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Chapter 2

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I was in absolute trouble carrying all of the bags.But I seemed to manage it and made it outside.Yet,to see what was not expected.
I looked up as soon as I was outside,yet to see girls talking to all guys and flirting.
"Umm..",she murmured.They hadn't heard her.
"Excuse me.",she murmured.Still not hearing.She sighed and walked up to them.
"Oh,you're done!",she heard.She tried to look over the bags,but could not so easily.
"Can you guys take it?",she said,breathlessly.
"Sure.",one of the guys said.All bags were taken from her,and what was left was the small pag with a box with a pizza slice in it,and a water bottle.She looked around,but could not see Tye.
"Oh,he went in to look for you.You sure did take your sweet time.",Toader said laughing.I nodded and turned walking in to go find him,yet I bumped into somebody.
I looked up to see the one and only diva,Stacey.
"Ew,I got touched by her!",she whined and brushed herself off.
"S-sorry.",I murmured looking down.
"Do you even take showers??You smell like dump!My gosh!",she said then trying to cover her nose.I notice dher friends were behind her,when they started to laugh.
"S-sorry.",I murmured again.
They had to be so very mean...
My head shot up,and I saw Stacey and her friend smaking a path for Tye.
"Oh,Tye.Thank god you are here!",she said and ran up to him hugging his arm.
"What is going on?",he asked looking at me.I bit my lip and looked down.
"This girl was trying to hurt me.",Stacey whined.I looked at her and stared.Just stared.
How could somebody who looks like a princess be such a vile demon inside?
Suddenly,Tye scoffed and I looked at him with wide eyes.
"I doubt it.",Tye said and pulled away from Stacey roughly.
"But she really did!Right,girls?",she said,and her friends nodded persistantly.Tye looked down at Stacey with narrowed eyes.
"Get a life.",he said and walked away from her and past me.I stared at Stacey now again,with wide eyes.
Had that really happened?
"Nanai,hurry!",I heard Tye call.I jumped,but turned and hurried up to him.We were up to the guys now,though they still talked to girls.
"Ummm..",I murmured.Tye turned and looked at me.
"...",he stayed silent,but she knew he was questioning her by the look on his face.
"Thank..thank you.",she whispered looking down.There was silence,but he scoffed again.Her head shot up confusingly.
"Don't be too full of yourself.I didn't do it for you.",he said looking away.
"Ah?",she questioned softly.
"I just hate it when she thinks she suddenly thinks she's the queen.Annoying.",he said,then looking at her.He grabbed the bag from her hands making her jump,and turned walking to his motorcycle.
Then I realized.I promised my mom a couple days ago that I would be home to babysit her friends daughter early.I gasped and looked at the time.
My gosh!It's been two hours!
"Sorry,I have to get going!",I called to them.All of them looked at me,but I ignored it.I ran up to Tye's bag and grabbed my things out of it quickly.
Alright,looks like I got everything.
I ran quickly past all of them.
"Hey!",I heard Tye yell.I ignored it though.I did not have time to be working as a slave.I had my own duties at home!

I had managed to make it on time,for my mom to get to work early.
I rock!
But it did become dark real fast,so I was relieved when the cryin girl when back to her mom.I don't think I ever want to babysit again,and I may give you a small suggestion of following this action.
Now I just sat on my bed and writing in my diary.
Dear Diary,
So many things have happened so fast,that I can't even write them down.But I can say this.It's been super awful!
I am now the slave of a leader of a deadly group of rebels in my school!Why could this happen to the people that deserve it.What have I done to become a slave?Then again,though,he did say that all I had to do when becoming his slave is run errands.I hope he doesn't suddenly go back on his word and become all perverted like his friends seem like.
Then again,Tye seems very nice and cute.Mean and ugly,Stacey,'bumped' into me at the mall and she absolutely made me fell awful!But then Tye came in and saved me,even though he said he didn;t.I still thank him alot,though.He was the first one to step up for me when Stacey was bothering me.
Tye actually seems super...friendly.

I scribbled the last words blushing,and closed my book locking it and then put it aside on my desk.I layed back,noticing how tired I was.
My eyes slowly closed,as I drifted to a sleep.

"Alright,come with us to answer questions!",a yell came from behind me.
I jumped and turned quickly hugging my things to my chest,just in case.Yet,I only saw Toader and Rick.
"W-what?",I stuttered out stupidly.They looked at eachother,and smirked then looking at me.Suddenly,they grabbed me and dragged me to the back of the school from the class,where we ended up at the benches.
"Let me go!",I whined stuggling.They let me go as I whined,and then there were four people in front of me.Tye especially in front.
"We four are each going to ask two questions.Answer them honestly.",Tye said.
"I'm first.",Rick said.I looked at him and sighed just going along.
"Fine.",I murmured.
"Do you have a collection of teddy bears?",he asked.My eyes widened then.
Oh no!They found out!
"N-no!",I said quick.
"That's a lie,I see her blushing.She does.",Mike said.
"Alright,so that one is correct.Next question.",Rick said.
"Alrighty!My last question is...Do you hate wearing skirts and dresses?",he asked.I sighed and bit my lip nodding.
"Correct!",Rick yelled making me jump.
"My turn.First question,do you not know how to walk in heels?",Toader asked.
"Yes,but I love wearin heels because it makes me fele pretty...Bu-",I said,before being cut off.
"Shhh!Last question of mine...Which color do you like best?",he asked with narrowed eyes.
"Umm,I actually have three favorite colors.Hot pink,Baby blue,and lavender.",I murmured.
"Correct and correct!You turn,Mike!",Toader said smiling.
"Alright.Why do you like horror movies?",he asked.
"Is that a trick question?",she asked.
"Is it?",he asked suspiciously.
"Well...I absolutely hate horror movies.They are way too bloody and evil.",she said looking down.
"Correct!Next question,When did you start wanting to become a model?",he asked.
"When did you-"
"Just answer!",he interrupted.I sighe and bit my lip looking down and blushing of embarassment.
"I wanted to become a model since I was five,and saw how beautiful models were when they were on the stage on TV.",I murmured softly.I looked up at him as he stayed silent.
"...CORRECT!",he yelled and laughed.I jumped at his loud voice,but sighed in relief.
"Your turn,Tye.",Mike said.I looked up at him and gulped.
"Do you recognize this?",he asked and he suddenly held up a handkerchief.It wa spink,with beards on clouds on them.
"M-my...handerchief.",I whispered.I heard them gasp and looked up at them.
"This is yours?",Toader asked.
"I think so.I had one like that a couple years ago,but I gave it away.",I said.
"Explain.",all of them said in unison.I sighed and nodded.
"Well,I used to live here when I was little.I was born here,actually and I lived her 'till I was 9 years old.When I was five,I met five boys.They were all very cute and funny.",I said and laughed to myself.
I continued,though seeming to be in my own world.
"I think I liked one best,though.I forgot this name,but I think I'd remember him anywhere.He had these unbeliebably gorgeous dark eyes,with a very cute smile.I gave him a handkerchief and he always kept it.I told all five my secrets,about me hating to wear skirts and dressed,or even how I said to them that I could never wear heels,and I fall immediately,but I did because they always mad eme feel super pretty.I told them alot about me,and they told things about themselves.They ahd been friends since kindergarten,and I became their new friend.",I explained.
"Alright,my last question.",Tye said and I looke up at him.
"O-okay.",I whispered.
"...What do you want your first kiss to be like?",he finally asked after a moment.Suddenly,my face went red and my eyes widened.
"W-what?",I asked.
"Just answer it and honestly.",he said.
"...Well,I actually want it to be wth somebody.The boy tha I liked when I was little.I want to meet him again and have my first kiss with him.I don't really care about how the first kiss is,or when or what time,or where we are.I just want it to be with him.",I said and shrugged.
He smirked,and suddenly Toader,Mika,and Rick broke out in cheers and ran up to me.
"Whhooo!",they yelled.
"What?",she asked.
"I know that boy.He once told me about how a girl he met told him before she left and moved away when she was 9,that she will one day come back and find him,and make him her first kiss no matter what.",he said.Her eyes widened,and then I noticed something as they all smile at me.
The familiar smiles!The familiar faces!They were the boys!!!
"You are the boys!",I gasped.
"Yep!You got it right!",Toader said.
"It's you!You are the girl!",Mika said and then pulled me into a hug.Suddenly,I was pulled away and hugged by Toader as he laughd in total happiness for some reason.Then I was hugged by Rick,and they all cheered.
So they were the boys I met so long ago.My gosh,I never thought this would happen.Then Tye had to be...
I was suddenly turned around,and I found myself being kissed by Tye.
My face felt like it was on fire and my eyes widened.
Wait,but I did give a promise to the boy.To Tye.
I slowly kissed him back,and after a long moment,he pulled away slowly smiling lightly.
"So you kept your promise,and found me.Now you had your first kiss.",he said.
"This is soo much for two days.",I said in a low whisper.
"What's going on here?",I suddenly heard.We all looked back to see Nate.
"Nate,dude,remember Nanai?!",Toader asked.
"Nanai?",he asked and walked up to me.
"H-hi.",I murmured.
"Who is she?",Nate asked.
"She's the girl from back then.Remember?The one we all said that we will find one day.",Mike said.Nate's eyes widened and he looked at me.
"N-Nanai..",he whispered.
"Hi.",I said much louder,with a smile.He smiled and hugged me tightly.I couldn't help but hug him back.
He pulled away,and then I noticed something in his eyes.Not happiness,or excitement...but lo-
"Guess we are all back together!",Rick said as he placed his arm around my shoulder,stopping my thoughts.
Suddenly,Tye push off Rick's arm and placed his arm around my shoulder.
"Back off.She's mine.",Tye said and I blushed looking down with a smile.
"Y-yours?",I heard Nate ask.I looked up at him confused.
"Yeah.You know that Nanai and Tye always liked eachother.",Toader laughed.
"...yeah...Yeah!Of course!",Nate said,then starting to laugh.
"We got out angel!",Mike said smiling at me.
"Well,I'm glad you're back,Nanai.",Nate said.I looked at him and smile.
"Well,I'm glad I finally found you guys.",I said and shrugged.
"Well,I did notice you being the quietest girl in the school.",Nate said.
"Yeah,I guess it's gonna be a while before I could get as comfortable as I was when I was little with ou guys.",I said laughing lightly.He sighed and nodded.
"Hey,where have you been,Nate?",Rick asked.
"Oh,just around there.Stuff just happening at home and all.Nothing so big.",Nate said.
"Well,guess we should be getting to class now.",Mike said.
"Fine.But Nanai..",Tye said.I looked up at him and he sighed crossing his arms.
"What?",I asked softly.
"You still are my slace till I say you are not.",he said and smirked walking off.My eyes widened and I gasped.
"But!Oh,gosh,you've become such a jerk!",I yeleld as they walked away.
"I know.",he said and I crossed my arms.
"See you at lunch,Nai-Nai.",Toader said.My head shot up,as I remembered the nick name he gave me.So,it was Toader that called my that when we were little.He really was always so annoying.
I sighed and smiled to myself.
"Bye,Tony.",I said,remembering his real name.I wonder,how did they start calling Toader?

I am done,and it will be Tye's pov next chapter.
Well,I hope you liked it and look forward to the next chapters.
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