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They Make Me Do Push-Ups In Drag

by bubbly-gum

Kinda a short chapter.

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OMGee! I feel soooo old! I turned 18 yesterday. Lmao. I got the limited edition 'Umbrella Academy: Dallas'. I'v read it twice. I recomend you read the Umbrella Academy. It's epic!!! Happy reading guys. This chapter is kinda small. Sorry. BVut I have alot more written down. I just need to fine time to type it. Lol. Enjoi! xo

Also the title has nothing to do with the chapter, just love that lyric. Lmao!

Gerard's P.O.V

We kept running until we reached the hatch into the outside world. Rachel and Frank climbed up first. I let Lilli go next. I climbed up without shutting the cover. I cupped Lilli's face gently in my hands, feeling her breath wash over my face.
"Run. Get as far away as you can. I love you so fucking much! Remember that." I said quickly. I pressed my lips hard against hers, briefly tasting that sweet delicious taste that could only have come from her. I quickly climbed down.
"Gerard! What the f-" The rest of her question was cut off by the metallic clang of the cover shutting. I dropped down. A tear ran down my face and I quickly wiped it away. Listening intently to what I knew I would soon hear. The running foot steps of other vampires hnting us. I could hear nothing coming from the pipes and very muffled shouts and people, I didn't want to think who, trying to open the hatch. It's impossible to open once a little switch from the inside is flicked. A little trick we devised to keep out Lycans.
"Run!" I screamed as loud as I could My voice echoed all the way down the pipes. I knew I had given myself away by screaming that but I don;t care. It was only a matter of minutes before they found me anyway.

"Gerard" hissed a velvet voice from behind me. I spun around.
"Jethro" I grinned. Jethro was the Elders little spy. He kept an eye out for any law breakers. No matter how small he reported it and spun the tale so it made everything seem worse. He's responsible for thousands of innocents vampires deaths. I hated him. I've been so close to ripping his head off so many times. I could afeel a growl building in the back of my throat. I bit it back. Jethro grinned showing off his long, sharp white fangs. He had violet eyes with long very blonde hair. He had a sharp chin with cheeks bones to match. His skin was pulled tight over his bones. It was a bit like if Skeletor had skin.
"Where are they Gerard?" he asked exasperatedly.
"Where are who? I know lots of people" I said boredly. He grabbed my throat, holding me against the wall.
"Don't fuck around with me Gerard!" he growled.
"I-won't-tell-you-anything!" I hissed. His grip tighted, dangerously close to snapping my neck. I wondered briefly wither it would kill me or just hurt like a bitch for a few days.
"Where are they going?" he asked. I didn't say anything this time. He pulled me forward and smashed me back against the wall.
"Do you want me to get Bert and Bob? Cause you can bet your ass I will!" I cringed, remembering what I saw the last time. Bob wasn't such a bad guy, he was pretty cool but they hold him in their power against his will whenever they fell like it. Bert however loved being evil. He loved showing people their worst fears and watching their reactions. Drinking in the sreams and their pain as though it was blood when he was dying of thirst. I usefd to be friends with him along long time ago. I used to be just like him. And I know it boils under the surface waiting for the day when I unleash it again. But I never will. I hate that part of myself and I'm never letting it take over again.
"Fine." I eventually said, I was being careful not to give anything away.
"They've gone to the Lycans" I lied, keeping ym face as smooth as possible. he looked into my eyes, trying to figure out wither I was lying. Thank fuck he couldn't read thoughts, otherwise he'd hear all the obsenities I was screaming at him in my head.
"You're quite sure?" he asked, his grip on my neck slackening slightly. I nodded.
"Yes, very sure." My voice was devoid of all emotiion, just cool and clear like it normally was when I was talking to these sorts of people. he gave me one last examining look before clicking his fingers. 3 other vampires appeared from the shadows, each one gripping me tightly.
"Fine...but The Elders however, wish to talk to you" The began dragging me to the Ethereal Chamber. One of them was looking at me nervously. I smirked at him, my fangs showing slightly. he shrank away a little bit. I sighed slightly. So he was one of those vampires was he. Who heard all the rumours about higher up vampires and believed them to be true. I rolled my eyes at the ridiculousness of it all and allowed myself to be dragged away.

Lilli-anna's P.O.V

"Gerard! What the f-" The rest of the question was drowned out by the metallic clang of the manhole cover shutting. I tried to yank it open. He's flicked the stupid switch!!! It wouldn;t budge at all. I tried shouting and screaming, scrabbling at the hatch. I heard my nails crack and break off, some breaking right up to the wick.
"GERARD, GERARD!!!" I heard louder cracks. My fingers were breaking from me scrabbling and pulling at the cover. I didn't care. Yes it was painful but not as painful as that which now resided in my chest. My fingers healed quickly but the other pain got worse and worse. It was almost crippling.
"RUN!" I heard Gerard's muffled scream but for some reason my body wouldn't respond. My brain was telling me to flee as fast as I could but there I stayed, listening intently at the cover, trying to hear the faintest sound of what was happening underneath.

Frank put his hand on my shoulder, trying to pull me away gently. I could hear Rachel crying quietly.
"Lilli, we have to go. Gerard wants us t-"
"-I Know what he wants. Doesn't eman I have to like it or do it" I snapped.
"Come on Lilli, he knows what he's doing" Frank reasoned. I sighed, knowing he was right. I hate that! He pulled on my shoulder again. I left reluctantly, tears streaming down my face.
"He'll be okay, won't he?" asked Rachel quietly.
"I hope so" I whispered. We walked quickly. My knees being too shaky to run. If anything happens to him I'll have no purpose. I'd beg the Eders to kill we where I stood. I've been close to it before, when I first became a vampire. I don't know if they'd grant my request or not but I could only try...if it comes to that.

"Where do we go?" I asked flatly. Frank shrugged. Rachel said nothing, just chewed on her bottom lip silently.
"My flat?" she said eventually, after walking in silence for a few minutes. We all agreed. The Elders knew nothing about her, just that she existed and she and Frank clearly had a strong connection. Anyone in a 3 mile radius could probably sense it.
"Rachel's it is then." I said thoughtfully and we set off once more into the night.

Lol. Told you it was short. Hope you liked it. R&R pweeeaaassseeee? And just no you know I haven't proof read this cause I couldn't be bothered. Lol.

xoxo Sam
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