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7. We're in Robo-Country...

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The Freedom Fighters had made their way to the beaches of West Side Island - the second isle Sonic passed through on one of his first adventures. This was the place where a former civilization once used the emeralds to advance themselves technologically but the emeralds proved too powerful and wiped their existence from Mobius. The Xorda alien race then came and wiped out the human – or overlander – race and essentially changed the emeralds forever. It was the place where Robotnik was further developing his Death Egg – which no one to this day knows what it did.
It was also the place where Sonic and Tails met.
The Freedom Fighters had rested a bit from a long days journey and rose alongside the sun to begin their quest to the casino district of the island. The fastest way there was a hike over Emerald Hill, holding ones breathe through the Chemical Plant, a quick dip through Aquatic Ruins, and finally arriving in the hub of the casino district. They plant their feet on the grass as Sonic begins to stretch.
“Man this place brings back memories.” said Sonic looking at Tails specifically.
“Really what happened here?” asked Amy.
“I’m glad you asked Amy Rose.” Sonic said while tapping her on the nose.
“This is the place where--” Sonic started.
“Let’s get this over with!” Tails shot out. He started walking and then built to a run across the hill.
“C’mon we can walk and talk.” said Sonic. He blasted off leaving Amy and Knuckles at the coast.
“Oh that Sonic!” Amy steamed. “I’m gonna pulverize him!”
Amy looked back at Knuckles who was also taking in the sights. His eyes were closed and the air was fresh under his sniffing nose.
“What’s up Knuckles?” asked Amy.
“This place really is nostalgic.” stated Knuckles. “I came here after I met Sonic and Tails and traveled around. Sonic and Tails both held this place highly when they were best friends six years ago. They said it has the power to bring your friends closer.”
“Of course I mean the emeralds but I don’t know… lately I’m starting not to think that.”
“Okay.” Amy said sounding skeptical. She brushes her hair a little and thinks to herself. “Why does he always come off as strange when I ask him about something.”
“See ya Amy!” yelled a retreating Knuckles. He was barely visible on the horizon.
“Ugh! Knuckles!” yelled Amy dashing after them.
Loops and spirals were all that laced Emerald Hill along with massive flowers and eroded mechanical remains; every mile or so a buzzbomber shell could be spotted on the side of the path. There were huge palm trees and steep hills but it was nothing going at speeds of mach one. The four of them came to a stop at the crest of the hill where a valley was below. It was surrounded by huge mountains and factories within the rock walls.
“I found out that this place had been one of many starting points for Robotnik.” stated Tails to Sonic.
“This place and the Scrap Brain Zone on South Island are kind of similar.” Sonic replied.
“With this much tech at his disposal no wonder the Death Egg was a huge surprise.” Tails added.
“But we stopped that good didn’t we buddy.” Sonic said while gesturing for a high five.
Tails almost went for it but placed his hand back at his side.
“No.” Tails whispered. He wrapped his tails around themselves and released them in propeller like fashion.
“Wait Tails.” Sonic said.
“Were not friends again Sonic, so stop talking to me like we are!” yelled Tails.
“Where do you get off saying stuff like that?” asked Sonic. Tails soared higher into the sky and was gone in a matter of seconds within the fog above the valley.
“Ugh… that kid!” Sonic uttered before charging up to run off.
Amy clutched his shoulder and held him back.
“Let him be.” said Knuckles.
“No I know that fox better than anyone, he’s like a little brother!” Sonic stated.
“See that’s your problem spike ball! You’re always condescending to him! He needs to be treated like an equal.”
Knuckles purposely brushed past him and stood atop the mountain top.
“C’mon Amy.” commanded Knuckles.
“Coming.” she replied while creeping past an agitated Sonic. The echidna and lady hedgehog dropped off the mountain and sped into the chemical plant. Quickly after Sonic ran after his team and sped through the plant. There were abandoned liquid tubes and broken gateways and odd mechanisms stationed in the area. The blue liquid held within occupied tubes was one of many fuel systems Robotnik had used in his robots and machines. Now it was stale and outdated waste that made the whole place reek. The trio passed through the plant in a hurry and came to the familiar end of the plant. There was a breach in the factory’s wall where Robotnik had escaped from humiliating defeat. Knuckles, Amy and Sonic passed through the hole and dropped into the mountain side where Ancient Ruins of the lost civilization had been discovered. It was a sight to behold if not for the eroding waters. The beauty of the area had been tarnished from the rising waters of the Aquatic Ruins.
“I gotta surface run across these waters if I’m gonna catch up to Tails.” said Sonic backing up. You guys better grab on!” Sonic stated while reaching for their hands.
“I don’t do the holding hands thing I’ll go solo from here.” Knuckles replied. “Meet you in ten.”
Knuckles leapt into the air with flames encircling his hands.
“Flame Claw!” he yelled. He slammed his hand into upper arch of the ruins and torched the inner ground to a crisp. He held onto the side of the arch as dirt and ash fell out of the hole. He swung in the hole after the debris subsided and wasn’t seen again. The ruins started to shake from Knuckles’ tremors and columns started to fall.
“There he goes.” said Sonic. “C’mon Amy hold on tight.”
“But I can run… I mean I’ve been practicing and…” Amy reasoned.
“I know Amy but I don’t want anything happening to you.” Sonic replied. Amy blushed before she was in Sonic’s arms and going at speeds over 700mph. They blasted across the water dodging columns and falling archways while gaining speed. Sonic was a natural at his terrifying speed but Amy was holding in loud yelps. She clinched Sonic’s arms tighter as he sped up. Sonic smirked a bit as he turned down his speed a little but it didn’t help that the roof collapsed and was coming down fast.
“Sonic! Throw me to that column!” Amy commanded.
“But…” Sonic tried.
“Do it!” she yelled. Sonic leapt into the air and grabbed Amy’s hand. They spun around endlessly until Amy was tossed ahead at unknown speeds.
“Rose’s Thorn!” she yelled. Her fist slammed into the column and then she catapulted off of it onto the one cater-corner to it. The columns were coming down in correct fashion to hold up the roof as Sonic easily traveled the water. Amy was too far ahead though at Sonic’s current speed.
“Sonic Gust!” he yelled. The wind around his body formed into a light blue arrow and he became even more aerodynamic and blasted across the water. He caught a falling Amy and proceeded into a hallway breaking apart fallen stone and eventually up through the mountain. They emerged from a short jungle and onto a cliff that overlooked a region of that abandoned city. The casino district was huge and bright and had many different clubs and bars. Many animals and creatures came to West Side Island solely for the gambling pleasure and wild lifestyle.
“Flame Claw!” yelled a muffled voice.
A hole was blasted out of the ground with flames close by. Knuckles reared his head out of the hole and brushed himself off.
“We win!” Sonic said.
“Anything from Tails?” asked Knuckles.
“Actually I just got here.” he said dropping from the sky. “The Sky Chase has changed since my last time here.”
“Yeah I noticed something new too. I didn’t know this place had Hidden Palace.” Knuckles informed. “But anyway we’re getting close to our replacement. She should be in the core of the city.”
“So who is this mystery girl Knux?” asked Amy. “Is she another echidna?”
“You’ll see.” he said.
“Then let’s quit wasting time. The sooner we get into Robotropolis, the better.” Tails commanded. They progressed down into the district and traveled the streets past many casinos. There were a lot of animals playing the slots and gaining or wasting money. They continued down a street until they came up to a pretty hopping club. The music was loud and the lights were shooting from the rooftop. The Freedom Fighters went up to the front of the line and approached the Bloodhound dog bouncers.
“We’re VIP. Name’s Knuckles of Angel Island.” he explained. “These guys are with me.”
“Welcome back, King, and friends” he stated while unlocking the velvet rope and pushing the door open.
They enter through the dancing animals and past the colorful bar. Scantily clad animals were dancing across the floor and some paid dancers were in cages up above. The club looked like a hollowed out cave with fog creeping along the floor. Knuckles led them past all of this and behind the bar were another bouncer guarded another velvet rope. He introduced himself again and they were let past the rope and up their red carpeted stairs. Knuckles pushed open the door and saw the clubs owner admiring a huge jewel within her hands.
“I thought I’d saw you walking through my club.” said her smooth sexy voice. She was a grown woman with loads of sex appeal that had never worked on the red echidna. The King approached the desk and slammed his hands on the desk.
“You’re coming with us, Rouge!” he demanded.
“Rouge!” yelled Sonic and Amy. Amy ran from the doorway and hugged her friend.
“Easy li’l lady this is a designer bra I’m wearing don’t mess it up.” Rouge complained. She stood from the desk as Sonic glanced her over. She had short white hair with purple highlights held between her bat ears. Her eyes were big and appealing with lipstick across her lips. She wore a tight long-sleeved shirt but with no torso on it. It exposed her flat stomach and ample breasts. They were covered with –apparently – an expensive heart shaped bra. She wore long gloves and white Capri pants with a heart shaped belt across her waist. To top off the seduction she wore high heels that tied in her whole pink, purple, white, black, and grey ensemble.
“Oooh! What’s in it for me?” she asked greedily while going back to her jewel.
“Um…” started Sonic, “Who is this chick?” asked Sonic.
“You mean haven’t heard of Rouge the Bat, the Casino Zone’s best club owner.” she stated.
“Nope. Where is she? She sounds pretty cool.” Sonic smirked. Rouge turned up her nose.
“Sonic!” Amy complained. “This is Rouge, she’s the main one who taught me how to fight and other things…”
“Hmm…” Knuckles said, “I thought you said you wouldn’t bother with being a teacher.”
“Didn’t you say the same about being a King?” asked Rouge staring down Knuckles. “So Tails, what’s this really about? I can always get a straight answer from this handsome fox.”
“We are on a mission to go into Robotropolis and gather information on Dr. Robotnik. We had to detour from our mission due to Bunnie and Rotor’s injuries and picked up Knuckles and eventually you.” he explained, “As far as rewards we don’t know what there could be but isn’t that interest enough for even you?”
“I was sold from the beginning you know, It’s been ages since I’ve had a mission from the president and these jewels are quickly losing my interest. I’ll go and make sure this redhead doesn’t screw up anything my Tails does.”
“Don’t you have to go eat some bugs or something?” asked Knuckles.
“I could ask you same thing.” said Rouge coming from around the desk. Her wings were large as she slowly brushed them down.
The Freedom Fighters leave the club with Rouge the Bat in their company and head to the front of the city where the edges of Robotropolis started. Going the rear of the city led to the Hill Top but it wasn’t necessary since the blunt of the mission had been over. They approach the border and stand before the massive security from east to west. There were huge towers that were as tall as wide. They had reflected lasers to each other to kill off any intruders. There were underground sensors for those able to dig and over head sensors for those with flight capabilities and lasers for those tied to the ground. The Freedom Fighters stand before their first real test against Robotnik – security.
“We could just trip the alarm.” said Sonic.
“Not happening Blue, look on top of those towers.” Rouge pointed. There were huge gun rail turrets on top of every other tower and ready to fire at any given second.
“So let’s take out the turrets!” Sonic yelled.
“No Sonic!” Amy started, “We need to--”
“We’re in Robo-country and that makes me itchy! Let’s crash some parties!” Sonic yelled. “Sonic Wind!”
Sonic reeled his hand back and charged up the light blue wind in his hand. He lashed out and sliced a tower into shreds knocking down the lasers for two sections. The turrets reacted and aimed for the Fighters when Sonic yelled another one of his abilities.
“Sonic Tornado!” he yelled. Instead of going up as usual Sonic directed his tornado straight and vacuumed his team across the border a couple of miles. They slowed to a halt and still were under a veil of searchlights looking hastily for shade. This side of the planet was under a constant haze from the ongoing pollution and sewage. Robotnik loved his technical marvels so much it would have to be enough to tarnish the world in order to make things work for him. The Freedom Fighters found refuge within a dock of a building and settled there for a second.
“Are you crazy?” whispered Rouge. “You could have got us killed!”
“I can’t sit around and wait for things to happen, its already been five years.” he said sounding his most serious.
“Sonic? You remember don’t you?” asked Amy.
“I’m starting to Amy… this pollution, this destruction; it’s the exact opposite of what we strive for. I remember why I am a Freedom Fighter now!”
“That’s good.” stated Tails rising to his feet. “That’s very good.”
Sonic looked on dumfounded.
“Now that you’ve got your drive back lets see what you’ve got. We’re going to take out this swat bot factory here.”
“Huh?” said the others while looking at the construct. It was shaped just like the ones they used to take out six years ago. It seems Robotnik hasn’t changed a bit either. Inside of these buildings were machines making machines. The swat bots are the small time soldiers of the Robo-Empire. Years ago a simple knock-around would be enough to take them out but maybe Robotnik didn’t keep some things the same. The Freedom Fighters open the overhead door they were near snuck into the building. The production line was formidable and there were bots monitoring the computers and exchanging binary in their conversation.
“I have a plan.” said Tails.
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