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8. Jam Back to Knothole

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Sonic 51 #8

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“So what’s the plan Tails?” asked an intrigued Sonic.
“We take this swat bot factory down from the bottom.” Tails started. “If it’s like most other plants we can take out the main steel frames from a huge shockwave. The things we need to worry about are the security drones which come in packs of five and the roving swat bot patrols that come around every ten minutes.”
“Doesn’t sound too hard.” said Knuckles.
“I’ve had harder times trying to get Knuckles to understand multiplication.” said the new recruit, Rouge.
“I told you bat girl I thought it was a seven!” yelled Knuckles. Sonic pushed the two down as a swat bot flashed his light over.
“Great!” said Tails.
The swat bot was approaching slowly. It had a humanoid form but it looked more like a jet in appearance. It had the legs of a dog as it walked on its toes. Its body was a rounded triangular look with broad shoulders and long arms. Mounted to its back was a jet pack and folded mechanical wings. The new swat bots were definitely no pushovers. It approached the crate and checked behind to see a rat.
“Thunder Tail.” thought Tails.
The robot shifted a couple of times and fell over. The other accompanying swat bot rushed over to try and aid his shorted out friend. Up above were the now concealed Freedom Fighters.
“Okay here are the teams.” Tails commanded. “Rouge and Knuckles, Sonic and Amy and then myself; each person will--”
“Whoa kid, I cannot work with her and the rest of you will just go to fast for me.”
said Knuckles, “I’ll stick by myself.”
“Not undermining your leading skills or anything like that handsome but I have worked with Amy before. We sort of have the same mindset for stuff like this.” Rouge added.
“Then… it’s me and the hedgehog then.” said Tails.
“It’s not like we haven’t done it before.” said Sonic holding up for a high five.
“Go team.” said Tails giving in. “Okay I need Knuckles to provide the structural damage, Amy and Rouge to set the collapsing charges and Sonic and I will provide the distraction.”
“Synchronize the ol’ watches.” started a certain hedgehog, “Okay meet ya at the usual; if anybody’s late, jam back to knothole. Check?”
The blue hedgehog lifted his fist to get some sort of assurance from his team. No one took.
“Um… Sonic…” started Amy while putting Sonic’s fist down. “I’m afraid your sentence is wrong. Knothole is gone and none of us have watches and we don’t have a usual.”
“Let’s stop going down memory lane and get on with this.” said Knuckles becoming irritated.
“Rouge and Amy will sneak up to the top and set the charges I’ll make. Sonic and I will then cause a disturbance in the middle floor taking out whatever machinery possible. Thirty seconds after the alarm sounds Knuckles you go into action and take apart the foundation. We all meet at the bottom floor and follow tunnels the King makes; Rouge and Amy will have to hurry if they don’t want to be crushed.”
“You make it sound so sweet.” said Rouge through sarcasm.
“Fox Charge.” said Tails. Small electrical balls started appearing before Tails as he guided them into Rouge and Amy’s packs.
Knuckles, Amy, and Rouge all drop from the ceiling and split into their directions. Rouge directs Amy to a stairwell while passing underneath surveillance. They make it to the top railing of the third floor and start placing charges. They pressed on the electrical balls as they expanded to the size of a tennis ball. They passed straight through the metal into the core of the steel where it started to loosen up the metal with sheer magnetism. The girls were set as Sonic and Tails dropped from the ceiling.
“You better not fail the team.” said Tails.
“You know me better than this Tails, I never fail people who are important to me.” Sonic stated.
“I will hold you to that.” said Tails leaping away. He landed on the main floor of the factory in between swat-bots, guard-bots, production line, and surveillance cameras.
“Magna Fox: Repel!” he yelled.
The factory machinery all burst away from the center where Tails was. There were several machines ripped from the floor bolts and bots smashed in the force. From the ceiling dropped the backup that surrounded an unready Tails.
“Sonic Wind.” thought Sonic. The light blue wind razors tore through the robots before they could even raise their laser equipped right hands. Sonic appeared behind Tails as the alarm sounded.
“Things are going to plan.” said Rouge after dropping in. A huge overhead door opened up that poured in the robotic soldiers and even bigger guard-bots.
“Rose’s Garden!” yelled Amy. Amy dropped to the ground hands first as the metal flooring jutted spikes toward the metal army. They all clattered against each other and tried stepping out of the way of the huge metal thorns.
Amy was visibly tired as the others started to leave. The sound of a rocket launcher was heard when Sonic turned around.
“Amy!” yelled Sonic.
Sonic appeared in front of Amy and faced the rocket.
“Sonic Tornado!” he yelled. A small tornado appeared in front of the blue blur as the rocket was caught in its torrents. It whipped around a couple of times when it tail spun out of the wind into the remains of the metal army. Amy recovered and ran off with Sonic when The building literally shifted.
Knuckles had tore through multiple steel bearings and was focusing on the final knockdown. He slammed his hands on the ground as fire erupted through the metal floor coverings. It shimmied over to the enflamed steel as it sent superheated flames through the core of the steel. The charges placed by the girls had pushed the steel into hollow pipes. The superheated flames instantly made the metal as malleable as aluminum which caused the building to outweigh itself and collapse. The Freedom Fighters had successfully escaped in tact through the tunnel Knuckles had created.
“We are successful.” said Tails with a bit of glee.
“So what do we do now?” asked Rouge.
“Yeah I mean, taking out a swat-bot factory in the past took all-day planning, but now we just decided to do it on a whim.” said Knuckles.
“Tell me about it; those meetings were putting me into snores-ville.” said Sonic.
“What we can do now is head deeper into the core of Robotropolis. We need to figure out how to access different routes in this place.” said Tails. Knuckles blasted open another section of the tunnel way when it came to an abrupt halt.
“Metal.” Amy said joyously. She approached the metal while reciting Roses Thorn in her head. She clutched the metal as it crunched under her grip. It tore open revealing remains of old Robotropolis.
“He’s building upon himself.” said Knuckles. “I recognize these passageways from long ago. We can use these tunnels to get to one of the old hubs.”
“The hubs are a big swat-bot directory we can go there and gather information, maps, and details on his latest projects.” said Tails,
“Or we could infiltrate into the central command and kill a few generators.” said Rouge.
“I wouldn’t mind writing off a few swat-bot factories.” said Knuckles.
“I’m with the King.” said Amy.
Sonic crossed his arms and tapped his foot to get the attention back onto him.
“Ya know I’m all for freedom of choice and everything but wasn’t the mission to go, you know find this Robotnik guy?” said Sonic.
“This Robotnik guy?” questioned Amy.
“You sound like you don’t the remember the Eggman himself.” added Knuckles.
“Uh…” Sonic stated while stepping back.
“Sonic, please tell us you do.” said Rouge getting interested.
“Not really.” stated Sonic.
The Freedom Fighters took a step back.
“So you’ve been deceiving me this whole time.” said Tails.
“Its not deception, kid. I just can’t remember. None of this is a reminder. Not the funky looking tunnels, or the weirdo factory, or the death-delivering gates. This isn’t what I remember five years ago. Everything has changed and left me in the dark. My best friend hates me, the girl I loved is married, and everyone has moved on without me.” Sonic sat down. Tails clutched Sonic by the throat and made him look into his eyes.
“This is exactly why I don’t want you here.” Tails started.
“Tails, No!” Amy yelled. She grabbed onto Tails and tried to pry him off.
“You get this close and then you fall short.” Tails went on. “You think you’re the only one left in the dark. I had to lead my people out of the pan and into the fire numerous times without anybody’s help. You think I’m gonna show you mercy because your stressed. I’m stressed! But if this is what you are after five years then I don’t want anything to do with you. From now on we are enemies.”
Tails held up Sonic as electricity started to flow from his shoulder. It reached his hand when Knuckles broke it apart.
“Walk!” the King commanded. Tails didn’t back down.
“Don’t make me say it again fox!” said the echidna. Tails turned around briskly, letting his Tails slap against Knuckles’ face as he continued.
“We will split up.” said Knuckles gathering the reins of leadership. Amy and Rouge will go with Sonic to the swat-bot traffic control. Tails and I will go to central command and assist you from there. We meet back here when it’s done.”

The three fighters for freedom ducked underneath an overpass as they approach a wide circular building. There were small square windows at the rim and no roof to the structure either. The contents of the building were underground where a huge dome was.
“I’m going to go break the security on this building while you two disable the controls.” said Rouge while standing up.
“We will go in shortly, master.” Amy replied.
Rouge quickly ran off past a pile of junk when Amy turned toward an ashamed hedgehog.
“Sonic?” Amy started.
“I don’t want to talk.” Sonic said.
Amy almost took the statement but refused to hear it.
“Sonic I know things aren’t the same and they will never be but, I think you woke up at this time, at this place, for a reason, now we can finally fight back. Do you know how long it’s been since we’ve taken out a swat-bot factory like that? It’s been three-years. And we lost a lot of Freedom Fighters that day, but now look where we are.
“And as far as Tails is concerned, he has been through so much without you. He has grown up and refuses to accept you as anything right now and it’s a horrible thing to hear but deep down he always wants acceptance. He told me about a year ago that he missed you and wished you a safe awakening. He still has that love for you, that brotherly bond which no one can take away.
“And with Queen Sally…”
“Enough Amy!” Sonic said sounding more stern. Amy grabbed Sonic’s shoulder and spun him around. She laid a kiss on him that she had been wanting for years. She crawled over him gave him the best her lips had to offer.
Sonic didn’t refuse.
Sonic returned the kiss as Amy slowly backed up.
“Forget about Sally.” she said while holding him at shoulders length. She pecked Sonic on the lips again and then rose to her feet. She started heading for the building as Sonic was still on the ground.
“Sally who?” Sonic thought to himself, “Amy is… unpredictable.”
Sonic rose to his feet and brushed off his white shorts. He went in after Amy as they perched atop the building. Amy gestured to drop in and they did so. They landed onto a rail way which quickly led to the dome structure. Underneath the prominent dome was a small control panel. The closer they got the more they realized Rouge had completed her mission and would be back soon.
Amy tickled the computer keys and input a hacking code that Sally had taught her. It opened up a hidden options screen for the computer as Amy clicked the Emergency disable button. The dome instantly powered down and halted all communications with swat-bot trafficking.
“Amy, about Tails, he doesn’t really hate me does he?” asked Sonic.
“I think you need to ask him that yourself.”
“Well I know you don’t hate me.” said Sonic before turning his back on Amy and walking away slightly. “Where’s Rouge at?”
“She said she would meet back up with us.” said Amy.
“I’ve got a hunch.” said Sonic. “Check the last few messages on that computer.”
Amy pulled the computer back and went into the transcripts of the computer.
“Transferring supplies from warehouse B-14-HU0 to warehouse A-97-CR2. Transporting Oil from Rig District to Deposit 1456782OLK. Sending Intruder from SB Traffic Control to Roboticizer building 39.” read Amy. “They’ve got Rouge!”

In the next Sonic 51: See the resolution you’ve been awaiting for eight stories. Sonic and Tails reach their boiling point. We go back to check out things in New Mobotropolis and Cream returns to settle her score. And Shadow makes his return!!!
Extended issue Sonic 51 #9.
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