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How it got started...

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Author's Note
This was written for the SF&Fantasy Big Bang event on LJ. As a result, I have 8 chapters of completed fiction. Rather than update it all at once, I'm planning on just uploading one chapter at a time once a week. So, all you folks who don't want to be left hanging by a WIP that gets dropped, fear not. This has an end written -- I just need to post it.

Standard boilerplate -- the fic is rated PG13 for violence and language. I'm also taking off the safety on mortality. (Meaning, I'm not warning for character death/maiming/trauma besides telling you there will be PG13 level violence). If this bothers you, I'll note that the rest of my FMA work is written with the safety on.

January 6, 1919
Dear Author:

Thank you for your submission to Fantastic Vistas and Voyages/. While we at /FV&V appreciate your submission, at this time it does not meet our needs. We thank you for your interest in our magazine, and hope you keep FV&V in mind for future speculative fiction submissions.

-- Yours Sincerely,
Cassidy Blumenthal


January 10, 1919
Dear Winry,
Well, I got my first rejection letter today. But I'm not going to give up. Most of the books I've read on publishing short stories and serials say that a lot of first attempts are rejected. I'm going to revise my story, and start another one. I'd say all the electric light I've been using to write after work was going to raise my electricity bill, but I was already up late reading. It will mean I'll fall more behind on my books, though. Such is the life of an author.

How is Rush Valley? Is it cold there? It's been snowing here since Midwinter, or at least that's what it feels like. So, this letter might be late getting to you if the roads get blocked. At least you're in the south, and not up near Drachma.

And how's your apprenticeship going? Things are quiet here in Central City, since the Parliament isn't in session. I do make time to go read the newspaper when I get up in the morning, just so I'm not surprised if anything newsworthy happens that affects my job.

If you need a little reading material, I attached the latest draft of my serial story. Tell me what you think -- be honest, all right? It's a copy of the version I made to send to the magazine. I used carbon paper when I was typing, just in case my first copy got lost in the mail. Don't worry -- I still have my handwritten notes, and I remember perfectly how the draft goes.

Your Friend,
P. S. I am very bad at naming characters, so be warned.
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