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Reason 8

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A drabble series focusing on 25 of the reasons why guys like girls.

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Why Guys Like Girls

8) The way they look good no matter what they wear.

Kagome had been spending the night at his house more and more often lately. They said it was because he didn’t want her walking home at night in the snow, but they both knew better. Their relationship was becoming more serious.

This morning, Kurama had gotten up early to make breakfast for the two of them when a soft padding down the hall caught his attention. Glancing over his shoulder he got out, “How would you like your…eggs…?”

Kagome stood stretching sleepily in the doorway wearing just one of his t-shirts and some socks. Her hair was mussed, her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes still foggy.

Maybe he should turn this into breakfast in bed.


Length: 117 words


AN: Got this up a little later than I thought I would. Turns out it was my boyfriend’s brother’s birthday and they always go out to eat as a family and I’m always included in their family stuff! I met his brother’s new girlfriend. She was super nice! Big improvement over his last one if I do say so myself. I also got my Halloween costume!! =D Imma gonna be BATGIRL!! xD And my boyfriend is going to be the Joker. It’s going to be awesome. Does anyone other than me still dress up?? What are you guys going to be?!
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