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5. Feelin' Warp Seven

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The sky was all there was to be seen on the horizon. Residents of this location enjoyed the peaceful air and the occasional cloud passing through the island. The ground was covered with bright green grass and huge spiky bushes. There were waterfalls falling from the distant mountains and huge trees in every shade of brown. Although it was call an island the place was more continental than anything. There were regions from every part of the world like the ice caps, and the marble gardens and even a huge fairground where carnival activities were held. To anyone’s knowledge the place hadn’t changed a bit especially for the blue blur standing on its edge and surveying the entire island.
“Hurry up slow moes!” yelled Sonic. The rest of his team was scaling the island by flight with Amy within Tails arms. They come topside and take a short break to discipline Sonic.
“You impatient little hog!” Amy snapped. Her arms thrusted in the air as her cute air had now turned into a maddening aura. Sonic took a defensive position with a cocky smile on his face.
“Relax Amy.”
“You nearly sank your whole team in your haste!” yelled Amy.

“Did I?” Sonic recollected. Before arriving on the island the team was eyeing the Island from the sea. Sonic was standing atop Rotor’s huge shoulder’s, while Tails was still holding Amy by the arms.
“Whatever you do Rotor don’t loose your balance and tip over.” Sonic squeaked.
“Sonic you can calm down, your with your main man here, I’m not gonna let you drown. And since Tails and I developed these boots you’re not going portside.”
“Sweet.” Sonic stated.
“Is everyone ready?” asked Tails.
“Umm… not really.” said Sonic. “I wanted to try another one of my Wind attacks out. Something like Sonic Blast, or Sonic Breeze, or Sonic Tornado.”
The wind grew to violent gusts as it encircled around the team with Sonic at its center. Rotor was blasted into the water as the others were tossed like dolls. They skipped across the water as Sonic had erupted from mid air and high into the air. He spiraled all the way up and came to a stop in time to see the entire island miles underneath him.
“Feelin’ warp seven.” Sonic said in astonishment as he began falling to the island.

Amy unleashed her hammer and smashed where Sonic once was. The entire cliff side they were on instantly shattered as Amy chased Sonic into the forest.
“C’mon, ya’ll know how she gets when she doesn’t control that anger of hers.” Bunnie said while activating her rocket boots. Amy preyed upon Sonic who was as careless as ever while dodging her lethal attacks. They were moving rapidly through the forest with their teammates hanging back not to get in Amy’s way. Sonic leapt from a tree trunk and onto a branch when Amy appeared at the same time as he did.
“Amy?” he yelped. She swung her hammer quickly as Sonic barely leaned back in time. Sonic whipped out his arm and caught the hammer before she could swing again.
“Just like old times eh?” Sonic questioned.
Amy instantly cooled down as she looked into Sonic’s green eyes. Her grip sort of loosened on her Piko Piko Hammer as Sonic let go.
“I see Amy had a heart and decided not to pummel you.” said Rotor while coming to an unexpected stop. His boots were putting out blue flames which meant his fuel supply was running low. He sloppily landed on a branch as it started to crack from the weight. Rotor gained stability on the branch as Bunnie landed next to him.
“This means we’re walking.” stated Tails as he landed on the forest floor underneath his team. “At least the village isn’t far from here.
“Walking?” Sonic questioned. They dropped down from the branches and onto the forest floor. The place had undergone a fire not too long ago from a machine of some sort. Sonic recollected those memories as he strolled through under the leaves.
“Tails.” Sonic called with a serious tone.
“What is it?” Tails spat out.
“The first time we were here some red guy took the Chaos Emeralds didn’t he?” Sonic questioned.
“Hmph!” Tails sounded with a small smile, “He hit you one time in your best form and managed to knock out the emeralds. You just stood there with a pitiful look on your face as I flew down.”
“That sounds about right.” Sonic mumbled.
“But you redeemed yourself by saving me from Dr. Robotnik over Never Lake, remember?” Amy asked.
“Didn’t that happen before Super Sonic got embarrassed?” said Bunnie making a joke of the situation.
“I guess it can’t be helped.” Sonic shrugged.
“You know I’ve grown a lot since then right?” asked Amy.
“Yeah last time I saw you, you were like 6 and now your 16, how did you?...” asked Sonic shortly before being interrupted.
“We’re here.” said Tails. Before the freedom fighters was a huge clearing with huts and houses in the same design of New Mobotropolis. They were in a red green and yellow color scheme with the people wearing many of the same colors. There was a huge amount of echidna walking through the village in all shades of red, orange, cherry, and even pink. They walk into the village with most of the villagers recognizing everyone but Sonic. Sonic didn’t mind the lack of attention but still wanted had a need to impress them with a dash around the island a couple times. The Freedom Fighters pass through the village and into a castle that rivaled New Mobotropolis’. They walk the huge rug as Amy bursts into a jog.
“Master!” she called.
“Amy?!” questioned the female echidna sitting on the queen’s throne. “What are you doing here?”
The queen was just as pink as Amy on her echidna skin. She had dreads like most villagers had sported but two of them were roboticized that fell to the sides of her face. She wore a warrior’s garb that was one part bikini one part shirt and shorts underneath a huge luxurious coat that was adorned with fine linens and jewels encrusted on it too.
“We were in the neighborhood… you know.” said Amy.
“Tails, Rotor, Bunnie! I haven’t seen you guys in ages!” she exclaimed. She turned to Sonic and her smile turned into a doubting cringe. “But who is this?”
“Queen Julie-Su, master, this is the hero of Knothole, Sonic the Hedgehog.” Amy introduced.

“How’s it hangin’?” asked Sonic while stretching his hand out to greet. Julie-Su reluctantly shook Sonic’s hand and coyly wiped it on the chair behind her.
“Wait, you mean that Sonic?” Julie-Su questioned. “Would you mind sticking around for a few seconds?”
Julie leapt off the throne not seeking an answer but ran to the hidden door on the wall. She pushed it open and ducked her head in. The freedom Fighters heard many voices just before the interruption. They heard the muffled sounds of a deep and scruffy voice when it exclaimed.
“He’s alive!” it voiced.
Julie-Su stepped out of the way as a burly one eyed echidna emerged from the room.
“Sonic!” he yelled with slight disdain. He flew over and tackled Sonic in a near instant and they tumbled across the floor.
“What the heck man, don’t tear the shorts, they’re vintage!” Sonic erupted.
“I thought you were dead you spiky haired sorry excuse for a pig!” The red echidna reeled his massive fists back and went in for a lethal punch. Sonic managed to get away but was scorched by the flames coming from the echidna’s fists.
“Whoa what is goin’ on here!?” asked Sonic. “Why does he have powers?!”
“It’s a ghost, Kill it!” added Tails.
“It is?” the echidna believed. The echidna blasted a string of fire from his fist as Sonic reacted almost instantly with a small dosage of Sonic Tornado. This time the wind spiraled and shot up around him as the weak fire was canceled by the strong wind.
“I’m not a ghost, I’m the real deal people. Sonic the Hedgehog in the flesh!” he reminded.
“What?” the echidna questioned.
“Now can somebody tell me who this guy is?” asked Sonic with a smirk on his face. He knew exactly who it was.
“I see that five year death-sleep didn’t make any progress on your maturity.” said the echidna.
“And I see five years has only strengthened your gullibility.” said Sonic. The two clash again each holding each others fists in their palms and Sonic sliding down to his knees.
“Geez Knuckles you’re even stronger than I ever.” said Sonic conceding to the fight.
“Good to see you King Knuckles.” said Rotor while he approached and shook his hand.
“What brings you guys here?” asked Knuckles, “I was just in the middle of a meeting you know.”
“Honey!” mumbled a now close Julie-Su, “I thought you said you were gonna destroy that Sonic, guy when he woke up.”
“I was only kidding Jules. You’re getting more gullible than me.” Knuckles whispered back.
“Wait, did the walrus say that you were king?” asked Sonic while getting up.
“Knuckles is the King of Angel Island, Sonic. King St. John decided to break up Mobius regions into three sections with Knuckles over Angel Island and the Land of the Sky.”
“Oh… then what about the Chaotix? Where’s that trademark team of yours Knux?” asked Sonic with small memories returning to his head.
“They’re my top Royal Guards now and they’re out on a mission right now trying to find a weak point in Robotropolis’ boundaries.”
“Knuckles? Using guards?” Sonic teased.
“Shut up Sonic! Umm… Knuckles, if you have any information on how to get through can you let us know?” asked Tails.
“C’mon Tails you know the King has you covered.” said Knuckles as he winked and then Tails smiled back.
“So what mission are the Freedom Fighters on this time?” asked Julie-Su.
“Well now that Sonic has awaken we are gonna try and break through to the core of Robotropolis.” Bunnie explained.
Everyone paused.
“That’s very dangerous, don’t do it.” Julie-Su tried to reason. Knuckles placed a huge hand on her shoulder and then shook his head in disagreement.
“Let them fulfill their mission Jules, they have Tails and that second rate hedgehog over there.”
“Second-rate!?” Sonic bolstered.
“But we’ve had a snag in the mission since we’ve used up an unnecessary amount of fuel cells in our detours.” Amy explained while calming down Sonic.
“Then its no problem to get you two recharged.” said Knuckles. “We’ll keep you guys here for the night and you can leave anytime tomorrow.” said Knuckles. The Freedom Fighters easily conceded with that plan and were lead to the rooms of the palace and shown to their beds. They rested up for the night and refueled their fuel cell packs. The sun had rose on the surface and was inching its way onto the shores of Angel Island.
The Freedom Fighters were packed up and ready to leave with Knuckles and Julie-Su saying goodbye’s within the throne room.
“Hey Sonic.” Knuckles called as he approached.
“Whats up Knux?” Sonic questioned.
“I wanna give you this.” said Knuckles as he formed a bowl with his hands. There was a collection of light gathering in his palms that was a light blue and then instantly the famous and elusive jewel was before Sonic’s chest.
“The Chaotix found the Light Blue Chaos Emerald a couple of weeks ago and I hadn’t planned on hunting down the other five so I kept it. But I think you can do something with it.” Knuckles concluded.
“It’s just as I remember it.” said Sonic taking the jewel with both hands. He performed the same action as Knuckles as the Emerald disappeared within his natural chaos energy.
“That makes our emerald count an even better two. We should head to Robotropolis immediately.” Tails commanded.
“Always in a hurry, you haven’t changed a bit.” said Knuckles while tussling Tails’ hair.
Sonic grew visibly jealous but masked it with his impatience.
“We can go anytime ya know.” stated Sonic. The Freedom Fighters say their final goodbyes and blast from the palace. They travel out of the village and head north toward the greater forest Angel Islanders called Mushroom hill. It was where huge mushrooms had sprouted within dark green plantations. They sprung off of the mushrooms and through loops that the vine had created. Sonic was reverting back to his roots once he bounced off the first mushroom and into a hollowed out fallen tree. He blasted from the hole and into the air as he slowly opened his eyes to see a black hedgehog passing him on the left.
They stared each other in the eye as they ascended and descended.
The black hedgehog quickly landed and turned around with his fingers ready to snap.
“Chaos Snap!” yelled the black hedgehog.
Sonic felt his body surge as his immediate surroundings flashed white with after colors of magenta and periwinkle.
“Sonic!” yelled Amy. The others had stopped right in front of the black hedgehog as he rose to put his chest out and cross his arms. Each of the Freedom Fighters knew who this guy was and had turned on their drive to fight. Tails stepped forward in front of his team and got six feet within the black hedgehog’s already staggering range. Tails’ fur started trickling with electricity as he started to gather his fury.
“Shadow the Hedgehog.” Tails named.
“This time you will die!” Shadow simply stated.
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