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Birthday Mayham

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Weddings, Weasley kids, Holly Harpies Qudditch Home Game, Death Eater chaos...

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AN 1: I don't own anything, nor make profit off the fine works / world that the great J.K.R. has made with her Harry Potter stories. I'm a poor poor poor man.

AN 2: Prepare for, More Wedding related stuff... maybe the whole weddings if it don't run too long, Holly Harpies Tickets (I couldn't think of something wizards would get really excited about going to see), moron Death Eaters... Lockhart rolls eyes

After coming back from the Ministry, Blaise, Harry & Draco were more than alittle stunned - as you could imagine - because of what Mad-Eye had done for them, they were basicly given free will over what they could do over the summer. Ofcause Blaise suggested they start researching spells that the 3rd & 4th year students were learning, but soon ditched that idea, because od the looks he recieved from the other two. So here they were, on the night they came back from the Ministry, sitting in Harry's magically inhanced room - bars still on the windows, damn Dursleys - and more bored than anything.

"We could play exploding snap... but purhaps we should put the silencing charms up this time," said Blaise, after he remembered the muggle police stopping by because of a disturbance.

Looking out the window, Draco stood up, walked over to it, put on a thick glove and opened it up, extending his arm to recieve one of Drace's large hawk-owls. Taking the package and a card from its pouch, the owl half hooted, half barked, as it took flight into the distance. Coming back to his bed, he passed the box and card off to Harry.

Looking over the box, Harry opened it slowly at first, then quicker when he seen the Hartner family crest. Within, he found a box of 8 odd moving - obviously magical - keycharms; one a werewolf howling, but with no sound, something that looked like Mad-Eye's magical eye twirling around in its holder, a giant hawk-owl that looked like Obilsec flapping its wings, a normal wolf black in colour and laying down in a curled mass - asleep maybe - alittle jade dragon, like the one Drace had given Harry when he was younger, a small wizard's hat, a small broom & what appeared to be a key with the Gringots mark on one side and the Hartner crest on the other side. Looking somewhat puzzled by all the odd little objects, Harry was alittle less puzzled when he found a letter in the bottom to explain it all, so reading aloud;
"Dear Harry,
Happy Birthday Harry, sorry this isn't more formal, but I sort of forgot I had these orded for you and I'm in a bit of a rush, as tomorrow is the weddings for Sirius & Remus (who look more calm than I have in any of my weddings before). Each item except fo the last two, has either a hair or in the case of the owl, a feather, within the little keycharm. As you may have guessed, they aren't muggle objects, but are infact portkeys. The owl one can be used at any time, but the others are only for emergancies. This is how they go; Remus, Mad-Eye, Obilsec, Sirius, Hartner Manor (that one will admit you and your friends to the Manor, unlike the first one I gave you when you were younger), the wizards hat is to contact the headmaster of Hogwarts, the broom, well besides me thinking it looked cool, it also calls your broom to you and the key, well that one is simple. And to activate the first seven, just touch your wand to it and say the name of the person the charm represents. Because you are unable to touch your parents vault and your trustfund will proberly dry up (no shame in wanting to spend your money Harry), I have set up a vault for you. There is currently enough gallons in the vault to own half of Hogsmead, so use it well my young friend.
Lord Drace Darrkus Hartner."

Blaise stood up and walked over to Harry, checking out the keycharms alittle more closely - yelping slightly when the one of Sirius didn't like being picked up by its tail and swung around, bitting him, before settling back down - he picked up the one of the jade dragon and spoke up, "What did your uncle mean about this one?"

Harry looked up and seen the small jade dragon, then walked over to one of the walls in his room, kicking part of the bottom, then removing a small bag from the small hidding place he had found when he was younger and coming back over. Emptying the contents, he held up another jade dragon, slightly larger then the new one, but just as beautiful. "When I was being attacked by Vernon's sister's dogs, I some how summond my Uncle to me and after scarring the dogs off and turning some to ash," he ignored the gasps, "... he gave me some of these and told me about being a wizard and that my parents were magical as well, before he hd to go."

"I wish I had an Uncle like your's Harry, but we have what we hae for a reason. I'm glad its just my mother & I though. Its not like I don't want a father, its just that my mother has a bad streak with choosing the lowlifes and scum," said Blaise, sighing alittle, then yelping again as the Sirius charm bit him again, for picking him up by the tail again.

"Maybe we should goto sleep, I'm sure tomorrow will be... hey Harry, what about the card your Uncle sent?" asked an inquisitive Draco.

Picking up the card, Harry opened it and read out loud again;
"Happy Birthday Harry,
Your Uncle gave us some money to buy tickets for you, Blaise, Draco, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Ginny's friend Luna Lovegood & ourselves, to goto the Holly Harpies Qudditch Home Game for your Birthday.
Have your stuff ready for leaving, as you will be staying at our place while our parents are attending the weddings. The card will act like a portkey and your belongings will be picked up by Gorge, Ron & I tonight. We should be there by the time you get this.
Take care Harry & Friends.
Fred Weasley."

Hearing a car reveving and seeing two lights over the top of the houses outside of Harry's - barred - beddroom window, slowly getting closer to them, Harry, Blaise & Draco, took out their wands, just incase, only to see the flying car pull up outside of the bedroom window, with Ron sticking out and hooking chains onto it, as Gorge steered the car away, pulling the bars off the window - but with the silencing charms, the muggles were none the wiser - than Fred hopped out of the car and into the room. "Well, are you three going to stand their stunned or are you going to start packing?"

The boys all looked at each other, still alittle stunned, but slowly started moving, packing their trunks - Harry let Hedwig out of her cage - as the trunks were being loaded into the car. Fred waved goodbye to his brothers as they drove off, then taking the letter, the other three following his lead - as that sickerning feeling of being pulled through a vortex happened - and turned up in the Borrow, home of the Weasleys.

All the boys were happy, looking around the place, as Draco who smiled even more as he looked around at the small home, seeing what a real family home looks like, said, "So how long do we stay here for Fred?"

Fred looked in thought, "Well Gorge & Ron will be here with your belongs way before midnight, maybe in an hour or two, if that car doesn't deside to stall again," he said, shaking his head, "... and tomorrow morning we will be meeting one of the men our dad works with at the Ministry and from there, we will be heading for the Holly Harpies Tickets," said Fred, his pride showing for the much loved sport of the wizarding world. Anyhow, let me give you the tour."

Blaise wandered behind the others, taking in the interior of the Borrow and nooding his head, then said, "Back in the Slytherin common room, there was a bid going around that the inside of the Weasley's house would look like filth, but I am glad to say I won the bet. Your home is very uh... homey."

Fred smirked alittle, then stopped infront of Ron's room and said as he opened the door, "This is the only room that would void your bet," it was true indeed. Ron's room looked worse then the area around his bed at Hogwarts, clothing, food scraps, plates and homework all over the place. the only thing that wasn't pushed around the room or messed up were the posters of his orange wearing favorite team, the Chuddley Cannons, which were placed very neatly along three of the four walls.

After they all left Ron's room, Fred took them down the hall alittle more, then opened a door not far from the first bathroom and said, "And this is your room fellers. Its something our eldest brother, Bill, did as an assignment for advanced charms when he was at Howarts." Fred smiled at what Bill had done. A normal one bed room from the outside, but on the inside, there was three seperate rooms, beds in each and a small common room, much like the style of the Gryffindor common room in Hogwarts. Seeing the looks on the faces of Blaise & Draco, he answered the unasked question, "Yes, this could have been done by a few powerful transfiguration experts, but Bill did it all with charms work and in the matter of four days, instead of a week, as it would take for transfiguration," said Fred proudly. "You even have a wall sized window each in your room's."

Harry walked into the room to the right, Draco took the center & Blaise took the one on the left. All rooms were white at the moment. Walking back out, Harry askd, alittle embarrased, as he seen out of the corner of his eye, Blaise & draco were changing their room colours to what they liked, already, "Um... how..." he pointed toward the other's rooms, "How do I do that?"

Catching on, Fred said, "All you do is, take out your wand, go upto the white objects in your room, place your wand tip to it, shut your eyes and imagine the colour you want it to be... you can even do different designs in you can think of them. Its rather useful actuly and you can set a password so you can stop someone playing a trick on you and changing your colour choices," he said with a smirk.

Biting his lower lip, Harry wandered back into his room, took out his wand and placed the tip against the bed, shut his eyes and when he opened his eyes, the bed was a deep shade of green, like his eyes, the covers a different shade of green & light green pillows. Smiling, Harry did a small victory dance, before he heard laughter coming from his door. Apperently Fred had called Draco & Blaise out of their rooms to watch Harry, as he attempted his first try and finding it worked. Rolling his eyes, Harry walked over to a far wall and did the same thing as he did for the bed, only this time, a design formed on the wall that slowly started to come into focus and started to move, appearntly Harry had created a snitch on the wall and it had started zooming all over the room. The walls themselves - changed as that one wall changed - were a gentle, but solid forest green with Gryffindor gold & red trimmings. Smiling like the Hippogryff that ate the ferret, he said, "Well, what do you think of my mad skills?"

Draco smirked and nodded, then let out a slight chuckle as he reached for the snitch and it moved away from him again and again. "This really neat Harry, but howdid you get the snitch to work?" he asked, as he tried searching for the snitch, that happened to disappear from that wall.

"Honestly I think that was a fluke, but all I did was concentrate on something I really liked and that popped out. I wasn't thinking of that though, I was hoping for a colour," said a still stunned Harry.

Blaise nodded and headed back to his room... not ten seconds later, there was deep gut wrentching laughter coming from his room. Rushing out of Harry's room, Fred seeing what it was first, snickered and stepped aside for the other two. Harry looked at it strangely, not getting what it was, but Draco knew right away. There before them, was an image of an insedent from the year before, when Harry had walked into the girls Qudditch changerooms without thinking and was stuck upside down to the Gryffindor goal posts. Harry turned very red, looky ready to pound Blaise, before he started laughing as well.

Calming himself a bit, Fred said to the boys, "Okay, so dinner is in 30 minutes. Drace ordered dinner for us from a muggle pizza shpe that also serves magical folk... hey Harry, whats a pizza?" So there it was, Harry spent the next 25 minutes, explainning to Fred and the others, what a pizza was exactly... and having to rpeat it a few different times for the magical people who didn't understand how muggles got by without using magic.

Nodding there heads, when they finally 'got it', there was a knock at the front door of the Borrow. A very attractive blonde stood at the door, wearing a bright coloured cap, shirt and pants, with a logo of a pizza shop on her cap and shirt, carrying a baggy with 10 pizzas magicly shrunken within. As all the boys came down to the door, Fred let her in and after Harry, Blaise & Draco took the pizzas, Fred tried chatting up the delivery girl, with no success ofcause. "Thats 90 pounds or 30 gallons, choose your payment boys," said the attractive lady. After paying her, she left, much to Fred's displeasure.

Fred unshrunk the pizzas and Harry goto explainning them to the fellars, "Hey Fred, this is what you call a meat pizza," said Harry, pointing at the first box he opened, "... as you can see, its mostly meat, with cheese. Five cuts meats all up, with bbq sauce, it is my favorite, its called a meat lovers pizza." Than he went on to discuse the rest, "This one is supreme, baicly capsicin... thats those little red and red cubes, with cheese and mushrooms. Thats a seafood one, its really tasty and best eaten when warm. That one with the cut up pieces of meat is salamy, tomato, cheese & chilli pizza... everything pizza, has to have cheese on it, its like tradition. Oh this one is... is... actully I don't know what this one is, but it looks great," said Harry, looking at a three cheese pizza, as if it would vanish before he got some. "The rest look like they are Wizard foods, so I guess you guys would known more about them than me."

Blaise stood up, wandered over and started explaining the magical foods on the remainning five, as Gorge & Ron pulled up in the driveway as Mr. Lovegood was escorting his daughter Luna, Ginny & Hermione over from his place, where they had been staying for a few hours - you know, the whole, 'why hang out with boys when girls are better - "Greettings lads, here are the girls. I hope you have everything for tomorrow, I'll be taking you to the portkey bright & early, so I can head off to the Quibbers editoriay," said Mr. Lovegood.

Fred greeted him, "Hello Mr. Lovegood, yes we will be ready, we are ready now actuly, but we'll be ready for you sir."

Nodding, Mr. Lovegood, kissed his daughters forehead and said, "You take care sweety and don't get into trouble."

"Yes daddy, you have fun while we are gone tomorrow and goodluck with the story on illigal Centaur sports betting," said a less than 'airy' Luna Lovegood.

"Bye Mr. Lovegood, see you at eight am sir," said Gorge.

An ackward silence filed the air for alittle while, before Luna walked upto Harry, Blaise & Draco and introduced herself, "Hello, you must be Harry, Draco & Blaise. I'm Luna Lovegood, I'm starting school this year with Ginny."

"Thats great Luna, what house do you think you'll get into?" asked Blaise.

Looking deep in thought, Luna said, "I hope its Ravenclaw like my mum was, but I'd settle for Gryffindor or Slytherin," she leaned in close to Blaise and said in a whisper, "Theres no way I would want to be a Puff." Blaise laughed and nodded his agreement.

Acting alittle more shy then she ever had with Harry, Ginny stuck out her hand to Blaiseans introduced herself, "H... hi I'm Ginny, but you can call me Gin," Fred, his twin Gorge, Ron, Harry & Draco all shared a look and sniggered alittle as the two shoock hands and Blaise went a slight shade of pink.

"Um... I'm... I'm Blaise Zabini, Miss Weasley, its nice to meet you," said Bliase, taking her hand and trying to be a gentleman, as he kissed her knuckles, making the oth males in the room roll their eyes, while making the girls swoon.

"Okay, how about we get to dinner and then upto bed, its already late and we have an early start, so come now, dinner time," said Fred, right before he seen Ron already helping himself, "Watch it Ron, that one is alittle hot..." Ron had already bit into the pizza with the salarmy ontop and turned red because of the chilli.

They all had a good laugh at that and as the pizzas started being eaten, they broke off into groups of guys & girls. The boys went back to their rooms and the girls went into Ginny's room, where guest beds were already arranged.

The Next Morning
After everyboy had tried waking Ron up even Blaise, who threw an exploding snap card at the back of his head and recieved not even the slightest stir. "Fred came into the room and tipped a bucket of extra cold water over his youngest brothers head, waking him up instantly and laughing rather hard as Ron came up fighting.

"Okay, atleast he is up now," said Gorge, "Time to get moving, so everyone into the shower, get changed and be down for breakfast before Mr. Lovegood comes by. We have... just under 45 minutes, come on now, chop chop."

Looking down at the youngest male redhead, as he kept hitting Fred, Ginny said, "We thought you would want to be up and ready for this game Ron, Holly Harpies are against the Chudley Cannons."

Rons face lite up like a Christmas tree, as he dashed off too the bathroom, finishing in record speed, then having the hide to tell everyone else that they are moving too slow, when most of the group had already been showered and changed into their clothing for the game and had already eaten.

Portkey - Holly Harpies Qudditch Home Areana
The group of young teens & older twin teens were walking along a pathway not far from the Weasley's home, with Mr. Lovegood. The later dressed in a bright blue cloak with a peach coloured wizards cap, looking like a beacon as the light skimmed off it. "Alright kids, thats the portkey, remember to hold onto it firmly and don't let go until you see the ground beneath you," saying this, Mr. Lovegood "Goodbye & goodluck," then apparated away.

Shaking his head, slightly amused, Draco placed his hand on the manky old boot first, followed by the others and soon after, there was a buzzing sound, then the group felt that sickerning feeling at the back of their navels, as they were wisked away in a vortex of wind.

With everyone landing somewhat 'un-usual', besides Luna, they headed down toward the stands out the front of the Arena, where Young man, maybe of 30, with a sign that said , 'The Weasleys & Friends', handed Fred & Gorge the tickets that Drace had arranged, halfway up, where most of the posh families seemed to be. Which was a shock to the Weasleys, as they looked at the tickets when they headed toward their tent for the thrid last game of the year.

"Wow," said the twins in unisin.

"This is..." began Fred.

"... truely amazing," continued Gorge.

Harry smiled and said, "I'm going to have to thank my Uncle bigtime for this... just wow," he said as they entered the lavish magicly inhanced tent.

After spending some time within the tent, having a few snanks and what not, they headed toward the game, running into Theodore Nott the Second & his son Theo Nott the third. Looking over at Harry, Blaise & Draco, he sneered and said, "Do injoy the game, while you can boys, it may well be your last time of fun this year after all," with that he turned away, with Theo casting Hermione a discusted glare, only matched by his father's, when he seen what his son was starring so intently at.

Finding their seats / stands, soon after the small runin with the Notts - right above where the Holly Harpies came out of - they settled for a good game, in where the Chudley Cannons were flogged - much to Ron's displeasure - 270 to 130, they headed backto the tent, finding the 30 year old man who was being paid by Drace, holding out a return portykey for the Borrow and a portkey for Diagon Alley, that he gave to Fred - he being the more 'stable' of the twins - for tomorrow.

Back at the Weasleys, the next day
Waking up in their rooms or in Ron's case, on the kitchen floor, where he fell asleep after pintching a leftover piece of pizza after the others went to bed. Draco came down, hearing the screechs of his owl and the others, he called up the stairs that the Owls were here. After some time everyone came down for breakfast - with Ron still on the kitchen floor - recieved their school letters, with a supply list. Draco, Bliase & Harry, offered to pay for everyone else's school stuff, from their trust funds and the others somewhat agreed after Harry made a speech about, "But you guys... and girls," he said, looking at Hermione, Ginny & the new one, Luna, "... are basicly family, so let us help." The point sold them.

"Okay peoples, we need to get a school trunks packed and be out of here in two hours, so get going," said Gorge, as his brother cleaned up the table with Ginny. It was just before 8am, much to Ron's displeaure, as he had been waking up around 11am each day of summer.

Gringots - Diagon Alley
Walking from where they flooed at the Leaky Cauldren, Fred took Harry, Luna - as odd as the Lovegoods are, they were a rather rich family - Draco & Blaise with him, toward Gringots for their trustfunds, while Gorge took Hermione, Ginny & Ron for a walk around the Alley and were to meet the others at the Icecream Parlor, later on.

Stepping upto one of the rather bored looking goblins, Draco said, "Greetings Goblin, we require a cart to our trustfund vaults as soon as possible."

The goblin just snorted at first, not really carring who it was, after all, it was just a grope of kids, why'd they be important enough to talk too. "Do you have you keys?" sanpped the goblin, which sat up rather quickly, when he seen the keys belonging to Lovegood, Potter Hartner, Malfoy Hartner & Zabini / Hartner. "Uh... Right then, wait over there and someone will be with you shortly Sirs & Miss."

Luna smirked and turned to the others, showing her wicked streak, "Did you see the way that goblin reacted when he seen our keys, I thought he would have a had a heart attack," she chuckled alittle, as did the others, unable to not laugh with her funny chuckle.

A small goblin, smaller than a house elf, greeted the teens and took them to a cart, in which the road down deep into the dragon gaurded area of the bank. Standing on a platform as they all exited the cart, the small goblin took the keys of the three boys, opening each, to reveal huge piles of gallons - which Fred & Luna looked on in awe - then the small gobline walkd down the teer alittle more, taking Luna & Fred with him down to Luna's vault, as Harry, Draco & Bliase were grabbing bags full of gallons, to last the whole year infact.

Sometime later the small group walked out of Gringots, meeting Mad-Eye on the outside. "Hello kids, what brings you lot here today?"

Harry smiled up at the scarred Auror, the only one that could keep a straight face around him and said, "Getting our school suppiles sir, we offered to pay for the others, because as my Uncle says, 'friends are family as well'," they both nodded at that, then harry asked, "Did the papers go through sir?"

Moody cracked a smile and nodded, "Oh aye lad, the papers went though, as did the papers for a few other projects your Uncle Drace asked me to handle. Like the Vampire Treaty," he said, patting his chest pocket.

Smiling and nodding his understanding, as the kids and Mad-Eye headed toward the icecream parlor, where Blaise bought the icecreams. "Sir," he looked toward Mad-Eye, who nodded for him to continue, "What happens now, do these badges you gave us let us do magic on Hogwarts grounds too sir?" said Blaise, looking hopeful, but trying to hide it.

Gruffling, Mad-Eye nodded, "Yes lad, they allow you, Draco & Harry to use magic anywhere on Hogwarts grounds for a full year. After all, thats what the papers said. You are Harry's protection, so the normal rules the other students have to follow are void because of those badges." Seeing the looks on Ron, Fred, Gorge & Hermione, he said, "And I'll put papers through for you four as well." He reached into a pocket and pulled out a long black case, opened it up and handed the other four, small badges with Jonior Auror on them. "Consider yourselves part of Harry's protection detail... just don't get caught doing something like pranking people you two," he said with a stern look at Fred & Gorge, which didn't look too truthful with the great big smile he had.

End of Chapter 02

AN 1: I had to halve this, because this & the next one were too long, so I hopeit don't confuse peoples and sorry for cutting the Qudditch thing to arriving there and then leaving. I didn't know what to really put up, but I hope you people like it. If not, give me a review and ideas for the next story, because I plan on doing all of them, upto the Order of the Phoenix

AN 2: Lochart will be in the next one, sorry peoples.

- P.P.
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