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10. Five Years Ago

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Sonic 51 #10

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Five Years Ago

“Tails…” started Sally, “Are you okay?”
He was five-years younger and only with two tails. His fur was a little browner and less hair from his face. He looked up at his “Aunt” Sally and hugged her.
“He’s gonna be okay right?” asked Tails with tears welling in his eyes.
“Yes Tails, he’s only in a coma. He could wake at any second.”
Tails and Sally paused.
“A watched pot never boils; c’mon Tails I have something important to show you.”
The pair leaves the knothole hospital and travel through the village. There were a multitude of huts in the area surrounded by huge trees that made sequoias look like twigs. Many huts were constructed from forest materials and new environmentally sound technology that a certain walrus had constructed. They went into the hut with the words “workshop” over the door.
“Hey Rotor.” Sally greeted.
“Hey Sal.” said Rotor, obviously busy.
“I was wondering if you could well, you know, watch over Tails.” Sally whispered.
“Sure, c’mon Tails.” said Rotor dropping what he was doing.
“Wow what’s that Rote?” asked Tails leaping up on the stool.
“That’s a distributor cap. It’s supposed to go in the engine of this forest rover but I haven’t had any luck with the polarity.”
“I know what’s wrong.” Tails said. He dug into the engine and tinkered around with the mechanics. He plugged, unplugged, switched things around, and then attached the distributor.
Rotor started the engine and was amazed at Tails’ technological wisdom.
“Whoa, what’s in the old cereal Tails?” asked Rotor.
“Tails this is amazing, when did you learn to do this?” asked Sally.
“When Sonic and I saved Angel Island…” Tails started, “I had to figure out many of Robotnik’s encrypted puzzles. It was simple really.”
Sally and Rotor looked at each other in amazement.
“I guess I’ll go check on Bunnie.” said the princess. She left the workshop and Tails was eagerly awaiting orders.
“So what next, Rotor?” asked Tails.
“Umm… I can copy this engine work with the other rovers so I guess we can start on the Project: Nicole.”
“Nicole?” asked Tails. “What’s that?”
“Not what, who! Sal asked me to try and make her computer into a hologram but I’ve got no ideas to start.”
“What about Robotnik?” Tails exclaimed, “We could go in and steal some stuff! And hopefully Sonic is awake and we can all go.”
“That’s actually a good idea.”
The fox scurried off and ran back to the hospital. He memorized the room number his hero was in and slid into the room. He was still out of it.
“Hey Sonic, we’re gonna go to Robotropolis and kick some egg. Aren’t you gonna wake up?”
Sonic didn’t wake.
“I’ll be here when you wake up, okay?” Tails smiled. He ran from the room and out of the hospital before Rotor, Bunnie, Antoine, and Sally.
“He just started to rattle off theses ideas and now he’s gone.” Rotor explained.
“There he is.” Bunnie exclaimed in her thick country accent.
“You ar acting like a complete few-ell.” Antoine said in his noticeable French accent.
“Whoa Antoine, lay off the fish eggs.” Tails said grabbing his nose. He chuckled to himself and raised his hand for a high five from Sonic.
Sonic wasn’t there.
“Tails we can’t just rush into Robotropolis at any moment. It takes months of planning to infiltrate the city.” Sally explained.
“I’m sorry Aunt Sally.” Tails pleaded.
“But it is a good idea.” Sally finalized. “We’ve already decided and you are coming with us on this mission.”
“Aunt Sally.” Tails said in disbelief.
“With Sonic gone we’re gonna make sure his role is still fulfilled.” Sally explained.
Tails stepped back.
“Don’t say that!” yelled Tails.
“Tails, what is wrong?” Antoine asked genuinely concerned, despite the insult.
“Don’t act like he’s dead! It’s only been two weeks and you’re moving on without him!” Tails yelled. The little kid was disciplining the adults. “I’m not going if it means being Sonic’s replacement!”
The young fox flew away a lot slower than he will in the future. He graced the treetops and sat among one of the branches. He cried again and sank his head in his arms. He thought about his big brother. The recent trials of the properly named endgame saga had left Knothole Village bare. Sonic had been accused of letting Princess Sally fall to her death while on a mission in Robotropolis. Sonic was imprisoned and sent to the Devil’s Gulag where he would face his punishment of regicide. He had naturally escaped and was cleared of his name by Dulcy the dragon and flew to the village. There, Robotnik had invaded and enslaved most of the villagers. Sonic, Knuckles, and Geoffrey St. John had teamed up to drive away the machines and Robotnik. The Eggman had escaped back to his part of the planet and loaded his true weapon, the Ultimate Annihilator – Knothole would be wiped from Mobius’ existence. Sonic rushed off with Bunnie and Antoine to finish the score and get revenge for his love, Sally. There the egg and the hog met in combat but were double-crossed by Robotnik’s assistant, Snively. There they faced the barrel of the Ultimate Annihilator and were fired upon. Sonic was salvaged among the wreckage and given medical treatment but Robotnik wasn’t seen anywhere. Sally and Sonic were both in coma from different acts but Sally had awakened a mere forty-eight hours after.
Sonic wouldn’t.
Tails’ concentration had been broken when a hand graced his shoulder. He looked up to see his best female friends with smiles across their faces.
“Cream, Amy!” Tails exclaimed.
“How are you doing, Miles?” asked Cream.
“I’m okay, I still wished he’d wake up.” said Tails.
“He’s going to wake up in the nick of time.” said Amy, “You know how he is.”
“That’s sounds about right.” Tails realized.
“Things are going to be okay.” Cream comforted. Tails smiled and stood up from the branch.
“I think you should go on that mission Tails.” Amy said while standing up.
“Really?” asked Tails.
“Maybe Sonic will get angry and come running to protect you guys.” said Cream.
“I’ll go then!” Tails exclaimed. “Thanks guys. I’m gonna go tell Sonic!”
Tails flew off from the branch and back down to the hospital.
Amy and Cream leapt down from the treetops and before the princess.
“Good work girls.” said Sally. “I knew he’d agreed with one of his own.”
“No problem princess.” Amy said with disgust. “Glad we could be your puppets!”
“Amy!” Cream yelped.
“I think you should run along, girls.” Sally peacefully suggested.
“I swear Sonic’s gonna be mine one day!” Amy yelled with Cream pushing her down the path.
“Ugh… those girls are going to be trouble.” said Sally.
“Princess Sally!” yelled an accented voice. He ran to the princess and saluted and then stood at ease.
“Geoffrey St. John, how is the rebuilding work going?” asked Sally.
“We have about ninety percent of the work finished. Knothole will be all patched up in no time.”
“Are you serious?” Sally said impressed. “This speeds up our productivity greatly.”
“Sally are you well?”
“Excuse me.”
“It’s just I’ve seen you working nonstop and I’m merely concerned for your well-being.”
“Well, thank you Geoffrey but I know what you’re doing. I still love Sonic.”
The skunk laughed.
“I was only concerned princess.”
Geoffrey lightly pinched her chin just before smiling and walking away. Sally blushed a little bit and then continued her way. Sally turned back to her clipboard full of things to be done and checked off the rebuilding work. She looked around and for the first time she felt useless. Things were coming back to near normality without their ray of hope. She shook off the feeling flipped over a new paper. Atop the heading she wrote Project: Nicole – Robotropolis Invasion.

One Week Passes

“Well Sally Girl, I gotta say ya’ll put this plan together faster than five-legged sheep dog.” said Bunnie as she sat down next to her teammates.
“Well I haven’t really had anything to do since the work around here sped up. But trust me this is a full proof plan.”
“Are there going to be Su-wat bots?” asked Antoine nearly quivering in his chair.
“Yes, but we’re going to avoid them, hopefully.” said Sally.
“So what’s the goal this time?” asked Rotor.
“It’s a collection of microchips stored in the east sector of Robotropolis. They support certain imagery programs like on Nicole now but in much bigger forms.”
“This’ll be no sweat then.” Tails erupted from his chair with a huge smile on his face. This was the first time he had been in one of these meetings and couldn’t hold his excitement in any longer. “We’ll be up over and gone in no time!”
“That’s the spirit sweety-fox!” Bunnie cheered.
“Let’s do this Freedom Fighters.” said Sally.

Day passes and night falls over the city of Robotropolis. Stars could be seen through the light pollution in the sky as Sally leads her team through the streets.
“It’s quieter than a rooster at midnight.” whispered Bunnie.
“Oui, it is much too silent for any robots to be jerking about.” added Antoine while stiffening up.
A pipe clangs to the ground and Antoine is found in Bunnie’s capable arms – quivering.
“Relax Antoine, Tails was just kidding around right?” asked Sally.
“Yes.” Tails answered while kicking the pipe underneath pile of rubble.
“Good one!” added Rotor while shooting him the thumbs up.
The city was unusually quiet though. Usually a Swat-bot patrol would storm by or a hovercraft would be soaring through the air but this time was different. There were no swat-bots or security drones.
Robotropolis had died.
The freedom fighters had forgone their secrecy after their short travel into the city. They approached the factory and with Sally’s hand-held computer hacked a door open. The factory had been on pause. The swat-bots on the production line weren’t complete yet nor were there any security. Microchips ready for installation were in the line too when Sally grabbed a handful and threw them in her pack.
“You guys feel that.” asked Tails.
“Feel what sugah?” asked Bunnie.
“Is it Su-wat-Bots?” asked Antoine.
“No it’s hard to explain.” said Tails, “You mean you don’t feel it Rotor?”
“I have no clue what your talking about.” said Rotor.
“C’mon let’s go, Tails.” Sally demanded.
“Wait here! It’s calling me.” yelled Tails as he flew off into the sky. He soared over the huge egg shaped building the Robotnik had lived in. It was decimated into mechanical ruins and it was the place where Tails landed. He dug his hands into the scraps and kept fishing for what was calling to him. He picked up a piece twice as large as he was and then toppled it to the other side. It slammed on the other metallic pieces when it all collapsed. Tails had soared into the air out of fear but then saw the shine at the center of the collapse. He quickly dropped to the ground and picked up what was transmitting to him.
“A Chaos Emerald.” said Tails. It was the emerald without color – one of seven – and the reason Robotnik stopped chasing after the power stone. Tails flew back to his group in utter joy and showed it to Aunt Sally.
“Tails, do you know what this means?” asked Sally.
“We can wake up Sonic, if we gather all of the emeralds. Six more of these and fifty rings and he’ll hop out of his bed.”
“We can wake Sonic!” Sally exclaimed.

Four Years Ago

Tails was in his own workshop now – four times the size of Rotor’s workshop and a lot more organized. He was tinkering in a few machines when his only door quietly opened. The intruder silently snuck behind a machine when Tails turned around.
“Hello?” his voice was still the same tone. He was getting a lighter shade of brown and letting his hair grow a little bit. He turned back around to his machine and whisked his two tails around in excitement. The intruder leapt from behind the machine and felt the pain of slamming into a stool. Tails was shaking his head above his intruder with a smile on his face.
“You gotta do better than that if you’re going to scare me.” Tails uttered while getting his stool upright.
“Your getting good kid.” said Knuckles rising up from the floor. “What you workin’ on?” he asked.
“I got assigned to work on this new project for us. I heard it’s why you and your girlfriend had to move here.” said Tails leaping from the stool finished with his work.
“Yeah Princess wasn’t too descriptive in her letter.” added Knuckles. “What is this project anyway?”
“The Element Integration Application or EIA for short.” said Tails walking into a room. “It’s for seven hand-picked members of Princess Sally’s choice to be fused with the properties of the Chaos Emeralds. Ever since the seven chaos emeralds didn’t wake Sonic, we’ve figured out a new solution.”
“So what are you making? Some type of Hyper Knuckles or Turbo Tails.”
“Not exactly but you’ll see,” said Tails getting on a ladder and setting the machine on a shelf. “That’s the 72nd piece of the machine and only 963 more to go.”
“Well it’s not that far.” replied Knuckles. “C’mon you have to meet my girlfriend.”
“Okay, I could use a break.”
Tails and Knuckles leave the workshop but first detour to the hospital. Tails and Knuckles walk in to see a doctor checking Sonic’s clipboard before quietly leaving.
“He looks so peaceful.” said Knuckles. “It’s hard to believe someone as strong as him is reduced to one year of sleep.”
“Every night, before I go to sleep, I wish Sonic would wake up so we could have fun again.” Tails commented. “I hope he hears my wishes – each and all of them.”
“He does kid, and the first thing he’ll do is thank you for wishing him back.”
“Love you big bro!” Tails said while hugging his idol. He smiled and ran off with Knuckles not too far behind. They emerge out of the hospital and head to the largest building in knothole, Castle Acorn. They enter the non-extravagant castle and stand along with Amy and Cream. Shortly after the boys arrived Julie-Su came in and hugged Knuckles.
“Jules this is Tails, Tails Julie-Su.” Knuckles introduced.
“Aww your so cute!” Julie-Su said while hugging the fox. She was a pink echidna with nice brown eyes and wore a blue tunic and blue boots.
“Nice to meet a girl who can put up with Knuckles’ rage.” Tails joked.
“Don’t worry all the anger management he needs is right here.” she said while kissing her fists.
“Didn’t you throw a fit on your way here? And now that I think about it you have worse anger than I do!” Knuckles argued.
“So this is the Julie-Su.” said Sally as she entered the room. She greeted her with a handshake and then greeted Knuckles. “I’m glad you two could make it. I understand Julie-Su here is quite the mechanical genius.”
“Well I don’t want to toot my own horn but… toot!” she laughed along with Knuckles.
“Then I’m sure you won’t mind accompanying Tails and Rotor on our EIA project?” asked Sally.
“You mean this little fox here is your tech!? Wow I never would have guessed.”
“In the meantime, I’ve set up for the top woman in Knothole to train the next generation of females. Our brains and fighting styles should be passed on to the next age group.”
“So teach the li’l rascals, got it.” Julie summarized.
“I didn’t know about that.” Tails interjected.
“It was Geoffery St. John’s idea. He’s actually got some good ones.” Sally stated. “But let’s go ahead and start this meeting.”
In a matter of minutes Bunnie, Antoine, Rotor, Julie-Su, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, and the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters were lined up before Princess Sally.
“I’m glad all of you could make it, I know some had to travel great distances to make this important meeting. We’ve come up with the idea to utilize the Chaos Emeralds properties and fuse them with seven-hand picked ones. The others will undergo training and weapon skills to hone their already sterling techniques. I know you may ask why but the answer should be obvious. Sonic the Hedgehog is not at this meeting and won’t be due to medical circumstances. He was our villages’ ray of hope and its best warrior. He was a single ambassador to all of you and something more to me. We need to fortify our offenses and defenses in this time of need.”
Lupe, the leader of the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters stepped forward.
“We are willing to perform any task to give the Freedom Fighters a chance.” Lupe stated.
“I thank you and the rest for your support but there is also more to this meeting. About three weeks ago a message was sent to us via a letter. It came from the Overlander Ruins on the other side of the planet.”
The Freedom Fighter questioned among themselves.
“It read they needed help and shelter so I couldn’t just leave them there. There is one of them that had escaped a facility under governmental control. And the other didn’t really share their past. But I hope you will take them in and show them respect. Okay you can come on out.”
Stepping from behind Princess Sally was scantily clad anthropomorphic female bat. She waved to the crowd with a genuine smile and over abundant sex appeal. Knuckles eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw her but quickly realized Julie-Su’s gaze was upon him.
“Why don’t you just undress her right now?” she said obviously irate. “You’ve already done it here!” Julie-Su knocked the red echidna in the head and onto the ground.
“Jules.” Knuckles pleaded as she leaves.
“Everyone this is Rouge the Bat.”
“Hello everyone, thank you for taking us in. You have a beautiful way of… life out here in the forest.” she said not really happy about living in a hut.
“And this here is another hedgehog who goes by the name…” Sally said before interruption.
“Sonic!” Tails erupted. The young fox leapt through the crowd and stood before the black and red hedgehog.
“My name is Shadow.” he simply said.
“So-Shadow?” asked Tails
“He is the one who was imprisoned.” thought Tails.
“So while those two get acquainted with everyone I need to see the Wolf Pack about a mission.” commanded Sally.
The Wolf Pack greeted the two newcomers before following Sally in the back.
“Don’t know if you noticed, but this is freaky.” whispered Rotor to Bunnie and Antoine.
“He’s the spittin’ image of our old Sugah-hog.” Bunnie stated.
“And not only zat, but he looks like a tween of Sonic.” added Antoine.
“Well I don’t trust him.” Rotor stated.
“Well don’t jump off the saddle just yet, Rote, let’s find out what we can find out.” Bunnie commanded.
“Oui, he could be a hero of sum sort.” Antoine added. The meeting was adjourned after a few minutes and the Freedom fighters went to their quarters for sleep. Tails stood outside the hut for the two newcomers and was eagerly deciding to knock on the door.
“These people are so nice here, they just took us in. No questions asked.” Rouge said while folding a pair of black pants.
Shadow gave no response.
“Although I don’t like the hut living, a girl like me doesn’t enjoy camping trips twenty-four seven, ya know. But I have no room to complain, as long as it’s a roof over our heads.”
“Rouge.” Shadow called.
“What is it?”
“There is someone at the door.”
Tails knocked and was nervously awaiting an opened door.
“Hello cutie, something I could help you with?” Rouge asked while batting her gorgeous eyes.
“Umm… c-can I come in?” asked Tails. Rouge stepped aside and Tails walked in the center of the hut. He looked around and turned to look into Shadow’s eyes from across the room. They were filled with mystery and pain and something more when the closed door shattered his concentration.
“Hi, I’m Tails and I just wanted to welcome you guys to the village.” he explained.
“Aww how precious.” Rouge pressed against her chest and inadvertently directed Tails attention to her breasts. “My name is Rouge and dark and emotional over there is Shadow.”
“Hey, Sh-Shadow!” Tails greeted.
“What do you want, Tails?” asked Shadow. Tails paused.
“Umm… just saying hi.” Tails explained.
“Shadow show the kid some respect! He is after all the village genius around here.” Rouge demanded.
“Genius?” Shadow questioned.
“Yeah I’m working on a project that has to do with the Chaos Emeralds.”
“Emeralds?” Rouge questioned, “Like jewels, gems, diamonds, ruby’s sapphires and all that?” Rouge sporadically guessed.
“No Chaos emeralds, they have unimaginable power in them and were trying to put them into some of the villagers.” Tails explained.
“You know Tails, you are welcome at anytime to visit our hut.” Shadow generously stated.
“Yeah, anytime kid.” Rouge added while staring back at Shadow. “But for now I’m kicking you out, a girl’s gotta get her beauty sleep you know.” Rouge stated while pushing the fox out. “Goodnight Tails.”
Tails scurried away from the hut as Rouge turned to Shadow.
“What are you thinking?” she demanded. “I don’t want you messing up this time okay. The President said I’m here to watch you or kill you if you get out of line.”
“I’m not getting out of line Rouge.” Shadow stated while leaning back on his bed. “I’m only interested in the child.”
“Yeah right.” Rouge doubted.

Tails slammed into Amy and hit the ground hard.
“Tails!” Amy was shocked. “What are you doing out this late?”
“Me? What about you!” Tails shot back.
“I actually have a class with Master Sally and Master Bunnie.”
“Wait don’t you hate Aunt Sally?”
“Well of course I refused at first but she made me and offer…”
“What kind of offer?”
“Let’s just say it matures with time.”
“I have to go Tails, I can’t be late.” Amy scurried off through the huge trees and made her way back to Castle Acorn. She ran through the massive halls and then through the catacombs where she was directed to go. She came upon a room with two desks and a chalkboard in it. Princess Sally Acorn and Bunnie Rabbot were standing at the top of the class and in one of the desks was Cream.
“Let’s begin.”

The sun rose over the forest and was barely able to extinguish the fog on the ground. There were tales of past Knotholeans that said the fog brought eerie messages with each passing. Coincidently this day was one of them. Geoffrey St. John stood before the saddened Princess and Rabbot and their two pupils. Each of them hung their heads low as Cream tried to muffle her cries. Amy consoled her best friend but her own tears were falling swiftly too.
“My scouts confirmed… Robotropolis activated last night and roboticized the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters.”
“It’s my fault.” Sally said while breaking down. “I sent them in there.”
“Now, now Princess, it was out of our hands.” Bunnie consoled.
“If I may make a suggestion.” Geoffrey started. “These deaths should only strengthen our resolve. Robotnik has been in hiding for the past year which brings me to the conclusion that he is building something great. We need to hurry our projects up and forget Robotropolis invasions. We ready small armies, we gather freedom fighters from around the world, we band together. We fight for our right as Freedom Fighters and if we succeed. No! And when we succeed we hold that fat bastard in a cell deserving of his crimes.”
“Geoffrey?” Sally started.
“I want to help Knothole up, Princess. Can you stand with me?”

Three Years Ago

“Placing Yellow Chaos Emerald in appropriate slot.” started a female computer voice. “Adjusting wavelength and settings. Subject Miles “Tails” Prower is ready for assimilation.”
“I’m ready.” said Tails as his voice shook in the process.
“Go ahead Nicole.” Sally commanded. The familiar computerized voice was not a computer this time but an actual living being – so to speak. A Knothole resident volunteered to give up their body in order to be the foundation for Nicole. Her body was implanted with technology in order to project holorealmatic images of Nicole throughout Knothole. Tails was chained within a glass tube when a yellow light shined down upon him. The tube filled with electric sparks and brightened the entire room with light. The entire process lasted ten seconds. The chains attached to Tails wrists were liquefied as the tube opened.
“Two down, five to go.” said Nicole checking off Tails just below the pre-checked Sonic the Hedgehog. Sally emerged from out of Tails Workshop and saw the other five sitting on a bench awaiting the appointment.
“You’re next Knuckles.” Sally stated. Tails was helped out by two robin nurses and was walking past the next three in line.
“I’m having second thoughts now.” said Amy in her new and mature body. She looked about the same age as Sally and Sonic and the other older freedom fighters but her personality was still in the works. During her training she couldn’t keep up physically and just didn’t have coordination to follow Bunnie’s fighting regiments. Amy was then visited by a ninja and given a map to a precious stone outside of Knothole. The jewel granted a power of youth and age by a simple touch. Fortunately for the pink lady hog her body was aged five years older. Her adolescent eyes now stared at her best friend in the clutches of the nurses.
“Pain…” Tails mustered up a warning to those in line. Rouge looked over at Amy and Cream and sighed. They were shaking and trembling at the thought of their turn.
“This is going to be a long day.” she mumbled to herself. She crossed her arms and just happened to look to her left to see the black hedgehog walk into the room. “I guess showing up late is what you slackers love to do huh?”
Shadow sat down as if he never heard Rouge’s shrill comment. He had passed an out-of-it Tails and crossed his arms.
“It’s about time this day came.” he said.
“I know right, I’m so excited!” Cream exclaimed. “My mother told me I’ll be as strong as Princess Sally or maybe as strong as Madam Bunnie!”
“That’s impossible Bunnie is the strongest girl I know!” Amy shot back. Knuckles was assisted out of the room with Julie-Su under one arm. She was struggling but didn’t want any help from anybody. She couldn’t adjust to Knuckles weight or insurmountable temperature and dropped him to the floor.
“Oops.” said Julie-Su.
“Really Julie-Su? Littering?” Rouge smugly teased.
“Shut up you flying rat!” Julie shot back. Shadow grabbed Rouge’s arm before she could get up and kick her in the face. Shadow tugged again and sat the bat down in her chair.
“Their only words.” said Shadow.
“Yeah right…” she mumbled.

(Scene change)

Rotor was putting the finishing touches on a machine of Tails’ design. He stopped tinkering on the insides of a panel when he plugged up a few wires and screwed the panel back to the console.
“Now let’s get this baby running.” he said aloud. He threw a couple of switches and started to feel the fans of the machine cool the insides. The room was riddled with machinery stolen from Robotropolis and the add-ons to make it environmentally sound. The only real body of “Nicole” was synchronized with machines making her a Cyborg to an extent. She was, by her own voluntary action, no longer her own self but sacrificed her body for the villages sake.
“This is good.” Rotor thought, “Everything is working up to par. Now let’s see if I can get Nicole to come over here.”
A static image of Nicole was projected from the machine as Nicole stood before Rotor at attention.
“I am Nicole, overseer of Knothole Village, how may I assist you?” she said.
“Perfect. She’s finished.”

(Scene change)

Sally stood over the seven in the healing hut of the multitude of hospital huts. She was pleased with the scene as six of them were groaning in pain. They had natural elements mixed with chaos energy in them. The amount of chaos energy they had was a natural thing given to them at birth. Sonic had the most with Tails close behind and Knuckles in close third. Sally examined Shadow’s chart and then looked at the black hedgehog who was unusually calm. There were stats on the sheet that read general listings when Sally lowered the clipboard.
“You have so much Chaos Energy nearly double of what Sonic had.” Sally started.
“Back in the Overlander ruins I was freed from a lab. My guess is I was studied and tested upon.”
“This is definitely abnormal, but then again everything is abnormal from you.”
said Sally as Shadow rolled his eyes. “I never really got to thank you for saving this village this past year now. You just got dove right in and defended us against Robotnik’s attacks.”
“Please I don’t need your empty gratitude.” Shadow pushed away. Geoffrey St. John entered into the hut with a bouquet of roses behind his back.
“Geoffrey, what are you doing here? I thought you weren’t coming back for another week?” Sally interrogated between hugs.
“I needed to see my lady. The fellas fully understood my love.” Geoffrey shot back while handing her the roses.
“They’re beautiful.” she said while smelling them.
“I can think of something more fancy.” Geoffrey said while staring into Sally’s eyes; his small British accent helping his game. “What do you say to dinner on the treetops tonight?”
“I… I can’t.” Sally visibly upset. “I’m going to be busy tonight.”
“OH I see,” Geoffrey now upset. “That’s what I get for dropping in unannounced.”
“At least you see the mistake you’ve made.” Shadow chimed in. He was entertained by the soap opera before him. He stood from the bed and made his way to the exit when he was stopped.
“Shadow!” Tails sprang from his bed. Shadow looked over and stopped.
“Where ya going?” asked Tails.
“To be alone.”
“Oh…” Tails started, “Well you don’t have to be. We could go try out our new abilities. We could train together, like we always do.”
“About that…” Shadow started, “that’s not happening anymore. I’ve let you get to close as it is. I think you’re mature enough to handle disappointment especially with that brother you said had died.”
“Shadow, what are you saying?”
“I’m saying,” Shadow laughed, “Catch me if you can.”
Shadow held out his hand and then flicked Tails in the forehead.
“Shadow’s Faint.” he said.
Tails grew fatigued and slammed back down into the bed.

Tails awoke. He was the last that did and was confused about his recent dream. All he could remember were Shadow’s words: “Catch me if you can”. He stormed out of bed and out of the hut. It was nighttime and no one was out or anything. It was pretty late by Knothole standards so Tails decided to go back to his lab and catch some more rest. He headed there when he saw a ninja slowly climb out of the entryway.
“Hey what are you doing?!” Tails yelled. The ninja perked up and tried to hurry his efforts but was fatigued. Tails ran up to the ninja and grabbed him by the arm when an electrical shock burst through the fox’s body. The ninja looked down at Tails as he headed away from the lab. Tails climbed into the lab and couldn’t go any further. He rested on the floor as electricity jolted over his body. He closed his eyes very slowly. He could see the dreams off in the distance and was gliding toward ever so swiftly. His eyes shut and then popped open from a huge blast.
It was daylight and screaming villagers were heard through every hut.
Tails leapt from the lab and looked to his left to a streak of silver and red blast through a section of Knothole. Tails looked at his hands and saw the electricity going through them. He took off toward that direction and then landed in the west remains of Knothole Village. He helped up mostly injured villagers when at the corner of his a silver and red streak occurred again and section of the forest was decimated. Tails faced the destruction and then looked back at the village. They were all amuck in the situation. Crisis had struck Knothole yet again and this time it was on Tails shoulders.
“I can’t do this alone.” said Tails. “I need help.”
As if on cue Amy dropped from the treetops and landed next to Tails.
“Miles what’s going!?” she questioned.
“C’mon Amy!” he yelped. They bolted through the Knothole and gathered Knuckles, Cream, Rouge, Antoine, Bunnie, and Sally. They all were gathered in short amounts of time when a silver streak passed directly through the center of Knothole. The castle and huge huts were sliced in pieces as the eight Freedom Fighters turned to see the cause.
“Shadow!” Tails yelled.
“Shadow what are you doing!?” yelled Rouge. “This was not part of the plan!”
“I’ll stop him!” yelled Knuckles. He leapt toward Shadow with his fists full of fire. He blasted it toward the hedgehog but it didn’t do a thing.
“The Chaos Emeralds.” Amy spoke up. They were swirling around Shadow as he took off the veil of chaos energy around him.
“Sacre Blue! He ees going to destroy zees whole place!” yelled Antoine.
“I won’t let that happen!” Tails yelled. He charged up electricity in his body and pointed his hand in the shape of a gun toward Shadow. He clutched his wrist and started yelling when A bolt of electricity surged over Shadow and engulfed most of the forest behind him. Tails fell to his knees as Shadow merely cleared his throat.
“Are you done yet?” asked Shadow in a double octave voice. The power of the emeralds was surging through his massive chaos energy.
“Why are you doing this shadow?!” Cream said through tears.
“Isn’t it obvious?” he answered. “I’m power hungry! The EIA only granted me a sip compared to the gulps of power the emeralds are giving me.”
“So you’re not crazy just stupid.” Sally remarked. Shadow appeared choking Sally within his grip. She clutched his wrists trying to stop him when she went unconscious instantly.
“Sally girl!” yelled Bunnie. Shadow slammed her into the ground as he rose to the sky.
“I’m going to test my ability and kill each and everyone of you slowly.” Shadow said.
“No…” Amy pleaded. “Don’t do that.”
Shadow faded back to his normal hue of black and red as the emeralds descend back into real space and time.
“My power!” Shadow yelled. “My power!”
The emeralds turned bright versions of their color and blasted into the sky. They arched their separate ways and scattered themselves into the planet Mobius.
Knuckles slammed his fist into Shadow as he was sent flying into the forest.
“I’m gonna make you pay ten fold!” Knuckles yelled. Knuckles chased after him with Tails just behind him. Shadow got to his feet when a flame surrounded him.
“Wait.” said Tails. “I need to know.”
Shadow smiled not in fear of the flames encircling him.
“C’mon, humor me kid.”
“Tails! You better let him have it!” Knuckles went on the offensive.
“All this time, I thought you were my brother, and you betray the village and your friends. How could you!?”
“That’s the thing you ignorant mutant scavenger, everyone is a pawn in this game. I was only after the emeralds, like I always have been. How else would the world’s ultimate life-form keep going. I’ve been doing this since beginning-less time and will keep until I’ve had my fill. Our friendship was only a construction. Nothing more and certainly something less.”
Tails cried insufferable tears. He had been manipulated and his faith in comrades has been completely shaken. First his true brother leaves him through sleep and now a new friend shoves betrayal in his lap. This was the moment Tails had changed; his foundation now withstood a massive figurative earthquake. Tails collapsed onto the forest floor with Knuckles taking aim at Shadow. The black hedgehog simply disappeared by way of his newfound ability.
Knothole village had suffered incomplete destruction, again.

Two Years Ago

“Wake up.”
Sonic lay peacefully in his bed for the past three years. Unaware of the difficult changes bestowed to his village he would wake to a new life. The hedgehog’s arms were at his side over comfortable covers and blankets with a puberty-stricken fox sitting in a chair across the room.
“Wake up.”
Tails was now wearing clothes because of the new law passed within knothole. Apparently, a few baboons went a little too far in their re”butt”al. (sorry, had to). All villagers were strongly urged to put on clothes or face jail time. Of course, this was history to Tails but new information to a waking Sonic the Hedgehog. Tails stood up and then slowly approached the bed.
“Sonic?” he asked with hope. The blue hedgehog merely turned over in the bed and got comfortable.
Tails let tears well up in his eyes and he slammed his fists on the bed rail.
“Wake up!” Tails yelled. “I need you, now more than ever! The village is lost without you and we haven’t fully recovered from the Shadow attack. I thought you would be here by now but you’re not! You’ve forgotten about Aunt Sally and you’ve forgotten about me! I trust you and look what it got me! Pain and heartache! But you don’t care… you’re just going to be the know-it-all you always were! I hate you! I swear to the master emerald that you did this on purpose! You don’t even know what I had to go through… without you…”
Tails turned around to see Amy in the doorway.
“Tails.” Amy said, while holding a flower. She came in everyday to change Sonic’s bedside flower and kiss him on the forehead. This time she would have a visitor.
“This is the first time you’ve been in here… in how long?”
“You heard all of that didn’t you? I don’t care it needed to be said.”
“It’s been long enough without him Tails, don’t blame him for this it’s actually a miracle when you think about it; a living preservation.”
“Yes, Tails.
“He’s dead to me.”
The ground started rumbling violently. Everyone was questioning what was occurring. The seismograph in Rotor’s lab was going off the charts as he pinpointed the epicenter at the same time. He ran out of the lab and started yelling out words no one wanted to hear.
“Evacuate the village!” yelled Rotor. The walrus was on his way toward the castle while yelling the warning. The village was still in the Great Forest but in another secluded part. Since shadow destroyed most of Knothole they had to move on as refugees. The citizens of Knothole had just settled in to life when this earth rumbling event started to happen. Rotor slammed into the biggest hut and saw Sally and Geoffrey scrambling around.
“Rotor, what is going on?” asked Sally.
“Something big is going down in Robotropolis. I think it’s happening again.” Rotor guessed.
“Nicole!” Sally yelled.
The holorealmatic lynx appeared with no worry across her face.
“Follow Rotor’s instructions and get everyone to the hideaway bunkers in lower Mobius.”
“As you wish Sally.”
Multiple Nicole’s appeared in and around Knothole’s temporary setting. She was swiftly directing villagers out of the village and into the great forest. The brave and enduring villagers had gone through a drill six months ago to leave their possessions behind and only take their family. Within the Great Forest was a well but not for water purposes. It was a tunnel underneath the decoy for evacuation purposes. The villagers got to the tunnel and dove right in. They slid down for what seemed to be minutes and slid into a huge bunker. They gathered those close to them and proceeded to a heavy door on the other side. Beyond the door was an underground village. The last time they saw Knotholeans was when Sonic, Sally, and Antoine had to escape swat bot assault. There they met a goat named Griff who helped them out and took them to safety in Lower Mobius. Now the whole village of knothole was in danger.
Lower Mobius was getting packed with animals as the rumbling was less ominous in the catacombs. Tails and Amy were some of the last ones to hear the warning so they got to alert the hospital and get nurses, doctors, and patients out of there. Being pushed within his bed Amy and Tails were practically stumbling toward the well.
“Take him!” commanded Amy. She jumped on the front part of the bed as Sonic catapulted into the air. Tails reacted and caught him in mid flight.
“I’ll seal us in! Get to safety!” Amy yelled.
“Amy no!” Tails pleaded.
“Don’t worry, Tails I know I’m going to be okay.”
Tails trusted those words and flew threw the forest at blinding speed. He circled over the well and landed at its brim. He Sonic at the edge and gently shoved him down the hole. He blasted to the treetops, his two tails whirring behind him, and he got to see the horizon and the horrible sight coming toward him.
Robotropolis was expanding.
The sky was littered with dirigibles with huge roboticizing machines attached at their bottoms. Robotnik was making his dream come true. Tails started to dart toward the enemy when saw Amy scurry to the well. He sighed and headed back with his friend.
“Tails, is Sonic okay?”
“Nevermind him, we need to get to Lower Mobius now!”
“Tails, what’s going on?”
“Robotnik is the source of this; he’s expanding Robotropolis!”
Amy’s face went pale as the rumbling continued to get worse.
“Get in the hole!” Tails demanded.
“Are we going to survive?”
“Maybe. Get in the hole.”
Amy jumped into the tunnel as Tails pulled a lever within the well. The fox jumped into tunnel as the well slid over it. Many doors closed behind the fox as he made his descent.

One Year Ago

A golden yellow fox was perusing through the new compound of the villages estate. A nonchalant look draped across his face but on the inside he was happy. Knothole was no more. That name had been through the ringer with destruction and obliteration synonymous with it. Things were different now. The two tailed fox, with an extra two sprouting from his underside, was carefully observing the finishing touches on the new village. He never knew how profound a life lesson could actually be.
Out with the old, in with the new.
With death there is life.
Each generation must surpass the next.
He was seeing this for the first time in a long time. The villagers of the former Knothole had all become professionals at rebuilding and refurbishing and with Nicole pointing the way this time things would have a technological touch. The golden fox let out a rare smile and proceeded to the high tenements of Castle Acorn. He walked through the huge doors of the castle and noticed the whole crew was there.
“Tails! There you are!” Amy noticed. “We need you to fly these banners over those railings.”
As quickly as the pink hedgehog explained it Tails was coming in for a smooth landing.
“It’s amazing how fast you’ve become.” Cream complemented.
Tails nodded.
“Yeah he’s as fast ol’ sugah-hog used to be.” said Bunnie.
“No no, I am thinkeeng he is even faster than that blue fool.”
“Wow Antoine you’ve really come along on those English lessons.” Rotor shot out while handing Sally a few schematics.
“Yes. We’ve all had time to regroup ever since Robotnik launched his spread. At least, we’ve had some good out of it too.” said the princess.
“And still the best is yet to come, my love.” said Geoffrey St. John, while lugging in some cases. He kissed the chipmunk he was courting on her cheek. “We should be back to normality within the next three months. New Mobotropolis will be the apple of Mobius’ eye.”
“Ugh.. I swear he ees more annoying than a toad.” Antoine mumbled.
“Now now Antoine, hold ya’ll tongue.” Bunnie mumbled back.
“I am sorry my cherie amour.” Antoine shot back in his native tongue.
“Nicole, what’s our status?” asked Sally. The holorealmatic lynx blinked before her owner and bowed.
“We are ahead of schedule as usual. Our sentry’s outside of Robotropolis have reported no activity from Robotnik for the past month.”
“He’s up to something again.” stated Tails. “We need to prepare the city.”
“All defensive and offensive preparations are complete Tails. We are fully aware of any attack Robotropolis tries.”
“Still, I don’t want for New Mobotropolis to go up in flames.” said Tails.
“And it won’t.” said Sally. “You guys can take the rest of the day and finish up some training, since my big guy here is worried.”
“That sounds entertaining.” Tails perked up.
The Freedom Fighters met outside of Castle Acorn in the courtyard. Tails was looking over his team as he always had before each session.
“Ugh… with Knuckles gone no one can out muscle Rotor, and Rouge’s leaving left Amy alone too.
“Okay, today we’re going to pair up.” said Tails. “Amy versus Me. Bunnie versus Cream. Antoine versus Rotor. The goal is contain your enemy. Begin.”
Amy lunged toward Tails and a quick speed. She slammed her hand into the ground before Tails as he leapt into the air. Amy crouched down and leapt into the air and tackled Tails. Together they tumbled through the air and slammed into the forest outside of the city. A couple trees were split down the middle as they recompose themselves just a few feet apart.
Bunnie reeled that fearsome left hand back lashed it toward Cream. The smaller rabbit jumped and let out her ears. She glided up on an air current as she directed her arms toward her master. Bunnie Rabbot was being paralyzed by Cream’s attacks and was struggling to break free. Cream landed on the ground and started to lift her higher when Bunnie’s arm folded back and a sticky bomb launched from her elbow. Cream was hit with the residue and lost her hard-to-control ability.
“Cheese!” she yelled. The hero chao appeared from the sky and swooped in to push Bunnie out of the way.
Antoine fended of another missile from Rotor’s rocket launcher. They had made their way outside of the city into the riverside. Rotor had the mechanical advantage with his rocket boots, missile launcher, and machine guns; all Antoine had was the sword in his hands and the sheath on his hip. Another sticky-grade missile came Antoine’s way when he sliced right through it. Rotor was atop the small rocky waterfall when he started to reload. He looked down at Antoine and then to his ammo when he heard the coyote getting closer. He barely had time to dodge when Antoine’s blade came across the missile shell. The royal guard leapt from harms way as the shell exploded in the pink goo. Rotor was covered in the stuff when it hardened.
“Eet seems I am victorious.” Antoine said whilst his accent faded.
“Cheater.” Rotor mumbled.
Amy was evading small lightning strikes through the trees. She had a nearly four-tailed fox on her back and was trying all she could to evade. She smashed through a tree as it started to fall. Tails had to change course several times because of the toppling trees. The fox got his footing when a stone flew through the air. He noticed it at the peak of its trajectory and started to charge up a blast. Amy ran up and noticed Tails’ palm was in her face.
“Vey good Amy.” said Tails. He had a fist on his chain with an arrogant smile across just above.
“Now if you’ll excuse me.” she said. She blinked in front of Tails and simply pushed the boulder away as it got close. It slammed onto forest floor as wood shards soared across the jungle.
“C’mon let’s see how the others did.” Amy suggested. She was carried with Tails’ capable hands over the city of New Mobotropolis.
Cheese was tuckered out and on the ground. He was a little chao and didn’t have much energy after eating the bean burrito Cheese fed him. Bunnie was leaping from roof to roof just outside of Cream’s small range. Bunnie leapt into the air and down into flower fields. Cream glided across the field and got Bunnie within her grasp. The cyborg was flung across the field with a young bunny close behind. Cream got Bunnie with her control and started pressing down. Bunnie built up her strength and overpowered the control. In turn Cream was repelled against her will and back into the surrounding houses.
“This oughta do it.” said Bunnie. She blasted another bomb after the young Bunnie but didn’t realize what she had until it was airborne.
Cream was within the walls of her own house. The kitchen was practically destroyed but the look upon her mothers face was one of pity. She put the dish she was holding back into the sink and helped up her only child.
“C’mon let’s get you cleaned up.” said Vanilla. A poison gas bomb slammed into the wall behind Cream and filled the house with seconds. Bunnie came rushing in after her own work. She was already full of tears as she used her jacket as a sloppy breathing device.
“Cream!” her muffled yells fill her leather jacket.
“Over here!” yelled Vanilla. The purple gas cleared just a little bit. The two ladies were among the debris with Vanilla’s apron across Cream’s mouth.
“Get her out of here!” yelled Vanilla. Bunnie grabbed Cream in her arm and Vanilla in the mechanical arm. She got them both out of there and into clear air.
“Mother!” Cream yelled. Vanilla was set down among the flowers as Cream knelt over top of her.
“Are you okay?” asked Cream.
“I’ll get her to the hospital.” said Tails.
“Is she gonna be okay?” asked Cream.
“Of course, she is.” said Amy. “C’mon we’re going to meet Tails there.”
Bunnie eyes were full of tears. They ran and flew of in such a hurry they didn’t even want to hear Bunnie’s side. Not yet.

“I- I don’t know what to say!” Sally exclaimed.
“Say yes.” said Geoffrey St. John.
“Yes.” said Sally.
The burly skunk slipped an expensive diamond over Sally Acorns finger. They were engaged. The only witnesses were Rotor and Nicole who were helping Sally with a few construction plans.
“Congratulations you two.” he said. “I always wanted to see you two together.”
“Sally St John has a nice ring to it does it not.” the skunk said between kisses.
“Oh Geoffrey, we have to get started with the wedding; the invitations, guest list, a location, flowers, my family has to be here, all this has to be done.”
“And it is.” said Nicole blinking in between the two. “I’ve already gathered a suitable list and an appropriate location. I trust you’ll like what I’ve chosen.”
“As prepared as ever Nicole.” said Sally.
“My jacket size is a 44 and my right arm is just a little bit longer than my left.” said Geoffrey as the ladies head back to Sally’s quarters.
“All according to plan my good walrus.” said the skunk.
“Yes your Kingliness.” said Rotor.

Present Day

“After the engagement happened Cream tried to kill Bunnie for the death of her mother. We were all faced with a decision and decided to sentence Cream to some time away from New Mobotropolis. A month later Sally and Geoffrey married and Antoine and Bunnie confessed their love for each other. Six months later you came back into the picture.” Tails explained.
His best friend was sitting before him pondering over the story Miles Prower just revealed to him. Things went into a downward spiral from the infinite sleep Sonic received. Knothole lost. Robotropolis expanded. Knuckles moved on. Cream went dark. Shadow betrayed. Geoffrey stole Sally. Amy grew up.
Tails lost himself.
The blue hedgehog known as Sonic lifted his hands from the pile of junk. Tails was no longer being vacuumed within the scraps. Sonic leapt down onto the ground and stood with his head to the sky. Tails brushed himself off after escaping the mechanical debris. He was internally injured but dared not to show it. He slid down the pile and landed feet from the hedgehog.
“I’m not going to go any further with this Tails.” Sonic stated. “You’ve really had to fight. I’m responsible for everything and that Shadow is definitely going to pay!”
“What are you doing?” he asked with skepticism. He folded his arms and shifted his weight.
“I’m making up this time I’ve lost. I need to get Cream to a resolve. I need to catch Shadow. I need to patch things up with my best friend. I need to… stop Robotnik. I gotta stop Robotnik.”
“You think doing that will get you some resolution?” Tails scoffed. “You can’t sum up five years of struggle in this short amount of time. You don’t realize what you have to do if this going to happen, which it won’t.”
“You gotta stop being so negative, big guy. I’m going to solve all of these problems.”
“Yeah right.” said Tails.
“I see things are going to be tough with you.” said Sonic. “C’mon, we’re getting the team. First we’re going to find Shadow.”
“And what about the mission in progress?” Tails shot back.
“You ended it remember! And besides I don’t think your fit to be leader… especially with that temper you’ve got.”
Tails growled but quickly covered it up.
“Told ya.” said Sonic.

Sorry for the huge delay but I hope you enjoyed this explanatory chapter. The next arc will definitely keep you glued to your computer screens. And I promise no more two month delays… lol…
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