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Love - The Slowest Form Of Suicide

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this is my second mcr fanfic gnna be more graphic methinks (: also have a bit more of the toro (:

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2009-11-11 - Updated: 2009-11-11 - 525 words

A tear ran down my cheek. I felt the cold air on my face as I watched the pitch black hearse drive away. I was left standing at the foot of my last relative's grave. I was now alone in the world. No more family, no friends and no one to turn to. I turned away from the grave. The graveyard was empty just like my heart. I started to walk along the icy grass, As it crunched beneath my feet I thought about the big empty house I was to go back to as it was now mine. I had placed an ad in a few newspapers to say I had 3 rooms for rent, no replies yet though. I had now reached the sleek black limo I had arrived in. I looked back upon graveyard, my eyes full of tears, I could only hope that the weeks to come would be more joyous than the few just passed.

I unlocked the door, I felt sick at the thought of being here without my grandma, it just didn't feel right. But I continued into the house. I looked down to clear my head and noticed a letter on the floor, but who would write to me? I opened it, who the sender could be still playing on my mind. The writing was scruffy but readable, I began to read it:

Dear Madam

I am writing on behalf of my band members about your ad in the paper, we would like to sort out a viewing of these rooms, write back, or just call me.

He went on to give his address and number but at the end he wrote:

We hopefully wont disappoint, we look trouble at first sight but we really are a nice bunch of guys!

Yours sincerely
Bob Bryar =]

Well at least he had been truthful about looking like trouble. I walked toward the main room, picking up the phone on my way through. I dialled the given number, I nervously waited while I heard the dialling tone.
"Good Morning who is it?" said a deep voice with a strong American accent. Even though I lived in Belleville, New Jersey I never got used to the accent.
"good morning is this Mr.Bryar? I'm calling about your enquiry into the 3 rooms for rent" I replied
"oh yes it is, and please. Bob, I guess you got my letter"
"yes I did. And there's something I want to discuss with you"
"sure go for it" I loved the way his voice sounded when he said it, it threw me off a little.
"errm, Oh, band members?"
"thought you'd ask about that. There's 5 of us, we're in that part of NJ for a long time, looking for some new inspiration, also got some meetings. We're not trouble, we can be loud and messy but we will be courteous."
I thought what he had said finally I decided,
"so what day is good for you?"
"Saturday afternoon ok?"
I had some businessmen coming round Saturday with the death of grandma and all, but I said it was ok anyway.

I was strangly excited about this.
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