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Take This Spike To My Heart

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Miss Gee is introduced.

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I know I've taken forever and a half to up-date. Sorry about that...

Gerard's P.O.V

I didn't resist being dragged to the Ethereal Chamber. We walked in silence for several minutes, until we reached the castle. A few other vampires were walking about the grounds, everyone of them stopped to stare at me. They whispered to one another. Bunch of gossiping fuckers!

Word had obviously spread lke wild fire about what happened. I kept my head down, not looking at any of them.

We stopped eventually in-front of large cathedral like doors. Jethro knocked twice.
"Enter" boomed a voice from the other side. The doors slowly slid open without a large harror movie squeak as you'd expect.

The cavern on the other side was brightly lit by hundreds of candles. Stalatites hung from the ceilling. The walls were rough stone, mostly covered by ancient tapistries and protraits of ancestors past. Some showed great battle scenes, depicting great wins and memorable moments for this on going war.

I never looked up once at them, out of respect and obedience. No one is suppose to look at them, until told to do so. They were 3 Elders with 3 flanking vampires. Their flanking vampires were stronger, clever, had supreme fighting skill Or had some extraordinary power. Not to brag but I had been offered one of those positions before, each time I declined.

The Grand High Vampire sat at the very head of the large oval oak table, which dominated the central space of the Ethereal Chamber. He was called Roscov and was originally from Transylvania, he came here to New Jersey when the clans doubled up centuries ago. Safety in numbers so to speak. Roscov had dark olive skin, long silver hair which reached his waist and his eyes were a deep burgandy. He was so old that his skin was translucentalmost. Looking like one gust of wind would blow him clean away. Jethro, Bert and Julian stood behind him.

To Roscov's immediate right sat Adrik. Adrik had moved here from Chicargo almost one hundred years back, his parents were originally from Russia. He had black hair peppered with a few grey. His eyes were brilliant green, just like a cats and his pale skin seemed to glow pearly white in the flickering candle light. Behind Adrik sat Violet, Gee and Quentin.

On Roscov's right sat Adela. The only female Elder in vampire history. She was younger than the others and more relaxed but equally as ruthless and unfeeling. She had plame red hair which reached the floor, in two long plaits. Her eyes were constantly pitch black as though sh ewas constantly ready to attack. Her skin was also pale but didn't have the papery quality of the other two. Behind Adela stood Mackenzie, Pixie and Bob.

Each Elder had the strongest powers of the all. Everything about them screaned power, control and fear. Roscov could control you in everyway possible, make you feel anything and kill you. Sounds a little bit Lilli-anna but she has to look into your eyes. And it takes time for her to do it. Also you know she is controlling you, unless she does it so you don't obviously. With Roscov however, he only has to be able to see you. Buy you don't know it's him. Everything about it is effortless and absolute.

Adrik con control animals, strange I know. He speaks their language so to speak, worms his way into their head and ultimatley gaining control in a matter of split seconds.

Adela could control the elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

Which brings us back to the main point about them. It's what they are all about, control. Without it they are nothing and with it they are everything.

I shuddered slightly feeling all 12 pair eyes boaring into me.
"Eyes up" giggled a breathy voice. Adela was smiling sweetly at us. Her voice was always sugary sweet with an under-lying promise of anger and brutality.
"That's better" she giggled again.
"Gerard Arthur Way" I winced slightly at the sound of my full name. Roscov ignored it and continued.
"Do you know why you have been summoned here today?" his voice was emotionless but soft and with the hard edge ever present in their voices.
"Yes" I answered quietly. Jethro had brought me here because we ( as in Frank, Lilz and myself) had exposed a human to the underworld, we showed her our way of life and where we lived. Rachel that lived there for 3 days for fuck sake! Frank and I had busted Lilli out of vampire jail, tried to run away and then I bought them more time. With any luck they're over the boarder to Mexico by now.

Roscov nodded before continuing.
"We have forgiven you in the past young one" I guess when your almost a thousand years old everyone is young.
"We cannot however be so lenient now" continued Adrik. I almost gave a bitter laugh. Lenient and the Elders are to things that just don't mix. Just like oil and water.
"You shall be executed at dawn" Adela concluded.
"Is there anyone who wishes to add something?" Roscov sighed. He'd have killed me on the spot if they weren't keeping up the image of fairness and whatever.
"Me" came a voice. I looked round to see Gee stepping forward. At first I thought she looked kinda breakable but don't make the same mistake I did and voice that opinion. She's sneaky and fucking strong. I'm glad the marks heal completely otherwise iI'd be covered in marks where she got me. I totally respect her for it but I'm never ever telling her that. I hate showing emotion. Then Lilli came and everything flipped. But back to Gee. She was shorter than Frank at 5'2, with tanned slightly tanned skin. her hir was short and black with pink in it with a big fringe and always bounced slightly when she walked. Gee was totally immature and loved kids shows so it wasn't an un-common thing to come into my own room(!) and shh'd be both Lilli, Gee and Frankie sitting on my bed, watching my tv.
"What do you have to say Geraldine?" snapped Adela, who was jealous of any other very beautiful girl. Lilli was said Adela would bleed green around Gee if you could cut vampire skin.
"It's Gee but never mind" Gee smiled patronisingly. Adela's lip curled back slightly showing her fangs. Gee just smirked as Roscov told Adela to calm down.
"What do you have to say young one" asked Adrik.
"We all know Mrs Lilli-anna Maria Elizabeth Way, right?" she began. I frowned at her wondeirng why Lilli was being dragged into this.
"Well without him, we wouldn't have her. She'd have died that night...Master Way has won so many battles for us" Gee winced sligthly at her own words, she hated this was much as we did but the reason she flanked the Elders was because it was either that or death.
"His achievements and potential out-weigh his crimes. Please, don't kill him" Everyone stared at her. I coudln't believe she just done that. She's just jepordised her life
"Are you quite finished?" asked Roscov, he looked board.
"Umm yeah"
"Shut the fuck up!!!" screeched Adela. Gee bit back a grin as Adela glared at her.
"Adela, I won't tell you again to calm down" Roscov stared her down.
"Sorry sire" Adela growled. Roscov turned back to address Gee.
"Young one, you shall stand down and agree to this or you shall be executed along with him. What do you say Miss Gee? Do you wish to die with your friend or continue to serve along side us?" Gee's eyes widened in shock. 'Lilli-anna' I mouthed at her. I saw her fangs enlargen slightly and she gave a quick nod.
"I'll serve along side you" she said stiffly.
"Very well Miss Gee. You however shall be quiet until called upon to speak" Adela smirked.
Gee opened her mouth to argue before thinking better of it and shutting it again.
"If that is all, then this meeting is at a close. Gerard Arthur Way, you are to be executed at dawn at Execution Point. Take him away" Roscov grinned, hapy that once aagin he had "saved" the day. Gee, Pixie and Bert grabbed hold of me. Gee was whispering sorry over and over. I couldn;t say anything, I felt numb. Not even my usual hatred for everything...just nothing. I felt hollow. My brain was like lead. I couldn;t care less about dying but I had to know what happens to Lilli, if she gets caught. I don;t want her to join me where ever I go when I die. She HAS to live. I felt a bit better knowing Gee would look after her. Frank too and I guess Rachel as well.

Frank's P.O.V

We arrived at the Rach's flat a couple of minutes later. It was quite small but it was only for just her so it was a nice size.
"Make yourselves at home" she mumbled. Rach looked about awkwardly before sitting on the couch and hugging her knees to her chest. her answering machine flashed and eventually she looked at it and pressed a button. Lilli-anna sat the otherside of the couch, her eyes were un-focused and glazed. I knew what she was trying to do and I highly doubted it would work. Gerard had closed that part off years ago. I stood in the doorway, feeling rather awkward.

BEEP Hey peach! Phone me soon, kay? Yuor folks are freaking out! Love ya biatch. Smooooochies! BEEP

Rachel gave a small smile, then deleted it and then the next one began playing.

BEEP Heeeeeelooooooo! This is your amazingly talented not to mention dashingly handsome younger brother. I decided to honour your humble appartment with the sound of my amazing voice. Phone meeeee! Good neeeeews! Byeeee! BEEP

"Not to mention the world's most annoying twat" she said under her breath. I giggle and she looked up at me.
"Did you...?" her question trailed off. I nodded.
"Hmm...I'll have to stop talking to myself then" she grinned. I giggled again.

Lilli-anna was sitting, twirling a cigarette between her fingers.
'Gerard's' I mouther at Rach. She nodded sadly and then went back to listening to her messages. Quite a few was her parents freaking out down the phone.
BEEP Hello Rachel. I've missed you. How is New Jersey? I'll visit you soon sugar muffin. Be ready BEEP

Rachel froze, her smile dissapearedand her face paled. She drew her knees up tighter.
"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!" she screamed. I rushed over to her and scooped her up. Her arms locked around me and her face was burried in the crook of my neck. I felt her hot tears drip onto me and roll down over my collar bone. I gently rcoker her back and forth.
"Please" I whispered. "Tell me what's wrong?" Rach never said anything just cried gently, holding onto me.
"Him" she eventually said breathily, her voice dripping with venom and hatred.
"Who?" I asked.
"Alex Brand" she spat through her teeth.
"Oh him" said Lilli quietly. "I remember you telling me" Rach nodded.
"Tell me too...please?" I asked gently.
"Put me down please Frankie" she whispered. I sat her down gently on the couch and she pulled me down to join her. She crawled onto my lap and rested her head on my shoulder.
"I'll tell you one day...just n-not now"
"Okay kitten. Whenever you're ready" I nuzzled intoher neck, placing small butterfly kisses on her soft skin. I could hear her heart beating faster, see the viens pumping with delicious warm blood. I subconciously licked my lips, feeling my fangs lengthen and sharpen. I wanted nothing moe than to sink my fangs into her jugular and feel the warm rush of blood as her life force slipped away.
"Frank" Lilli was right next to me, her hand on my shoulder.
"You can't...not yet" she said low enough so Rachel couldn't hear.
"Frankie?!" Rachel's voice was more beautifuller than I'd ever heard it. Maybe because it snapped me out of my, for lack of a better phrase, feeding trance. I slowly looked up at her. My eyes pitch black and my long sharp white fangs bared and ready.

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