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Reason 7

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A drabble series focusing on 25 of the reasons why guys like girls.

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Why Guys Like Girls

7) Because they are always warm even when it’s minus-thirty outside.

Winter. What a loathsome season it could be. Most of nature slept through the cold and frosty days, so Kurama was unable to communicate with the plants and earth like he usually could.

But there was something that he hated about it even more…

Within five minutes of leaving his house he could no longer feel his frozen fingers!

He was unsuccessfully rubbing his hands together in an attempt to generate heat when he felt warmth weave between his fingers. Watching as Kagome laced their hands together and shoved the tangled appendages into her coat pockets while the waited in line for movie tickets, Kurama couldn’t help but wonder how someone so small generated so much heat.


Length: 117 words


AN: When I started this, it was with the intention to update once every day…it turns that I’m not that patient and I’ll just be throwing these up as they’re done xD So some days there might be one, other days there might be two or even three! I hope you guys are still enjoying them. I’ll see you guys next time!!
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