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Tales Of Love and Murder

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People of my profession are insane. We have to be, we have to hate ourselves and everything we do to survive. We trust no one. Ask the others, they know. But believe me, I didn't kill him; Not him...

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Case # 398; Gerard Way
Charges: First Degree Murder
Plead: Not Guilty
Verdict: Undetermined
Suspect under questioning.

Gerard Way did not blink when the officer walked into his small windowless room. He did not squint when a harsh lamp was flashed into his eyes. He kept his head bowed, dark hair spilling in front of his eyes as he stared at his folded hands, which were chained to the smooth metal table in front of him.
There was blood under his nails; he hadn’t been allowed to wash them. Was it… his blood? Trying not to let any pain show, Gerard pushed all thoughts away as he heard the click and whir of a recorder being turned on by the Police officer. He smiled slightly.
So I was a suspect? They really thought I could have killed him? They were wrong. Dead wrong.
Carelessly Gerard leaned backwards in the uncomfortable steel chair, letting his head fall back until he was looking at the space directly above the officer’s head. His long hair fell out of his eyes and he smiled slightly while he drawled.
“I didn’t kill him.”
“Please Mr. Way, do not lie to me, there is tangible evidence that last night; April 24, 1944. You murdered –“
Not smiling anymore, Gerard sat up straight; glaring at the officer he snarled through his teeth.
“I did not kill him.”
“I find that very hard to believe Mr. Way.”
“Why is that? You haven’t let me explain what happened that night. All you have on me are assumptions.”
“Frank Iero was found dead in his apartment last night Mr. Way. You were unconscious beside him, knife in hand.”
Gerard remained silent; glaring as the man shuffled through papers on the table in front of him.
“Also we have accounts from several spies in the Black Market that both you and your brother are quite famous assassins.”
Holding up one sheet of paper he read a quote from some loose mouthed, lower class gang member.
“‘Gerard Way? He’s who you call if you need some ‘work’ done. He’s cheap and does things well, if you know what I mean. But if you can’t get him, go for his brother Mikey – I hear together those boys have killed over 300 men for Mr. Toro. Scary reputation, don’t you agree?’”
Gerard glared at the man, why wouldn’t he just let him explain everything? He could give this officer so much information on so many people… Mr. Toro for example. Ray, Ray Toro, A pathetic excuse for human life. He was the most feared gang leader in all of New York, and Gerard’s Ex master.
“Listen officer. If you would let me tell my story, I could explain everything to you; I never wanted to kill anyone.”
Looking doubtful, the officer watched as Gerard attempted to smile nicely.
“I was just supposed to make you plead guilty Mr. Way, but maybe if I asked the Chief of police, he might listen to your story.”
A genuine smile stretched across Gerard’s tired, dirty face and the officer beckoned over the two guards standing by the armored door of the room. They uncuffed Gerard from the table, and while the officer went to ask about Gerard’s only chance for justice; the guards locked him back into a common jail cell.
He sat alone on the cool stone bench just inside the bars. Staring at the bricks across from him, Gerard remembered everything that had happened the night before, and before that; to what had started this entire nightmare of a life.
Maybe if his real parents hadn’t died…
Maybe if his foster parents had taken Mikey too…
Maybe if he and his brother had never run into Ray Toro…

Maybe then he wouldn’t be sitting here now, a famous fugitive, being charged for killing the man he loved.

Gerard was wrenched from his daydream as an unexpected “Hello” rang out from the bunk in the corner of the cell. Cautiously he looked over to his cell mate, a young man; barely older than himself, maybe 18 with bright red hair and freckles. He was sitting cross legged on the bunk, staring with wide green eyes at the surprised Gerard.
“Christ, what the hell are you doing here kid?”
The boy uncrossed his legs and stood up, sliding onto the bench next to Gerard.
“I’m Rob, I've been here a few weeks...... they think I killed my sister.”
Gerard looked the boy over doubtfully; he didn’t look like the kind of kid who could hurt anyone.
“Did you kill her?”
“No, I didn’t. It was my father’s fault, but if I ever told the police that, my dad would kill me himself. He’s a member of Ray Toro’s gang. Doesn’t have the time or the patience for kids.”
Gerard frowned, so this kid was another one whose life was ruined by Ray Toro? He would turn that fucker in, no matter what happened to himself, he didn’t even care anymore, not since he would never see Frank again…
Gerard nodded to the boy and said quietly
“I’ve had some experience with Ray myself, he’s the reason I’m in this place.”
The boy nodded and stared curiously at Gerard for a few more minutes, then asked haltingly,
“A-are you Gerard Way?”
Confused Gerard nodded, “How do you know me?”
Rob’s bright eyes became dull and shielded, he scooted as far away from Gerard as he could on the bench, and ground out a few words.
“You’re the guy Dad hired to kill my sister. He had a picture of you, I overheard him talking… How the hell could you do it? She was only 22!”
Gerard closed his eyes and let his head fall into the wall behind him.
“Rob, I-I’m so sorry! I didn’t know-“
“Yeah I know you didn’t know her. You didn’t care who she was - you only wanted money. You’re a murderer.”
Gerard opened his eyes again and stared at Rob.
“I was a murderer. It was all I knew, my whole life, I didn’t know it was wrong! It was before I met Fr-. ” Gerard stopped, saying his name was painful.
Rob snorted and walked away from Gerard to sit back on the bunk. For a few moments Gerard kept his eyes closed, then at last the words he desperately needed to hear.

“Mr. Way? The Chief will see you now.”

Gerard sighed and stood up, he nodded to the guard unlocking his cell, then took one more look at Rob, who was glaring at him from the bed in the corner.
“Fuck, I deserve to stay in here…”

Okay, If it’s a little confusing… Sorry! The next few chapters will explain everything better:D this is going to be good… I have the ending planned already, which is promising, because usually I NEVER have endings for my stories. Rate and Review Please or no Thanksgiving Leftovers for you :)
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