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I'll Tell You Everything

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Gerard walks.....

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Sorry If this is a bit slow, I'm watching Life On The Murder Scene and got vaguely distracted :) I have an idea for a new story too.... what do you guys think of a Frank, Gerard kidnapping? I'm in a bad mood and mad at the world so it would be dark..... heh.
Anyway enjoy!

His slow walk down the dark, gray prison hallway was filled with the jeers and screams of dozens of haunted men from inside their own cells. Gerard ignored them all, keeping his eyes closed and his head bowed, his dark hair annoying him again as it fell into his eyes.
Many of the men in this wing of the Jail were under a death sentence, living out their final days with nothing to fear or to live for. He felt pity for them, listening to the many hasty prayers and shouts of denial. Would he be the next to join their ranks on death row? He deserved it; he knew he deserved it.
But he had a story he needed to tell first, a story that felt like it was slowly poisoning him with all the guilt and shame of his life, and especially the past few days. A story that would bring justice to so many of the men haunting the streets of New York.
Gerard’s ears perked up and he raised his head slightly when he heard someone whisper his name. He turned his head to the left cautiously, and met his brother’s eyes.
Mikey was sitting on a stone bench inside a cell of his own, and a grimy man’s hands were on his thigh. Gerard stopped walking immediately, and winced as the heavy guard behind him stepped on his heels. Where they going to kill his brother too?
“I want Mikey to come with us.” Gerard said softly, refusing to move forward. The guards looked into his brother’s cell; watching as the dirty man hastily took his hand off Mikey, wiping his palm on his jeans and trying to look innocent.
Gerard turned and glared at the guard behind him, who had dared to put a gun to his back, trying to push him forward.
“I said……. I want Mikey to come with us.” The guard behind Gerard looked nervously to the other two sentries, standing in front of Gerard. Receiving nothing but blank looks from them both, he swallowed obviously and prodded Gerard in the back with the barrel of his gun again.
“Move along boy.”
Gerard sighed, and shot Mikey an apologetic look, if he refused to follow the guards’ instructions they might not let him tell his story.
Mikey smiled slightly and shrugged to his brother. Feeling horrible, Gerard began to walk again. He watched from the corner of his eye as Mikey’s cell mate reached up to caress his little brothers cheek. He bit his cheek in anger.
But the anger wouldn’t last long. Gerard laughed silently as he watched Mikey grab the man’s wrist and twist it behind his back; whispering a threat into his ear. The man’s terrified look told Gerard he should have known better than to fear for his little brother, after all the Way Brother’s looks hid their true strength well.
Gerard was back in the same room he had waited in before, trying to ignore the bright lamp shining into his eyes.
The dark shadow sprawled in a chair across from Gerard asked the question with disgust in his voice.
“I didn’t kill Frank Iero.” He saw the figure nod once.
“I don’t believe you. Why should I believe you? You’re a hit man, you are paid to kill, you enjoy it, you and your filthy brother make a career of it!”
Gerard’s lips tightened when the Chief mentioned Mikey.
“You think we enjoy killing? You think we wanted to do it? We had a choice about it? It was life as a murderer or nothing at all. The streets... death...” He looked around and snorted, “Prison…I would have gladly taken a destitute life in favor of the one I’m leading, but you don’t have much of a choice when Ray Toro takes a special interest in you.”
At the mention of New York’s most wanted mob boss, the officer sat up straight in his chair. Gerard smiled, “Ray Toro… I could tell you so much about Mr. Toro. His headquarters, his workers, followers, plans… everything. I could tell you why he had me kill the people I did, and why Frank Iero came into our lives, why he destroyed them.”
The Officer nodded again and Gerard smiled shallowly.
“I can tell you everything; once my brother gets here of course.”

Yawwwwn I’m tired :/ This will get interesting in the next chapter... heh. Too tired right now, plus I’m in the mood for something darker and sexier…. Yeahhhh keep an eye out for a new one shot :) Oh and be nice about this chapter…… I’m only fourteen
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