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Chapter 1

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Normal POV

They stood there staring at eachother for a moment before Tye sighed in utter borement.Nanai bit her lip wondering what was to happen next.
"Follow me.",he ordered.He turned and started to walk,but stopped after a moment probably realizing that she stood there frozen.
"You don't,you don't get that book.",he said and held up the book,starting to walk agaun.She gasped softly and looked down starting to follow him.
They soon ended and where at where she stood before,in the back with the benches.He sat down where he sat before,and Nanai stopped a couple feets from all of them.
"Alright,guys,meet Nanai Alvarado.",Tye said with a sigh.
"Oh,is the girl from before.",Rick said walking up up to her.She bit her lip as her heart beat faster and faster of total nervousness.Rick grabbed her wrist and pulled her up to where they stood.She pulled away from him once in front of them and wrapped her delicate fingers around the wrist where it hurt now.
"So,name's Nanai?What kind of wierd name is that?",Mika asked.
"...",she stayed silent and looked away.
"Answer.",Mika said.She continued to stay silent,and Mika scoffed.
"Girlls way too timid.",Mika muttered.
So,Tye had been right.
"Well,I am going to make an agreement,Nanai.",he said making her look up at him in curiousity.
"What?",she asked in a soft voice.Her soft voice had actually surprised him,it seemed like she was about to cry.But there were no signs of crying in her,just fear.
"I'll give back the book...",he trailed off.
"Shhh,he's not done.",Rick said interrupting her thank you.
"In exchange for..",Tye continued.She stayed silent for a moment wondering what he wanted.Was it a kiss??Was it a hug??Was it to sleep with him??
Oh,such cruel things!
"Being my slave for as long as I want.",he finished,and it seemed like Nanai had just been thrown off a cliff.
Her blood had stopped running,he rheart stopped beating,and she could feel the color off her skin just fall of an dher become pale.
"I think you scared her.",Toader laughed.
"Guess so.",Tye said as he handed Mike the book and walked up to Nanai.
"I'll be sure nobody gets this book.",Mika said with a smile and put it in his bag.
"Come on.",Tye said and hooked his arms around her waist,and legs picking her up in his arms and walking to the nurse.
Nanai,though,just stayed frozen and could hardly move.She just continued to stare with wide eyes,but soon she felt some ease.She looked up at him,and an awful thought came across her.
He seemed to beautiful and nice.As if he could not,or wierder,would noyt do anything bad to her.She seemed so puny in his strong arms.
"Feeling better?",he asked once he noticed her staring.She bit her lip and looked down.
"Please put me down.",she whispered.He stopped and did as she said placing her down.
"I'll see you at the benches after school.You come late,you're dead.",he said and walked off.But before she could protest at all,the bell rang and people came bursting out of the lunchroom walking to their classes.Nanai,just stood there though wondering why this had to happen at all.

Nanai walked slowly to the benches,while everybody left the school chatting loudly and laughing with friends.
She soon caught sight of them,and groaned.
"Please.",she prayed,and then took steps towards them.Toader grinned and walked up to her with open arms.
"Whats up!Heard you agreed to being Tye's slave fast.",Toader laughed as he wrapped his arms around her shoulder.
"Umm...",she murmured feeling her heart begin to beat very fast.
"Alright,enough toader.",Mika said and pushed Toader off of her.She bit her lip,and Mika patted her head.
"Don't be scared because none of us will hurt you.",Mike said.Nanai looked up at him and held her things closer.
"How do I know that?",she asked softly making his eyes widen.
"You...",he trailed off softly,and soon Tye grabbe dher by the wrist pulling her to the bench where he sat.
"Alright,I need you to listen carefully because it is going to be a long list.",he said and she looked up at him in confusion.
"What?",she asked.
"We're going over to the mall.We'll be waiting outside while you go and buy our food.",he said.
"Great that you agreed.Let's get going.",Tye said and stood up grabbing her by the wrist and pulling her.The others followed playing around and laughing as they always had,while Tye just made sure Nanai was close by him and following.
"But I have no money.",she murmured.
"No need to worry.I'll give you the money.You just give us the food.",he said.
"What's the food?",she asked.They got to their cars and the other three got in the car driving off in a fast way.Nanai watched them as they sped off and then turned back to Tye.
"I'll tell you that when we get there.",he said.She bit her lip and sighed looking down.He then held out a motorcycle hat for her making ehr stare at it.
"I have to get on with you?",she asked.
"No duh,how us will you get there?",he said and pushe dit towards her as if urging her to grab it.She grabbed it and set her things on the ground as she place dit on her head and strapped it.She grabbed her things again,but Tye grabbed it out of her hands and put it in his bag which he secured on the motor.
"Alright,get on and lets go.",he said as he got on the motorcycle and turned it on revving it a couple times.She played with her fingers and looked down.
"I don't..",she trailed off.
"Listen,being my slave is not so torturing.I won't screw your life up.You'll just run errands for me.",he said.She looked up and sighed.She slowly got onto the motorcycle and sat there as she entertwined her fingers together.
"Hold on.",he said.She sighed.
"No thanks.",she said.He sighed.
"Trust me,you have to.",he said.He then started to ride it,but it almost sent her falling back and she immediately grabebd him by the waist holding on tightly.And this caused him to think for a moment.But he shook it off,and then continued to ride off.

And while this happen,a certain girl watched and imeediately was angered by the sight of Tye with another girl.And worse,a girl that she hated ever so much.

Soon they got there,and Nanai stayed there on the motorcycle clutching Tye.Her sighed as he turned off the mmotor and wa sbaout to get off,but she wouldn't ket go.He looke dbehind him,and she was squeezing her eyes shut and biting her lip so hard.He looked down in front and he could see her knuckles had turned white from clenching them so hard.
"Nanai,let go of me.The ride's over.",he said.She slowly opene dher eyes and let out a whimper as she let go of him slowly trembling.
"It wasn't that scary.",he said as he got off and turned back to him.He looked up at her and hse was still trembling and her eyes were widened.He grabbed her hand and tugged on it until she budged.She threw her leg over and jumped down,but to only fall in his arms.
"Be careful.",he murmured as he tried holding her up.She looked up to him and he stared at her.Suddenly,a thought came across his mind and they stared at eachother for what seemed ot be a long moment.
"What's up!",a voice boomed.It was Rick and the other two.Nanai pulled away from Tye and turned away seeming to be more calmed.
"Alright,take note of what we want.",Toader said.
"I'll start!I want some cheetos with a coke,apple pie,three donuts,make sure the two are glazed and one is a chocolate one with sprinkles,and a water bottle.Thanks!",Rick said.Nanao looked at him and narrowed her eyes in total confusion and surprise a boy can eat that much.
"Wait.",she said and then grabebd Tye's bag grabbed outher notebook and writing it all down before it escaped her mind.
"My turn!I want some doritos with a sprite,four donuts and all glazed,a pumpkin pie,and a water bottle.",Toader said.She quickly tried to keep pace with them and wrote it all down fast.
"Alright.I want a coke,a pizza,a burger,a apple pie,a glazed donut,and a water bottle.",Mika said.Nanai nodded as she finished their order and turned to Tye.
"Y-yes?",she asked softly making Mika eyes widen again.
She sounded so familiar,but why?
"I just want a water bottle and a pizza.",he said.She pointed it down and sighed as she put it in her pocket.
"Ok.",she whispered and then looked down as she walked into the mall.
"I feel sorry taking over a pretty and good girl like her.",Mika said.
"Yeah,she is very pretty.And she looks familiar.",Rick said.
"She does sound familiar.",Mika said.
"You don't think it could be....",Toader trailed off.They all stayed silent for a moment,and then Tye broke the silence.
"It couldn't be....",he murmured and turned away from them grabbing the book and reading it again.

!Next Chap. Sneak Peek!
"It's you!You are the girl!",Mike said and then pulled me into a hug.Suddeny I was pulled away and hugged by Toader as he laughed in total happiness for some reason.Then I wa shugged by Rick and they all cheered.
So,they were those boys I met so long ago.My gosh,I never thought that this would happen.So,Tye had to be......
I was suddenly turned around,and I found myself being kissed by Tye.

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