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9. Everybody Stand Back! Nobody Try to Help Me!

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Sonic 51 #9

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Sonic and Amy had found the Roboticizer building 39 on the map. They used tunnel after tunnel to make their envoy there but it was still a ways away.
“I can’t stay cooped up in here, I have to get Rouge out of here.” Sonic exclaimed visibly frustrated.
“Sonic don’t stress yourself.” Amy pleaded, “you can--”
“I can’t Amy, the last time someone was sent to the roboticizer, I didn’t get them out in time. And now Bunnie has to live with my mistake. And Sally had been captured and faced robotization, but through blind luck did she escape.” Sonic explained. “Everyone but me is suffering my mistakes which are too many to count. I’m not going to play this one by the rules. Sonic Tornado!”
The blue hedgehog erupted into the grey polluted sky. He could see Robotropolis for miles – All covered by machines and pollution. He looked into the city schematic further and saw what Amy pointed out on the map.
“Sonic! Oh that spiky-haired…” Amy mumbled as she ran off into the tunnel.
“Sonic Gust.” he thought. He launched down toward building 39 with the wind shaped into an arrow. He smashed into the metal siding and burst through it cleanly. Sonic tumbled through empty halls with empty jail cells on the right. There wasn’t much of a need for jail since the roboticizer became online twenty years ago. These were just holding cells until the roboticizer and its workers were ready. Swat-bots rolled onto the floor and took aim at the blue hog. Their lasers fired and nullified against the cement flooring. Next thing they knew they were on the ground and dismantled from a Sonic Wind attack. Sonic found a directory on the wall where the roboticizing room was. He was going to check there for Rouge and span his way around the holding cells. He made tight turns and edged corners at lightning fast speed when he got to the rooms entry way.
“Sonic!” yelled Rouge while detained within a thick Plexiglas tube. She banged on it as Sonic noticed the swat-bot about to throw the switch.
The swat-bot stared at Sonic for what seemed like for ever and hit the switch anyway. A blue light started to shine from the top of the tube as Rouge looked. It flashed a couple of times when it stopped in its progress. Sonic stood alone in the room with mangled swat-bots around the floor. He pressed a button on the control panel and got Rouge from within the glass.
“Thanks hun, you really know how to sweep a girl off of her feet.” Rouge said after a kiss on Sonic’s cheek.
“You’re wrong, I failed.” said Sonic while reaching for Rouge’s hair.
A single lock had been clipped by the roboticizer making it a strand of metal and plastic. Rouge clutched it as she looked into the tubes glare.
“Master are you okay?” asked Amy entering the room following the sounds of her hammer clashes.
“Sonic got me out in time but they managed to get a piece of me.” said Rouge nonchalantly. She didn’t care if she had been graced she just wanted her freedom.
“It looks cute!” said Amy complimenting Rouge’s new hair accessory. “Now you and Julie-Su are sisters.”
“Spare me the agony, child.” Rouge began.
“You sure you’re okay with this?” Sonic chimed in.
“I’m fine, all I ask is that we get away from this place. And you owe me big time hedgehog; I’m talking a huge gem the size of both your heads.”

“Nicole.” said the Queen walking into a laboratory. The holorealmatic lynx was in the center of a huge glass room. Above and below her were huge sensors that were in sync with Nicole’s mind. The Queen stood outside of the glass and felt the slickness when another image appeared behind her.
“I’m sorry I didn’t come when you called earlier.” Nicole stated.
“It’s fine I’d rather talk to you here anyway.” said Sally.
“Then what are you here to discuss.” said Nicole.
“I want to know how the mission is going with Sonic and the Freedom Fighters.” she asked.
“I am not able to personally visit them without putting New Mobotropolis in danger.” started Nicole as Sally grew saddened. “But I will see what calls I can make in order to reach them. I’m sure Bunnie has her communications systems on this time.”
“Thank you Nicole.” started Sally. “You are the only one I can trust with my requests recently.”
“Recently?” asked Nicole.
“Yes, I fear something is going on within the politics of New Mobotropolis. There is talk among the advisory that kingdom power should be set aside and a council to take its place.
“History books tell us that in order to change or alter governmental stability something unstable must happen.”
“I also think many of the subjects are planning a coup d’état to overthrow King St. John and I.”
“Corruption among the clean is never good.” said Nicole guessing to what Sally is to say next.
“I want you to record conversations within and around the palace to pinpoint the actions of this suspected rebellion.” Sally demanded.
“But what about the laws I am tied to.” asked Nicole.
“That’s the reason I’m here, I’m breaking some of your moral ethics data to fulfill this assignment for me.” Sally explained.
“I am forever loyal to the Acorn Crown.” said Nicole. “I will take this information to the recycling bin if I have to.”
“Thank you Nicole.” Sally granted.
“We have a visitor.” Nicole started. “Be ready for attacks from both sides.” The Lynx blinked away and then appeared at the city’s northern gate. She awaited the visitor who was on the edge of the horizon and slowly closing in. It was a single creature with three flying companions above her shoulders. By way of a long walk she stopped in front of Nicole and gave that same annoyed look.
“I need a place to stay.” said Cream.
“Go back into standby mode.” said Nicole to her other clones stationed at the city’s defenses. The Nicole standing at the gate, however, stepped to the side and showed the young rabbit in.
“I will direct you to your quarters.” said Nicole.

“Ya know Tails,” started Knuckles. “You shouldn’t be too hard on Sonic. He’s had it rough the past couple of days.”
Tails was silent.
They were walking the underground tunnels back to the meeting place from Central Command. There they faced to much security to mount any type of attack with their lives not being in jeopardy. So they stopped to think about things and decided to turn back.
“Tails! Are you going to say anything?” asked Knuckles while clutching his shoulder.
“No.” said Tails. “Why should I?”
“The guy took you in and gave you shelter. You would still be on West Island if not for him. He trained you, made you his brother and now you spit in his face.”
“And then he leaves me! I had to protect the Knothole, I had to fight off Shadow, I have to deal with Robotnik. How am I supposed to take all of this on at once?!” Tails exclaimed.
“Because…” started Knuckles, “He thought you were strong enough.”
“You’re giving that hog too much credit.” Tails brushed off. They approached the meeting place and found the other three there waiting impatiently.
“Bout time you guys got back.” started Sonic, “It’s juice and jam time now!”
“Yeah!” started Amy, “Rouge figured out to disable the swat-bot hover traffic which increases our chances of surface walking to 60 percent.
“Rouge.” started Knuckles, “You’ve got a piece of junk in your hair. What’d you do? Go trash diving?”
“Umm… funny story ya see.” Rouge started.
“What happened?” asked Tails.
“Well what had happened was…” Rouge started.
“It was the hedgehog wasn’t it?” Tails suspected.
“No no, it wasn’t his fault!” Rouge went on.
Tails went to clutch Sonic by his throat when he quickly moved out of the way.
“You got Rouge roboticized!?” Tails erupted with electricity sparking from his golden fur.
“She said she’s okay with it and Rouge is fine after all.” Sonic reasoned.
Tails lashed out a huge surge of electricity and shot at where Sonic used to be.
“Bout time!” Sonic said taking command of the battle. “Everybody stand back! Nobody try to help me!”
“Sonic… Tails… no.” Amy uttered.
“The mission is off. Everyone return home except you hedgehog.” commanded Tails.
“You can’t do this Miles!” yelled Knuckles backing Tails away from Sonic.
“If you get in my way I will kill you too.” Tails bluntly stated. Knuckles clinched his fist and started to raise it but looked back into Sonic’s eyes.
“Get out of here Knux, I’ll be fine.” said Sonic.
Sonic and Tails appeared on the surface of Robotropolis grounds underneath a blanket of pollution. The setting was near perfect to Sonic and Tails. Their relationship had become jumbled and mixed up. It came down to a trading of blows to bring out their true nature.
Sonic had known this since he saw Tails after his coma.
“Before we do this Miles, I need to know.” Sonic started before wiping his eyes of tears. He was about to fight his best friend. “Do you hate me?”
Tails smiled and surged his electricity.
“No.” said Tails.

Shadow landed on top of the highway bridge mounts and overlooked Station Square. This was the first place he went after Robotnik released him into the world. now that that wish has been fulfilled Shadow could do what he wanted. His thirst for power has made him into a formidable warrior and even more dangerous ally. He stood holding his only two Chaos Emeralds in his hands. Their beauty never ceased to amaze him because of the hidden amounts of power within their crystal exterior. He channeled his Chaos Energy and stored them within that invisible force.
“I need to find the other five.” Shadow thought. “I know Knuckles and Tails, each have one but they are traveling together now. I need a new approach to gather the other unknown four.”
Shadow slid down the bridges cables and started to progress down the highway. He stopped in the middle of the road and looked both ways.
“Where is this guy?” he thought.
A car was seen in the distance as swiftly pulled up to Shadow. An anthropomorphic hawk got out of the backseat and pulled a package from his wayside.
“I’m sorry you weren’t able to meet him in person since he is a busy man but rest assured you will speak with him.” the hawk reassured while handing Shadow the package. The hawk scampered over to the car and back into his seat.
“This meeting never happened.” the hawk demanded before shutting the car door.
Shadow mugged the car as it slowly got onto the road.
“Chaos Snap!” he thought. The car’s left quarter exploded with Chaos energy and flipped over the low point of the bridges dipping cables. It smashed into the water extinguishing the small flames on the car. Shadow turned the other way and continued walking while opening the package. He ripped the small box open when a phone slid from the inside. He opened it and searched the contacts to see only a name available. He selected the call button and shortly after a deep monotone voice answered.
“Good to hear from you shadow.” the contact greeted.
“I hear you can get me more Chaos Emeralds.” started Shadow.
“You can get them when you complete your assignments.”
“I told you I only work for me.” Shadow shot back.
“Then I guess these emeralds will just sit here and collect dust. You’ve wasted my time.” said the contact while inching his phone away.
“Wait.” began Shadow. “What do I have to do?”
“Good.” said the other. “I need you to be completely loyal if I can trust you.”
“You can trust me.”
“Good. You will receive your assignment in one hour. Make your way to the remains of the Great Forest and await a phone call. And thanks for saving me the trouble of killing my messenger; bullets are so expensive these days.”
Shadow cringed from his words as the contact hung up. He clamped down on the phone just before putting it into his pocket. The black hedgehog walked still in the night just before he vanished by means of Chaos Control.

“So Shadow is the one responsible for your home damages.” started Queen Sally.
“Yes your highness, My chao and I are in need of shelter and this is the only I could turn to.” Cream explained.
“Don’t worry Cream, I’ll make sure New Mobotropolis makes you feel at home.”
“Thank you Queen Sally. You have shown me the same respect and kindness that I truly need.” Cream said with a bow.
“I want all people under my rule to be treated as such.
“Don’t you mean my rule?” asked Geoffrey St. John, King of New Mobotropolis.
“Yes My lord, I meant your rule, even though I had been the princess for so long.” Sally shot back with a little sarcasm. The King laughed.
“You’re always cuter with an angered look across your brow.” Geoffrey stated while caressing her arm. Sally batted him away.
“Thanks, Cream, come back if you need anything else.” said Sally. Cream exited the palace when Sally confronted the King.
“Why can’t you stop acting like a love-hungry skunk and straighten up?” asked an annoyed Sally.
“Well why can’t you stop trying to undermine my authority and give Nicole ethical freedom?” he countered.
Sally pressed back into her chair. The King got up from his and started to put his hands at his back.
“I can’t let you do this to me in these troubling times darling.” he started, “I know you fear rebellion at the door and to be honest I do too. Don’t bring Nicole into this; she is the city’s sole protector, if the public were to find out…”
“Yeah I know she could face deactivation.” Sally recited.
“What has gotten into you as of late.” started Geoffrey.
“There have just been rumors and evidence is pointing me to--”
“Sally girl, calm down. What you need is rest and relaxation; the King is going to handle political squabbles of that nature and sort. Tomorrow you take the day off and get yourself pampered.”
“I guess I can do that.”
“Charming then.”
“Thanks for cheering me up, King St. John.”
“You’ve got that look in your eye…”
The skunk whisked Sally off of her feet and into his capable hands. They proceeded to their quarters and weren’t seen the rest of the rest of the night.

Tails hit the ground from a Mach 1 punch. The hedgehog wasn’t holding back at all. He was coming at all angles at every second knocking Tails near senseless.
“Magna Fox: Endure.” thought Tails. Sonic threw a fist into Tails’ stomach when the pain turned into electricity. Sonic struck a few more times when Tails gained his footing.
“Magna Fox: Release!” he yelled. Lightning directly blasted into Sonic and stopped his speed. He tumbled to the ground across the dusty ground and into a pile of junk.
“Electric Tails.” he yelled. The junk all started to crunch in together when huge sparks burst from the pile. Tails smirked a bit when Sonic landed on him and threw down a huge wind enhanced punch to nothing.
“He’s learned how to channel his attacks better.” Tails thought. Sonic sped over to the evading Tails and prepared a Sonic Wind attack. He missed and ended up slashing through multiple buildings. Tails had disappeared in the debris of the attack and landed on a taller building overlooking Sonic’s recent damages. His finger was pointed at the blue blur like a gun as he uttered Lightning’s Tail.
The hand in the shape of a gun charged a small ball of lightning and then blasted a huge amount of electricity down to the battlefield. A section of Robotropolis had been reformatted to look like a crater by means of Tails attack. Tails smiled over his destruction and stood up. He saw the smoke swirling around the center of the crater and a blue figure in the middle.
“As I expected.” said Tails.
Sonic had been grazed with the Lightning’s Tail but was still holding up his attack above his head. He held above him a light blue sphere with invisible breezes swirling around him. Tails highly doubted his attacks intimidation. He dropped down from the building and into the crater.
“You won’t kill me with weak attacks!” Tails yelled.
“Kill you?” Sonic questioned. He released the light blue orb and it fell to the ground. It exploded into a vast vacuum that sucked in all former stable foundations and tossed them to the sides. At the core of the attack was the most insufferable where the foundations had all ended up. Sonic stood atop the junk visibly tired and crouching to his knees.
“I don’t want to kill you, you’re my best friend.” Sonic stated. Tails was deep into the pile with only his head exposed in the pile. He didn’t expect such a small orb to do this much damage. He clouded his own judgment and couldn’t force himself to look into Sonic’s eyes.
“I’d be better off dead.” said Tails.
“Enough of this tough-fox act kid.” started Sonic. “I need to know what happened to you and not the preachy version where you go through this “struggle” or something like that. Tell me what happened.”
Tails struggled to get free from the crest of junk but was failing. The wind was keeping him in place, which was why Sonic’s hands were on the junk as well.
“I guess I have no choice.” said Tails.

In the Next Issue of Sonic 51: See what happened in the past five years and how the world changed for the blue hedgehog. Sonic and Tails are only heating up in their fight when they will reach the midpoint of their heated and active argument.

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