldnt I
Whats keeping you then?
Hes all the way over there on the stage and im sitting at the bar
So you do want him
Just shut up and leave me alone.
I would except theres one little problem. I am you

"Beautiful dancer"
"Hes a beautiful dancer isnt he"
"Yeah I-I supose so"
"His Name Frank"
"Oh right"
"You've been in here a few days any piticular reason?"
"Nope, Just out of my own free will"
"Ok then. I'll see you around if you come back"

god dam him. himself is even more scarier than his fucking smile.
No. no his music stoped and i didnt even see him dance.

Now you cant possiably tell me that you dont like him
No i dont hes just a good dancer
Yeah what ever thats what you first thought about Bert remember? Then you fell for him
Well just be quiet you have no idea how i feel about people
Of course i do. I tell you what you feel and you LOVE ummm whats his name
FRANK his names FRANK

"Excuse me is this seat taken"

It was a gay strip club of course im lible to get hit on

"No, Not at all" i steared down at my red bull not knowing what i felt for that tiny dancer

Franks P.O.V

"Frank" i said introducing my self
That pretty boy looked up and his Jaw fell to the ground

"Uh-Uh-uh Gerard"
I giggled at how hard it was for him to say his own name

"your-Your-Your really good up there" He said with a point to the stage
"thanks, Years and Years of pratice"
"I could tell with the way you slid around on that pole"

I gave him a smile

"Sorry was that insulting or personal or something?"
"no not at all. This is how i am and im proud of it"
"Well that good you should be, Its nothing to be ashamed of"

"well Gerard. Ive noticed you comming here a few days any paticular reason or is that personal?"
"Itsforyou" He spat out.

My neck snaped and my head shot up

"excuse me"
"I saw you a couple of days ago and thought you were beautiful"

i took a pen and paper from the bar and wrote my number down for him

"here" i said as i gave him a smile and a kiss on his cheek
"Im single" i added in there and the end of his lips lifted up
"I am too" he wispered
i just walked to my car and drove home spasticly waiting for a phone call

Gerards P.O.V

I pulled out my phone and taped in Franks number it rang like twice

"Hi its Gerard"
"Hi Gerard, I wondered when you'd call"
"well its now"

"Frank, Do-do you wanna come over... today or som-?"
"YEAH i mean Yeah. dude Yeah that would be grate"
"I'll Pick you up?"
"Ok Do you have pen and paper and i'll give you my address"

I scuttled around my house trying to find paper
C'mon Gerard hes trying to give you his address and you cant find paper
Just fuck off you, Im busy and now is no time for lectures

"Right im back"
"ok its 44 Mikey James Way"

I laughed so spasticly

"What, What did i say?"
"Nothing the street you live in, Its my baby brothers name Michael But we call him Mikey, James Way"
"Oh Dude thats so wicked"
"yeah, Well i'll pick you up in half an hour?"
"Sweet see you then"
"Bye Frank"
"See ya Gerard"

The sound of a beep left me on cloud 9 No no no this was bad.... Very very bad
Whats the matter Gerard, Falling again?
No. Im not 'Falling' I 'll have you know im just Friends with a hot stripper
Yeah, What ever you say, Just imagen all the other pretty boys that he comes across every day.
Just shut up, Hes just doing his job to get his hard earned money
You bet its HARD earned money
ok now you've pushed it see you later

I approached the lounge to find Mikey and Bert sitting on the couch

"uhh guys im just going to get my friend i wont be long"
"Do i know him?"
"No Mikey, You dont"
"what about-"
"you dont eather Bert"
"Oh.. Fine"
"and his names Frank, He'll be here soon"

"Good Bye Gerard"
"Are you trying to get rid of me?"
"Yes Gerard i am"
"me your own Brother?"
"Get out god dam it"
"all right, All right God keep your boots on"

The car was warm and the drive to Franks was plesant
When i got closer to Franks i realized that it was the rich part of town and i pulled in his drive way and it was nearly a mainson

Why was he a stripper if he was all ready loaded.

"hi" his face greeted me after i steped back from the door to give him some space
"Ready to go"

He took a bag from the door and led me to my own car.

"Your house is very nice Frank"

Franks P.O.V

The things that my eyes would not de-attach from happened to be Gerard.
Just random things of him.
The way his hand structure was.
The way his hair kinda just hung over his face. And i could just tell he really dosnt care about his apperance

We pulled into a house that was a lot smaller than mine was.
It was just like a normal family home.

"ok so inside is my brother and his boyfriend"
"Mikey and?"

I gave him a nod.
Gerards hand took mine. Im not really sure why but i just knew it felt right.

"Uhh Guys hello"

two random people appeared from the sofa

"Mikey, Bert this is Frank Iero"
"Hey" A tall thin person called
then the other winked at me, Kinda freaked me out a bit

"And Frank this is Bert McCracken" he said with a point to M.r Winks
"And my Baby brother Mikey Way" With another point to the tall hot one

"Hi, Its nice to meet you both"

They seemed nice for two kids
and the one with glasses resembles his brother.
Except Gerards just a bit bigger than Mikey
Didnt bother me thought. Theyr both hott

Frank no you cant go there with Gerard
Why not?
Because things probably wont work out and you'll just look stupid AGAIN
Thats it ive had enough of your opinion
What the fuck do you mean Frank. I AM YOUR OPINION
Ok what ever you think you are thats grate but please just leave me to be with Gerard now

"Frank, Frank Hellllloooooo Anybody home?"

My cheeks started to burn blood red

"sorry" i managed to wisper
"what.. for?"
"Going off into my own little world"
"Its ok Frank, Pretty sure we all go there at times"

His smile glissened in the little beam of sunlight that was comming threw the curtains.

"Your Pretty Cute for a stripper"
"Well Your Pretty cute for a stalker"
"I am not a stalker"
"oh ok then what would you call someone who goes to your work every day to see you"
"Well..... Abit obsessive"
"Ok then or that"

He gave me another smile and up untill now i didnt realize i had feelings for him but i do and i dont know why.
I was sitting on Gerards bed just stearing around his room trying to figure out what he was when a Black Flag top on the floor caught my eye

"Black Flag no way"
"Black Flag yea way why?"
"I Fucking love Black Flag"
"So Do I"
"Gees Thats so weird"
"I Know" he said threw his smile

There was a knock at the door and a beautiful face with shoulder length hair poped around the corner of it
Im pretty sure this was Bert

"Gerard, Were going to the pizzaria. Do you guys wanna come"

His face turned to me and his eyebrows went up
"Wanna Go?"
"Uh Yeah Sure"
"Kay Bert we'll be right out"
"OK" He said but before he left he gave me a little wink.

God i wish he would stop doing that, Its really really fucking scary.

Gerards P.O.V

When we got to Antonios pizzaria Frank could have praticly held my hand.
I Know he likes me and i think he knows i like him but untill i physicly tell him he knows nothing
Me Frank Bert and Mikey stood in the queue.

"Frankie, What do you want?"

His smile caught my eye then i was drawen to the fact that his eyes were watering

Now look what you did you called him the wrong thing

"Frank im so sorry, If you dont want me to call you that then its completely cool"
"No it-its not that. It just no ones called me that since my parents did. and i just miss them calling me it"
His smile lifted the mood and his eyes met mine

"But im vegeterian so just a vegeterian thing will be fine"

Somethings wrong Gerard go talk to him and find out about it
But he just told me what he wants he'll be fine
C'mon Gee he wants to tell you
Ok then

"Yeah Gee"
"get me and Frank a vegeterian pizza please" My brother looked towards Frank and nodded his head then took Berts hand again

"Follow me" i took Franks hand and we went and sat in a booth thing

I sat down and Frank slid in next to me

"tell me everything because i know i upset you, and now i want to know everything"
"Are You Sure you wanna know?"
"Yip so start talking"

"Well last year My Mom and Dad were going away for there 20th wedding anniversary in New York.
i stayed home with one of my best friends Craig and it was just us and my dog Bella.
Just before Mom and Dad left we went and hired some horror movies and got some junk food and what not.
Then they droped us at the end of the drive way and got out to say good bye.
My Mom and Dad hugged us and i rubbed her stomach and kissed it-"

"she was pregnant?"
"Yeah 8 months a little boy Aaron"
"Ok sorry continue" He gave me a smile and went on with his story

"My Mom said just before she left
'We'll be back sunday night....... I-I love you my Frankie"

I saw a tear fall down his little beautiful face and his head looked up from his lap.
I couldnt help but feel pain for Frank and his story hadnt even finished.

I Didn't even know if it had began.
I found myself wiping away Franks tears with my sleeve. My hand felt the bone structure of Franks face as it traveled down his face more and more

Franks hand was placed on mine and then he came closer and closer to me my eyes shut and our lips meet.
His lips moved in time with mine and then i felt his tounge enter my mouth and i returned the favour.
My hand went onto Franks thigh

There was a thump and Frank quickly moved from our position.
I just sat there smiling at nothing

"Gee. Gee, Gerard, GERARD"
"yeah" i was still smiling and i saw Frank turn towards me and smile. He was going red
I turned around to see Bert and Mikey smiling as well.

"Any time Gee"

Me and Frank were sitting pretty close together and i noticed he was happily eating then he waved the pizza in my face.

"you know Gerard its gonna get eatin if you dont help me eat it"

I took it out of his hand and smiled at him

Just do it your never gonna know how he reacts if you dont do it, C'mon hes eating its not like hes gonna get up and leave

I put my hand at the top Of Franks thigh and he quickly looked down at my hand and then up at me.
I smiled at him, To let him know i didnt wanna hurt him. and he smile back at me

Franks P.O.V
Mikey drove us home.
Me and Gee sat in the back Mikey and M.r Winks in the front.
Every like 5 seconds M.r Winks would look in the mirror and wink at me i was freaking out so bad i just put my hand on Gerards

Hes not gonna mind. He likes you Frankie
What no he dosnt
Why did he kiss you back then?
Because he just did

"are you ok Frank?"
He said squeezing my hand

"Yeah, Fine Gerard"
"it just looked like you wernt awake or something"
"Yeah i was just thinking"
"Oh ok then"

I looked away from Gerard and saw M.r Winks hand on Mikeys thigh
Yuss!!! hes gonna stop winking at me
Our eyes meet in the mirror and he did it again

Calm down hes just being friendly
Yeah, Well he shouldnt its to fucking creepy. Id hate to see him being scary if this is him being friendly

Mikey killed the ignition and Mr Winks opened the door.
No way was i going in before him he might touch me or something.

Gerard walked in before me and i watched his ass as he did so

"Comming Franki- Frank"
I gave him a smile and walked threw his front door that he held wide open for me

We went straight up to his room

"Frank, Do you wanna stay the night?"
"Yea, If thats cool with you and Mikey and Mr Win- I mean Bert"

I looked at him and blushed.

"What were you gonna call him?" Gerard said with a smile
"Mr Winks"

Gerard let out a fearly loud giggle

"Oh Dont be afraid of his winking, Its like hes got torrets he does it to every one"
"Oh thank god then, That was really freaking me out"
"Yeah, its something that creeps every one out, He only does it to the most beautiful of people"
"So he does it to you all the time?"

I realized what i had just said, I spoke my mind without thinking about it first. What a tard.

"Oh Frank, Im not beautiful. I was meaning you"
"Well i was meaning you"

He gave me a smile

"how about instead of driving all the way back to yours you just wear my clothes it dosnt bother me."
"Oh, Ok then if thats cool"
"Yip.. And you can continue with your story if you want"
"Ok then" i said un surley if i really did want to or not

He sat down on his bed and patted right next to him. Motining for me to go sit with him i think
so i did as he wanted.

"Right we got up to what your Mom said"

"yeah so me and Craig hung out. sunday came and he was waiting for them to come home,
We were watching Batman in my bedroom when there was a knock at the door. We thought we locked it.
Craig went and opened the door. Uhh"

"Just take your time Frank its ok" He said as he put his hand on my leg again.

"Then Craig called my name out i went to the door to find two police standing at my door
They told me my parents had been in an acident and were killed.
Then the police handed me over there video camera where they recorded the whole thing.
My Moms waters broke and my Dad was touching Moms stomach telling her to breathe.

He looked away for a second and a truck hit them. The car rolled 8 times down a bank.
Aarons head was out and so he was bought into this world.
he was born at uhhh... 9:50 pm and died at 10:00 pm.
a minute after my parents died."

I looked at Gerard and he had more tears traviling down his face than i did.

but i went on with the story, He told me he wanted to hear it.

"The police took us down to the mourge to identify my parents.
They held up my dead baby brother who i hadnt even met yet. I got told i was allowed to hold his cold little body for the first and last time.

he was bundled up in a white blanket thing.
My Mom and Dad were in black body bags and then Aaron was in with my Mom.

He looked just like i did when i was little. But i think it was the fact that the family hype was all over this little miracle
a-a Gift from god i think my parents were calling him, and when he arived he had no one and the police service was just minutes to slow.

But on the tape just after he was born there is a little Cry and i heard my baby brother and i only saw him once he passed on"

Gerards arm wraped around me and pulled me into his chest

"You dont have to go on with the story Frank"

"No, I want to it feels like im leting something go talking to someone other that my dog."
"Ok then Hun, Only if thats what you want"

"Uhhhh Just before Aaron was born, My Moms famous last words were
'Im not going with out seeing my new son for the first time and im not going with out my Frankie Baby by my side'.

Mom and Dad had changed the batteries for the camera just before they left so they could tape the drive home,
so every time i watch it i see all of there bodies going i hear there cries for help, I hear my Baby brother i never met.
I hear there last words, And if i didnt meet Craig then i wouldnt have to See that or Hear it. Because i would have been there.

Gerard, I could have helped them. If i was there then Dad wouldnt have taken his eyes off the road and i could have helped Mom.
I was the one who insisted on them going. Gee, Its ALL my fault. If they didnt have me they would have been better off.

Aaron would have been with them right now, They would have been the perfect little family"

I was crying now and i didnt care how much of a pansy
i seemed around Gerard im hurting and i dont want to go on anymore.
I want it all to end.

To go away.
I wanna see my Mom and Dad and baby Aaron.

I Cried the whole way threw that story and now im feeling the pain, Just like i did the very first time i held my brother
Frank no, snap out of it. Its not your fault. God did this, Not you. you couldnt have prevented it at all
Please just leave me alone now is not the time

Gerards P.O.V

I Was crying, But how could someone so BEAUTIFUL be in so much pain.
How could someone so little hurt so much

"Frank honey, I would have understood if you didnt tell me that. But im glad you did"

My hand was patting the left side of Franks face. I knew he was upset, and i didnt know what else to do but just sit with him

"I think i might just go home Gerard"
"No i-No your not leaving, Your in a terriable state honey, Look at you. Your not going any where except my bed for a sleep"
"Gerard i've caused you trouble now, I think its best you just erase me from your memory"

I turned to face Frank but he just sat looking into his lap.

"Turn around"

i couldnt believe what i was hearing
He turned but still looked into his lap
My hands softly took eather side of his face.
And his face nearly burned my hands

"Frank baby look at me" I help him lift his head

He nearly looked scared

"No, Frank i-i fucking no, You mean something to me Frank. Its like i need you because you've done nothing but made me happy.
Baby even now your upset and i want to help you but im still so fucking happy your still sitting here with me"

"Your just saying that"
"No Frank, Im meaning it, I have feelings for you.
I dont know how its possiable i bearly even know you, But to me it feels like you've been my friend since Pre-school"

"You have feelings for me?"
"Yes Frank, I do and i dont care what you say about that. They are not going to-"
"I have feelings for you too Gerard"

"I know you do Frank, I know you do"

He put his hand on mine.
Then he forced out a smile. so i smiled back
Before long last the Real Frank emerged from the other one.

His smiled beamed right across his face.
I took his hands and pulled him over by me. He was on his knees looking down into my eyes.

"Gerard, Theres something about you i love and i dont know what it is"
"Just be quiet and kiss me again"

His lips planted mine again, This time it was alot better than before not that there was a thing wrong about before
My hands took his bony little hips. and his hands went around my neck.

"No Gerard im-im sorry for leading you on"
"What are you on about honey?"
"For kissing you im sorry"
"I told you to that, I wanted you to kiss me"

"im sorry"
"Frank, Honey just stop saying sorry"
"OK Im-"

I pecked his lips.

"Come lye down with me"

I put my head on my pillow. Then Franks head was placed next to mine facing me to.
I put my hand over his waist. His hand was on the side of my face.

"I really like you Gerard"
"I really like you too Frank"
"You called me Gee"

"Is it ok if i call you that"
"Can you call me Frankie, Its nice to know someone will still be here to say it"

"Frankie, I promise i'll always be here to talk to when ever you need it. Or just pick up the phone"

He beemed when i called him Frankie, Maybe i was what he needed. to help him
i kissed his forehead

"go to sleep Hon, You had a long day"
"Ok Gee"
"Do-do you have work tomorrow" i dreaded asking that question
"No, Not tomorrow so maybe we can just hang out"
"Yeah i'd like that, Id like that alot"

I turned off my lamp and me and Frank got under the blankets. Frank was facing the wall so i put my arm over his waist
His hand took mine and our fingers locked
His sweet scent was enough to put me to sleep.

Franks P.O.V

Wheres Gerard?
Why does it matter?
Because I like him
He'll be fine, Its his house

I threw the heavy blanket off my body and rolled to the edge of Gerards bed.
My feet were planted firmly on the floor.

I lifted my own body weight from his bed and threw on his Black Flag hoddie.

I wondered the hall way untill i got out to the kitchen. I stood in the door way to find Gerard sitting at the table and the other two..
Who i didnt really care about.

"Mornin' Beautiful"
"morning Gee"

He waved his hand towards him self so i walked over.
As i stood in front of him he put his arms around my waist and pulled me so i was sitting on his knees

"Have a good sleep?" He wispered in my ear.
"i did"
"Thats good"

"Mikey! Coffee... Please"
"Ok Gerard, Just hold on"

"Is there anything you wanna do today Frankie"

a smile took over my face

"Not in particular but what ever im not fussed"
"Ok then Honey"

Mikey placed down two coffees for me and Gerard.
I had only just met Gerard, But its like i've knowen him my whole entire life. There was just something about him i liked and loved
Im still unsure on what it was.

There was no convosation as we drank our coffees

"Yeah Frank"
"I wanna know more about you"

"Well, My names Gerard Way. Im 24 i live at home with my bab- Lit- Brother"

Look Frank he likes you so much hes trying not to call Mikey his Baby brother
I know Its cute

"And his boyfriend, My Grandma died not so long ago"

"oh im so sorry Gee, What was her name?"
"Thats such a beautiful name. shes lucky to have such a wonderful Grandson like you"
"Thank you Frankie"

"its ok Gee, How long have Mikey and Bert been together?"
"Forever, Well atleast as long as i could remember. I met him in a pizzaria and i just thought Bert was just really strange, when i first met him"

I giggled

"and now hes doing your baby brother"
"yes he is"

i looked down at the table

"i bet if Aaron was here, he would be gay"

Gerards hand went up the inside of my shirt. He rubbed my back like i was a kid. It turned me on

"i bet he would be proud to have you for his brother"
"Yeah, Maybe"

Its amazing how much Gerard seems to care about me
it really is

Gerards P.O.V

Mikey and Bert are out Gerard you have the whole house to your self
No, No way. Well not yet
what do you mean not yet?
I Dont want to rush things god dam it i like him alot
Your in love with a stripper oooo Not a good thing to be in love with
i am not in 'Love' with him i just really like him

Gerard, Im your feelings more than you are, i think i know
But i've only just met him
I know you have, But Gerard its love at first sight.

My hands worked there way to his stomach. I was left just feeling his stomach.
Tracing the bones of his ribs

Your about to get hard Gerard
take him to your room. Bert and Mikey will be a while

I kissed Franks neck but he turned his head so the kiss ended up on his lips.
He turned around so he was stradiling my hips
My hands were still under his top but now on his back pushing him closer to me

Our lips were locked and he had clumps of my hair in his hands

"C'mon Honey, We'll go to my room" i said against his lips

He got off me and led the way down the hall and into my room.
i shut the door and Frank turned around and was kissing me again

I undid his shirt as i walked him to my bed

"Are you sure Honey?"
with no response he pushed his lips back onto mine

Once Frank was on my bed he took my hands and pulled me with excessive force
I was ontop of him and he pushed his mouth against mine.

His legs straddled my waist.
I took his boxers off and kissed him all the way down untill i got to his dick

I put it in my mouth.
I could hear him letting out a few soft moans, They got louder and louder untill finialy he let out one last one

i went and layed with Frank.
Even though his face was all sweaty he still was the most beautifulist person i have ever seen

"thank you Gerard"
"What For"
"I dont really know, But thanks anyway"
"Your Welcome Beautiful"

He kissed my lips again

"Yeah Gee?"
"Why do you do what you.. well do?"

"Because after my family went away, i needed something to have and Mom allways use to tell me i was a good dancer so i just
did something i knew she would be happy with me doing"
"Well shes right, Your an amazing dancer"
"Thanks Gee"

Bert barged in my room, thank fuck we were under the blankets.

"Uhh hi Bert"

Frank laughed at his enthusiasm

"Me and Mikey are ordering pizza, Keen?"

i looked to Frank to remember he was a vegeterian.

"yeah Bert we'll go Vegeterian"
i felt Frank smile on my back where he was leaning

"so are you two like going out?"
"We'll see Bert, We'll see"

Franks P.O.V

Frank he just gave you a blow job, Of course he likes you.
Well i really like him so..
Did you not just hear him, He'll see if you guys go out Frank hes so into you
Maybe he is

"Oh is that ok, vegeterian?"
"Yeah, Yeah perfect"
"So you have work tomorrow right?"
"Yeah Gerard, I do"

He looked down like he didnt want me to go or leave him

"Im sorry Gee" i said pushing his hair away from his face

"What for hun?"
"for what i am"
"No, Baby dont be sorry, I knew what you were the second i layed my eyes upon you. I knew it all and it dosnt bother me
Its just what you do its ok"


He kissed my lips.

"Are you going home tomorrow?"
"I think i should go home today"

"Oh" He sounded dissapointed again

"Its ok Gee, We do have phones. And i could come over after work tomorrow. or you could come over"
"Yeah sorry Honey i just forgot. I've gotten so attached to you being around"

"Yeah Frankie?"
"Moving On is easier when im around you"

"you really mean that?"
"I really do"

He kissed me once again then the smell of pizza snuck threw Gerards bedroom door
He took his lips off mine just in time

Bert rushed in the door with the pizza.

"Here you guys go"
"Thanks Bert"
"Yeah thanks" i said not wanting to say his name just incase i call him Mr Winks
"No problem Frank" He said and he winked at me again.

I knew i wouldnt miss that when i go home
Look at Gerard, He likes you so much
I know he does but im not asking him, If he wants us to go out then hes gotta do the asking
Oh Your such a fag Frank
Yes i am

Gerards P.O.V

"So i'll take you home later on?"
"Oh uh Yeah ok then"

I dont want him to go home, I want him to stay here with me. In my bed
Like he said Gerard, You both have phones
Yes but i cant suck him off threw a fucking phone can I? NO!!!

"Are you Ok Beautiful?"
"Yeah, Im just gonna miss you when i go home"

"Im gonna miss you too, Heaps"
"I know"

I kissed him. His tounge danced with mine

"C'mon Honey. Help me eat this pizza"

Frank picked up a piece took a bite and then put it in my mouth.
he kissed the sauce off my lips then sat on my lap

i put my hands around his waist.

"I need you" i wispered in his ear
"You can have me"

"What do you mean Gee"

"Frank, I- well I-"
"What are you trying to say Beautiful?"


There dosnt that feel better?
Yea.. It does... Untill he says NO
He wont

"I want to go out with you to Gee"
"REALLY!!!" I squaked
"I mean really?"

"I wouldnt say it if i didnt mean it Gerard"
"Oh this is so perfect"
"yes it is, Yes it is"

He took my face in his hands and passioniatly kissed me. His tounge was rolling around just in time.
Our lips moved at perfect pace. And to top it all off now HE... WAS.... MINE!!!!!

Franks P.O.V

"Honey, as much as i hate the fact. Its getting late and you do have work tomorrow"
"No no no no no"

He pushed my head into his chest. Like i was a baby

"C'mon get your stuff. I'll take you home"
"No i'll be sick tomorrow, I wanna stay with you Gee"
"As much as i would like that, You have to go to work. Its ok because you do have to finish work sometime"

No please please god let me stay with Gerard i like him to much to let him go.
Its ok Frankie your gonna see him tomorrow
I cant wait untill tomorrow.

His lips cut my thought

"..Yeah sorry"
"lets take you home"
"But i dont wanna go home" I said wrapping my arms around Gerards neck

"I know you dont, I dont want you to eather but you have to"

As much as i hate to admit it... Hes right

"C'mon baby, dont be like that" he said as he put his lips against mine

I pushed my tounge down past his.

"Stop teasing me Gee"
"How am i teasing you?"

"With your outrageous kissing, Its turning me on. Thats how"
"Oh well im sorry gorgeous"
"You should be" i said as i kissed him again

"Ok come on your going home"

I got off him and rounded all of my clothes up. I was still wearing some of Gerards but he didnt care

"Got it all?"
"Yip i do"

He took my hand and we walked out to the lounge to find Bert and Mikey snuggling on the couch
"im just going to take Frankie home"

Mikey and Bert turned around... Oh god was he going to wink again?
Please no

"ok i'll see you another time then Frank?" Mikey pleasantly said

"Bye Frank"


"Yeah see you later Bert"

Gerards P.O.V

When i was certain Frank was belted in the car we drove out the drive way and down the street

Gerard the hard parts comming up
Yeah i know... Saying good bye
Yip. Saying good bye

"I cant believe im not gonna see you untill tomorrow"
"Yeah I know it sucks"

"Am i getting a vist from you at work tomorrow?"
"As promising as that sounds watching you take off all of your clothes. Turning me on, i just dont think i'll be able to handle it"
"How do you mean"

"Well im gonna want to fuck you"
"Oh i see now"

I recognised Franks house as i went up the drive way and turned off the car

"Well i guess this is... Good bye"
"untill tomorrow" he quickly added in there

"you bet untill tomorrow"

He gave me such a sweet smile.
Then he leaned towards me and i knew what was comming so i met him half way
Our lips met and so did our tounges.

"i'll see you tomorrow Gorgeous"
"Yes you will"

He got out of the car.

"Ring me as soon as you get home"

"bye" He said with a little wave
"See ya"

Honestly how can some one so-so-so PERFECT be real?

I didnt remember the drive home i just remember walking in side and being bombarded by Bert

"so are you in love with him- Do you even go out with him?"
"Yeah Bert. I do go out with him and i think i do love him, Im just not sure"

"i really like him Gee, Hes i dont know theres something about him i just really like"
"thanks Mikes but HANDS OFF HES MINE" i said smartly

"i dont want him i have my Bert" He said pulling Bert into a bear hug
"Yeah he is super duper grate, I really like him"

"SHIT!!!" I said as i ran to the phone.
"No Gee thats a phone. Do you know what a phone is?" He said making it sound like i was some caveman

I gave him a few grunts
"Im not a retard Bert"

"I know, I know. Its just you ran to it and yelled shit at it"

God he could be an idiot sometimes but i found myself laughing.
A pretty funny idiot i might add

Franks P.O.V

Its gotta be him
"Hey Gee"
"Hey Hon, i miss you already"
"I miss you too"

"So what are you doing Frankie?"
"Im lying in bed watching t.v. You?"

"Im sitting on my bed, Just thinking about how fucking gorgeous you are"
"Aww Your so cute"

Frank did you just aww?
What are you on about you are me, Well so you keep telling me so its half your fault what i do.
Frank your so-

"Still there Frankie?"
"... yeah sorry, i was just... Thinking, Yeah thinking"

"what about?"
"What we can do tomorrow when i see your beautiful face again"

"can you hear me smiling as i say these words for you, and only you"

Oh my god he says the cutest of things

"And what are those words?"
"You.... Frankie. Mean the WORLD to me"

Oh god no Frank dont cry, Not now anyway wait untill you get off the phone.

"Yeah im sorry"

"What for?"
"I had to take a minute because that is the cutest thing i've ever heared in my life"
"But i mean it Frank"
"I Know, And you mean the world to me too"

I could tell he was smiling, I mean if i was then of course he was

"Yeah honey"

"im lonely in my bed, i wanna be in your bed with you"
"well you could have been, But you had to go to work tomorrow"
"I know"

"but your fucking cute Frank"
"not as much as you are"

"well Honey i better let you get some sleep"
"Ok then"
"I'll see you tomorrow?"
"Straight after work"

"Bye Gee"
"Bye Frankie"

he left me with just the beeping

i flicked off my light and layed in bed with the memory of Gees face and voice

Gerards P.O.V
I hated the fact that the sunlight was beaming threw my open window.
I hated the fact that Mikey and Bert have sex WAYYYYYYYYY too loud
I hated the fact that i was going to be lonley all day

Ok the sound of Mikey and bert was reeeeeeaaaaaly fucking me off. Jeez did they have to be so loud?


that worked, Gosh people are so unkind to there big brothers a.k.a MIKEY!

I finialy had the courage to get up and have a coffee and my first attempt for my smoke
It was cold. I was hungry, Im still half asleep. I miss Frank and Mikey and Bert were going for gold.

They must be rubbing it in my face. Jeez i hate them some times.

Finialy the coffee was ready. I sat at the table with my 'Breakfast' if thats what youd call it
and chomped my way threw my toast.

Just text him
But hes at work
So, text him, I know you want to.
You know what, Your right this time

its still really weird that i talk to myself i know.
I took my heads advice and walked down the hall way.

The sound of Mikeys headboard was smashing against the wall and i could hear a cross between Mikey giggling and Bert screaming
That sound was were i drew the line.

I ran back down the hall way got my toast coffee and smokes then ran back up the hall way thinking of only Frank.

As soon as i knew my door was barricaded i ran to my radio and turned Last Caress by The Misfits as loud as it would go.
Hopeing the mental image would get out of my head.

i found my phone after searching my room, Because if it was outside of this room IT COULD STAY THERE!!!!
"YAY!!!" i squeeled when i saw i had a message from Frank

'Morning my sunshine, I know your still asleep but i missed you last night. I'll see you later on
Frank xoxo'

That certainly heated my insides up... Dam i miss him. so bad.
8 more hours untill i see him, Its not that long.... Really.

Franks P.O.V

I knew Gee wouldnt mind if i got there a few hours earlier. Atleast i hope he didnt

I drove down his street and up his driveway i had never been so happy to get out of my car.
I could hear The Misfits blasting from there house

I walked up the cobble stone walk way and knocked on the door 3 times

Please dont let it be M.r winks who opens the door... PLEASE

I was realieved to see Mikeys glasses emerge from behind the door.
His browney hair was slicked foward.. As normal and he was wearing.... Just boxes.

"Hey Mikey. Gee here?" i said yelling over the music
"Yeah hes in his room, I think Me and Bert scared him off"

I looked at Mr Winks to see him in boxes and thats when i got what he ment.

"ohhhhhh. I get you" i laughed.
"Come in"

So i did as Mikey said.

"hes in his room"
"Ok thanks Mikey"

I walked down the hall and the music got louder and louder. I opened the door and im amazed i didnt get blasted away.
I saw him. Laying on his stomach with his head under his pillow.

I stood over him for a few seconds and i take it he didnt realize i was there.




Still nothing

Fine i'll solve this problem

I walked back to the door and shut it.
Then i went back to Gerard. I was so amazed he hadnt moved yet.

I straddled his back, Leaned foward and took the pillow off his head.
My hands wandered up his back and my lips found his cheek.

"Hello my gorgeous" i wispered in his ear
his head turned around and when he saw me his face lit up
Next thing i knew he threw me on my back and was above me kissing my neck

He pinned me so my hands were above my head. Our hands were locked together and he was rubbing his package along my leg
His tounge pushed past my lips and my breathing was getting louder and louder.

Gerard quickly pulled away then bent down the other side of his bed and picked something up
"FUCK OFF MIKEY!!!" He yelled as he heaved a boot at Mikey.

It made a loud thud as it hit Mikey or as it hit the wall

"Sorry Honey" It was the first thing i had heard him say to me all day
"Its all right"

He twirled His hand. I think it was meaning for me to turn over
so i did.

He took hold of my jeans and ripped them down. as well as my boxes

Gerards P.O.V

i can not believe my Frankies here, I didnt expect him here for another-
Shit Gee who cares? Your about to fuck him so just get on with it
Ok sorry

God he has like no hair on his ass
It is pretty

I took hold of his hips as i pushed myself into him
We both let out a few moans and groans

half way threw my head began to wander and thats when i decided that Frank Iero was the person i wanted to spend my entire life with
I know that we've only knowen each other a few days.

and i edknowladge the fact that he is a stripper, But i cant help what i feel. And thats something people will have to live with

I saw Frank throw his head backwards and his fringe was completely stuck to his face due to sweat.

"Ohh God Gee"
I knew i was about to cum and i tried to warn Frank but it happened to fast.

"holy fuck Frank" I got out before i finialy pulled out and layed on my bed with MY Baby in my arms

"I knew its what you were waiting for Honey"

"I Finished work early because i knew you wanted it"
"Well then your a mind reader"

"No i dont think so"
"Why not?"

"I cant read what your thinking right now"
"Im thinking about you, And you Only"

He moved up so he was above me.
His lips breafly touched mine, and my music was still going.

"what was with Mikey?"
"How do you meen?"
"You threw something at him"
"Oh Yeah, Hes been fucking me off today... Alot!!!!"

"Yeah he said that Him and Mr Winks creeped you out"
"Creeped me out? More like make me mentally sick"

Franks giggle spun my head around. Its was a better feeling than being stoned, It really was.

"their sex is just way to loud, My reason for The Misfits being so loud"

Franks P.O.V

"Oh well then that makes perfect scence"
"yes it does"

"So what was on the to do list today?"
"Well i was gonna clean my room after i had my coffee but the sound of-
Lets just not go there" he said threw a perfet smile

"Oh it was, If you were here then we could have had a competiton"
"bet we would have won"

"Yeah, I bet we would of too"
"Because i mean have you heard me scream?"

"In Bed or what?"
"Uhhh Never mind"

"Ok then Honey"

"Do you wanna Coffee, Redbull, Wate-"

"woah, uhh just a bit obsessed?"
"Nope, No, No, No Not at all"

"The first step is admitting the problem.
The next dealing with it"

I couldnt help but laugh

"fuck your amazing My Gee"
"Yeah, so you keep saying" He said right before he put his lips against my forehead.

After i was dressed i helped Gee out of bed.

"Maybe i should just walk out naked"
"Because that perve might look at you"
"No Bert"

"ohhh i see, Jelous?"
"Yes hes allready got it one way and not the other and thats just how i want to keep it"
"ok then Baby. Thats fair enough" He said threw another smile.

Our lips met and he mumbled something against them

"Nothing Frank never mind"
"No tell me"

His arm went around my waist and my hands happily sat on his shoulders.

"Frank- well-i-um-we-well you see"
"Get to the point"

"I-I Love you"

My hands dropped and i take it my face did as well

"im sorry, i didnt plan on it Frank, Its just my main feeling. I fully under stand if you dont-"

I smushed my lips against his

"Are you serious?"
"Fuck yeah"

His smile got closer and closer to mine. His tounge was in my mouth
And it made me feel like the luckiest person alive

"I've lost my fear of Falling"

Because i've fallen for Gerard Way

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