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Reason 4

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A drabble series focusing on 25 of the reasons why guys like girls.

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Why Guys Like Girls

4) The way they kiss you and all of a sudden everything is right in the world.

It was official. Today was the worst day ever. Kurama was sure that his karma from his days as Youko was catching up to him. Too bad it was all at once.

His alarm hadn’t gone off, his car battery had died, he spilled coffee on his lap, and the Minotaur Koenma had called them to exterminate had eaten his rose whip!

When he got home he immediately flopped onto the couch and threw his arm over his eyes. Please just let this day end!

“Hard day?” Kagome asked before he felt her soft lips press against his. He smiled.

It was official—best day ever.


Length: 106 words


AN: Nothing new to really report, but I’m giving you guys a double update today because I was busy yesterday! After I get these two posted, I have to get ready because I’m going to Peach State! For those who don’t know, it’s a big high school marching band festival held in the town I live in! My brother is following in my footsteps and this will be his first ever marching festival and I’m going to go watch. Hope you enjoyed!
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