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Last Requests...

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Gerard finds ut his fate and Lilli does something beyond the normal realms of vampire powers

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Hey, I'm back! With another up-date...obviously XD And I'm sooo happy more people are reviewing. Thanks!!!

Enjoi xo

Rachel's P.O.V

I swallowed back any fear I had and pressed my cheek against his. I heard him gasp and he pressed his nose onto my skin.

Lilli was watching us worridly.
"I trust you Frankie" I whispered. He moaned quietly.
"Hmmmm I shouldn't. Oh fuck you smell good!"
"I know but I love you" I replied honestly. He pulled back, his eyes were almost back to normal. I could just see the tips of his fangs sticking out from underneath his top lip. His eyes were sparkling with love and happiness, yet a little skeptical. He gently cupped my face in his hands. My eyes fluttered shut.
"Do you really?" he asked, his cool breath washing gently over my face.
"Yes baby, really" His lips pressed softly against mine and he pulled back again. His eyes were shut. I kissed the tip of his nose and he giggled slightly before opening his eyes.
"I love you too" he replied. I nodded and leant back against his chest.

I looked over to Lilli, about to say something before she collapsed. Her body twitched and she whimpered. Lilli had been standing up, she just fell, like a marionette which had just had its strings cut. Her eyes clenched shut and she began to thrash. Her lips were pressed tight shut too, trying not to scream. Sometimes she mumbled and the occaisional scream slipped out. I stood up and took about 2 steps before Frank's arms wound around me, pulling me back, making sure I stayed away.
"What's happening?" I asked, horrified.
"You know Lilli has powers, right?" I just nodded.
"Well, years ago when Lilli and Gerard first got married, she had visions so to speak, glimpses of whats going to happen. Lilli has so much power, more than anyone knows and Gerard saw it. She isn't strong enough to handle it, it would have turned in-ward and burned her alive from the inside out. So Gerard stopped it before it killed her."
"What kind of power?" I asked, wondering what lurked in Lilli that no-one saw. Frank just shook his head.
"I don't know. Gerard never told me. All he said was something about how it was stronger than anything ever known."
"Will she be okay?" I whispered. Lilli had stopped, her perfectly pale skin was paler yet. She wasn't breathing, not that she needed to anyway. Her skin glowed with the light shean of sweat that covered it. Her blue eyes which had turned a steel grey with flecks of black fluttered open, staring blankly at the ceilling. She suddenly sat blot up right making me jump backwards.
"GERARD!!!!" she screamed, it bounced all around the appartment, ringing in my ears.
"Lilli?" Frank whispered, taking a tentitive step forward, pulling me behind him. Her eyes were wide and vacant.
"Somethings changed" she said. I'd never heard her voice as weird, It was quiet but clear. Devoid of all emotion. It was robotic and sounded as though it should be coming from someone else.

We waiting in silence wondering what she was going to say next. Her eyes were glazed over and out of focus.
"Jethro has him. They've taken him to the Elders. They're deliberating" I could hear the ticking of the wall clock. The bathroom tap dripped out of synch with it.
Drip tick drip tick drip tick drip tick
It was like my flat was adding to the tension of the situation. I was feeling sicker by the minute. Frank stroked my arm gently, trying to soothe me. My breathing was erratic, I couldn't get enough air in.
"Georgia's arguing for him...They're not listening to her...There's nothing they can do...Oh, execution at dawn" she whispered. Lilli fell back again, her head hitting of the floor with a sickening thud. I flinched slightly and she didn't even blink. Thick black tears streamed down her face her beautiful pale face. I turned around burying my face in Frank's chest. He didn't move, just stood like a stone figure. His breathing stopped too which I had to keep reminding myself it wasn't necessary for him to breath. Lilli never moved from the floor. Her lips kept moving in soundless whispers.

Although I hadn't know Gerard that long or at all really I still felt sorrow for his fate. I couldn't understand how a world so unusual and seemingly higher up in evolution could be so medieval in thier values and laws. I didn't know who the Elders or Jethro were but I guessed Jethro was like some sort of vampire (I'm never gonna get used to that word) police and the Elders were their unquestioned leaders.

I sat on the floor, curling into the smallest ball I could and shut my eyes. Thinking over my life, everything that had happened over the past 3/4 days and what was this 400 year war? What aren't they telling me?

Frank's P.O.V

Dawn was fast approaching. No one had said anything since we found out what was to happen to Gerard. Lilli was still on the floor but in the foetal position now. Her crying hadn't stopped. I eventually was able to move and I sat on the couch. Rachel curled up next to me. She had gently cried herself to sleep. I stared blankly at the floor, my mind still trying to process what was going on. Lilli hadn't seen anymore after that.

Then at about 1:56am there was a knock on the door. Rachel sleepily opened her eyes and went to answer it. I went with her just incase. It was Georgia or Gee as just about everyone knew her.
"I'm so sorry" she whispered. "I tried" For once she looked so solomen rather than her usual hyper sarcastic self.
"As part of his last request" she said handing me 2 envelopes.
"Thanks" I said, trying to hold back tears that threatened to fall.
"Do the Elders..." I couldn't finish that sentence. Georgia gave a small smile.
"No Frankie, they don't. They don't technically know about this last request. There was nothing else he wanted, except not to die and for them to leave you 3 the fuck alone"
I gave a weak smile. I thanked her for doing this for us and we hugged. Then she disapeared into the night, well morning. Lilli and I had told her where Rachel stayed incase she even needed to find us there.

One envelope was addressed to me, the other was for Lilli-anna. When we got to the livingroom Lilli was sitting up, leaning back against the couch and staring intently at some photographs. Yes vampires can be seen in photos.

The first was Lilli and Gerard's wedding day. Lilli had somehow managed to sneak up behind Gerard and shoved cake onto his face. The photo showed a dazzled and confused Gerard covered in cake. Lilli was peeking out from beside him, one had clamped over her mouth in an attempt not to burst out laughing.

The next was of me, Gerard, Lilli and Mikey. Mikey was Gerard's kid brother who had been kidnapped by Lycans and never seen again. Everyone presumed him dead not long after. In the picture I was kissing Mikey's cheek and he was pretending to be shocked. Gerard was piggi-backing Lilli and she was giving him bunny ears.

Mikey looked a little bit like Gerard. He wasn't as pale and his eyes were more of a soft caramel rather than hazel. Mikey's hair was light brown, almost blonde sometimes and his hair was always perfectly straight. He wore black thick rimmed glasses and he was alot taller and skinnier than Gerard. Although some of their facial features were kinda similar.

The last photograph was an odd one. It was of just Gerard. His eyes were framed with red eye-liner. His fangs were the biggest I've ever seen them and were clearly visiable in his trademark smirk. A little blood trailed down his chin from the corner of his mouth. I'd never seen his eyes so black. Yet I always thought it wasn't his undenyable thirst for human blood that made them that dark colour. His skin was truly colourless and his hair seemed more inky black than I'd ever seen it.

Lilli never gave a reason as to why she loved that photo so much. The couple of times it had been mentioned she and Gerard had shared this small knowing smile. Which makes me think that maybe I don't want to know.

Lilli smiled sadly at the memories the photographs no doubt stirred up. But as soon as she saw the envelope the smile vanished.
"As part of his last request" I said it so quietly I hoped she never heard me but her expression said it all. Her fingers trembled as she reached out to take the envelope. She carefully opened it reading the last words of the other half of her soul.

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