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My HighSchool Romance

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Alright,I am not going to bother abotut he whole 'this stopry is about',so please just read it!It'll be the only way you can find out what it is about!

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Now,every girl has had a dream about a prince charming.
That the prince will save her and let her ride on his trust steed and marry her and they live a happily ever after!
As you can see,I am one of those girls who have that dream,but also one of those girls that don't strive for that dream.
My name is Nanai Alvarado.
I have long and wavy black hair that shines red in the sun and have light brown eyes that have a lightmhazel color that outlines them.
And I am the most quietest girl and loneliest girl in my high school,Ridge High School.
So,that's me.


I woke up early in the morning and took a short cold shower and washed my mouth.I put on some jeans with a white long sleeved shirt that way too long sleeves covering y hands and some white sneakers.I put my hair in a ponytail and left my angled bangs fall.I grabbed my binder and my favorite book and went downstairs.
"Good morning,mama.",I said and gave my mom a kiss on the cheek.She greeted me back and I sat down as she placed a plate with eggs in front of me.
"I really don't understand why you wake so early when you have an hour left before school.",she said.
"I have to be sure to get there early.",I said and quickly finishe dmy eggs gulping down sme orange juice.
"Alright,bye!",I called as I walked out holding my binder and walked quickly to school.School wasn't so far,but still,it wasn't so close eaither.For all the people who have cars or are not afraid to ride the bus with all the monkeys of boys,or have bikes,consider yourself lucky.
I don't have a car because my dad is still working on buying me one,but I have my license.
I don't ride the bus because I'm always so scared of the guys who ride it.They play tricks nad pranks on everybody,even the bus drivers.If you saw them,you'd call them monkeys yourself.
I don't have a bike,because I'm more used to walking to school,and I'm not really cut out for riding a bike,or running,or anything that includes sports,running,and excercise.
That's just the beginning of me...

As soon as I entered the school,I could see alot of the students were there.So,that must've meant that there was no bell that had rung for first class.
I made my way past all the people so I can get to class and sit down in my desk and study a bit before class started.
But as I mad emy way through,let's just say I 'fell'.It was in the hall where there wa snobody and continued to walk to class,but three most popular ame by me and I fell,which actually mean that I was tripped.Next thing,wa slaughter from all three.
Those three popular girls had everything.
They were Ashley,Britney,and Stacey.Most popular was Stacey,though.They were all beautiful,popular,and had money.And me....I was the total opposite of them....
I know,sucks right?
I stood up quickly and started to pick up all of my things,but it was just a huge mess in my hands.I ran to class feeling tears about to just break out.I entered quietly,making a gasp of sadness as I closed the door,and ran to my desk placing everything there.I started to organize them and put them all back into my binderneatly,until it occured to me that my favorite book...was missing!
"My book!",I gasped.I ran out into the hall and looked all over the floor,but it was nowhere to be seen!
Where is it??!!

There are some guys that only want some fun with girls,while others really cared about them.
And I was neither one of these dumb fools.
I was the rebel of the school and could care less about girls who liked me,guys that feared me,and teachers that 'tried' to punish me for something.
But I was somebody who seceretely cared for people's feeling,like my best buddies and my family,and helped them as quiet and secretely as I can.
Name's Tye Rodriguez.
I ave short and spikey dark hair with black eyes.
And I am the toughest,meanest,and strongest guy at Ridge High School.
That's what people see.


Woke up late and got inot the shower taking a quick one and washed my mouth.I spiked up my hair and put on some ripped jeans with a white short sleved shirt and some nikes.
I grabbed my motorcycle keys and cell and went downstairs to see my dad humming and cooking.
"Old man,aren't you supposed to be at the school?",I asked.After all,he was the dang principal.
"Yes,but I decided to stay a bit later and cook some breakfeast for my son.You do always wake up to late anyways.",he said and then placed some plate in front of me full of eggs,and bacon.
"Right.",I said and pushed the plate aside.
"You're not hungry?",he asked.
"No,now hurry already.",I said and turned for the door walking towards it.I walked out to my motorcycle and got on.I put on my helmet and started it up,revving it a couple times.
Then I rode off to the lame school I attended,Ridhe High School.
Soon as I got there,I walked to class where the guys were waiting.They were also guys that people feared oh,so much.
As I walked,I heard girls laughing and I immediatetly knew that it was Stacey and her annoying friends.Used to date that girl in middle school,but she got way too annoying and I decided to dump the girl.But,she is still so annoying.
I made my way to the hall that I heard the laughter,but to see nobody.I heard a door close and I could have sworn I heard a girl's cry too,but it seemed impossible.I then noticed a book laying on the floor.I walked up to it and picked it up reading the cover.
It said,'True Romance".I scoffed at the titled and opened it to see if there was any name.
There was one and it said,Nanai Alvarado.
Now,who was that,and what kind of wierd name was that?
Aw,whatever.I'll find her soonder or later.I'll just look up her file in my dad's office.
I walked off with it in my hands,and then thought,
Really,who was this Nanai Alvarado and why did she seem like such a timid girl?

Normal POV

Nanai was waiting for the class to end,and it seemed like it took forever until the bell rang for lunch.
But it finally did,and she waited for all the classmates to go to lunch,before she started to check and search thrugh the whole school for her book.
"Where is it?",she asked herself panicked.She shook her head focusing,and then made her way outside to see if she dropped it on her way.She searched the whole in front of the school part,soon making her way to the back of the school.
As soon as she was there,she heard voices and paused.She looked up and saw five boys,and immediately her eyes widened and she froze.
"It's them.",she whimpered as she recognized them.The five most rebellious guys at her school.
And worst.One was holding her book and reading it!
She bit her lip and took a deep breath building up some strength.She then lifted her foot,and turned around about to walk off and think of a plan to get it,but a deep voice interrupted her next step and made her freeze.
"Hey,you girl!",one of them called.She gulped and stayed frozen.She could feel one aprroaching her and coming closer.
God!What wa sshe to do!Wenever they caught sight of a girl,all they did was bully her and make her feel harassed!At leats,that's what she heard all around her from people who gossiped.Worse was that all gossipers said the same thing of him,so chances were,they were deadly true.
"Oh.",she whined quietly to herself.Suddenly,a voice called her.She looked up and it was one of the administraters.
"Miss Alvarado......Miss Alvarado,the principal would like to see you.",the woman said and walked off.Nanai nodded and started to run after the woman to catch up.That way,she wouldn't die.


He has my book!I watched the guy with my book as he read it with absolute emotionless eyes,and the other play around laughing.
Alright,Nanai,t is time to step up and do something.And what I will talk to the principal about it!
I turned around and was about to take my next step proudly,but a voice boomed behind me and I froze.
"Hey,you girl!",the voice called and I could feel my heart skip a beat.Then it just started to beat faster.
He was coming closer!My god,I could feel it!
And the many rumors I heard of what they do to a girl who is a target!
"Oh.",I whined.
"Miss Alvarado.",I heard and my head shot up to see the vice principal.I smiled to myself in total gladness.
"Miss Alvarado,the principal would like to see you.",she said and then walked off.Yes,I'm not going to die today!
I ran after her taking this as a chance of living,and catched up with her.


I read the book as the guys played around laughing so annoyingly and talke dabout girls.
Man,this book was a bit addicting.I'm just surprised I was actually into the dumb thing.
"Dude,why are you reading that?",one of the guys asked.I looked up to see Toader asking me.Don't know how,but we just started calling the fool Toader.The others were Mike,Rick,and Nate.
"Cuz I want to!",I yelled and scoffed looking back at the book.Idiot!
"Hey,you girl!",Rick suddenly called.I looked up at him,and then saw him walking towards something.I looked over and there stood a girl who just stood there not even looking back.She seeme dlike a total statue,she didn't move an inch.
"Miss Alvarado.",the vice principal called ehr.Her head shot up,and my eyes widened slightly.So,she was the girl that owned the book.Well,that was a bit easy.Rick stopped and I stared at the girl.
"Miss Alvarado,the principal would like to see you.",the vice principal said.Ah,so the old man wanted to talk with her.Guess I could just go and see her at the office.
She suddenly,then broke into a run following the vice principal and I felt a bit amusement in me.
Did she actually think Rick was going to hurt her?

Normal POV
Turns out tht the principal just wanted to see Nanai about her grades,and reward her.So she now was student of the month and soon it would say that on many flyers that will be hanged up ont he walls and given to students.
How embarassing!
As she mad eher way out of the office,she walked on and looked up,but to only freeze and stare with wide eyes.
For standing in front of her,was the guy who had her book in his hands,and the most rebellious of the school.
What was she to do now?

Hope you liked the story!
I know it's a bit wierd,with all the her pov,his pov,normal pov,then all over again,but this will happen quiet a few times in chapters of this new story,so please do not mind it!
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