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Whats A Lockhart

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Meeting Lochart, trouble with the Notts, a giant snake, Fawks fireball

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AN 1: I don't own anything that came from the J.K.R. World of Harry Potter and if you don't know which is hers, go buy the books or the dvds and have a looky see. - I did not make any profit off any of my fan fiction stories.

AN 2: This chapter follows the last one. I had to cut it in half because it was waaay too long so I hope it doesn't confuse some of you peoples. I guess the wedding scene will be in this one... please don't laugh at my attempts, I'm not that good at lovey dovey stuff >.< MILD SMUT WARNING!

After finishing their icecreams at the icecream parlor, Harry, Blaise, Draco, Ron, Hermion, Luna Ginny & the Weasley Twins, said their goodbyes to Mad-Eye and headed off toward Flourish and Blotts. With Harry hearing about something called 'a Lockhart'm he turned to the others and asked, "Guys, Whats a Lohart..." just before the rather annoying man, with a huge smile and teeth inpossibly white, seen Harry & yanked him aside, almost pulling his arm out of the socket.

"When Harry Potter came here today into Flourish and Blotts to buy my vast collection of books, he didn't know he'd be recieving my entire collection," said the irratating man, tempting Harry to hex him where he stood. A few cameras flashed from reporters from the Daily Profit, The Quibber & a few smaller run news outlets. Leaning into Harry alittle, the man said in a whisper, "Smile Harry, together, you & I make the front page of all those newspaper."

Harry smirked, pushed Lochart away and then said outloud - mostly to all the mothers in the room - "STOP TOUCHING MY ARSE YOU OLD PERVE!" and ran away from Lochart toward the others, as the mothers in the room started hexing up a storm. As everyone watched Lochart run from the store and laughing at a few well placed jelly-legs & stinging hexes, as Lochart ran screaming from the book store, his tail between his legs - another hex that was fired at him - Luna pulled Harry aside, "I know he didn't really do that Harry, I seen that, but don't worry, our seceret," she smiled up at him wickedly as they walked down the isles, picking out books for their classes / years.

Finishing up in the book store, they did the same in the potion supplies store, which was the Arclite store (read Making Wrongs, Right for what that store is) - which Harry's Uncle had told him about - and found ot was a better store then the others, in where they not only found all the potion supplies they needed without having to order them, like the other places, they also bought a new pet for Ron, after that nasty rat Wormtail being arrested, but not wanting to go far from that, Ron picked a black rat.

Madam Malkins
Upon wandering into the robe fitting shop - leaving it to last - 2nd years were whisked away by Madam Malkins' assistants, to get their robes done, as 1st years, as well as the twins were seen too by Madam Malkins.

After a few choice words from being stabbed a few times by the assistant, Harry stood down from the stand and went looking for someone else who didn't go weak at the knees for the whole 'hero complex'. "Excuse me Madam Malkins, is there any chance you could help me, because I'm sick of being a wizard pin-cusion," said Harry, finding another few pins - he didn't even know - that were in his right thigh.

Nodding her head, but not turning to him, as she was helping Luna & Ginny, who were giggling at his luck, "Yes I think I can, just hop up onto that little stand behind you and put your arms out to your sides please." Doing as she said, he suddenly felt alittle worried, as Madam Malkins, while not looking at him at all, waved her wand at him and one of her magic tape-messures started twisting around him, as well as pins moving here there and everywhere, pinning the robes for a more, 'form fitting' shape.

Not 20 seconds into Harry's new robe fitting by the seems mistress, there was a yelp from either Draco or Ron, because they both came over and did the same thing as Harry, only Ron's wand was busted. Apperently the assistant - still being jumpy from hurting The-Boy-Who-Lived - drove a pin, a good inch into Rons side, just under the skin, Ron jumped backwards and in the process there was a snap, which he found out was his wand.

About an hour later, the group had finished all there robe fittings and were about to leave, when Luna spoke up. "Um, what about my Uncle Olly's?" After recieving strange looks from the others, she pointed to a sign across the street. "Olivanders Wand shop, my Uncle Olly owns it. Don't Ginny & I get our wands now?"

The boys all looked redfaced and Hermione looked no better, "Yes Luna, you two do, come on we will go now." Leading the two youngens over, the guys slowly moving to the shop, worried slightly at meeting the creepy old guy who gave them their wands a year before - Fred & Gorge stopped off at Zonko's while the others went into Olivanders Wand Shop.

Upon walking into the Wand Shop and ringing the bell on the front desk, Olivander came out, finding his niece and smiled down at her. "Hello Luna, its nice to finally see you out here today and hello Miss Weasley, Luna has told me so much about you, so how about we get this moving along shall we." The famous wand maker, seen the others coming through the front door and smiled, than headed off toward the back of the store, coming out with a roll bag - like what cooks keep their knives in while not using them - as well as four trial wands for the girls and motioned for Harry, Draco and the others to come forward as well. "Here you go Luna, take a swing."

The small blonde grasped the wand and did as her uncle had said, blowing up a light fixture in the backroom. "Nope not that one, next please Uncle," said the wided-eyed girl, still with a smile on her face. Taking the next one, there were bright red & yellow sparks as soon as she held it anda huge smile threatening to split her face. "YAY I found it," turning to Harry, who stepped before her and placed a small bag of gallons on the counter, she smiled her thanks, blushing alittle.

"Thats a good choice of wand, Luna, great grip and beautiful core. No doubt you will do great things with that wand my dear. Now for you Miss Weasley... how about... hmmm no how about this one," he said, handing her a wand made from bloodwood with a core made from leftover dragon heartstrings from Drace, the month before. "Yes, I think that one will do nicely Miss Weasley," red sparks filled the room, brighter still from Luna's, but short lived.

Blaise stepped upto the counter, doing the same for Ginny, as Harry did for Luna, "Thankyou for your service today Mr. Olivander, I hope there is enough gallons in here for Ginny's wand sir and considering the rest as a tip, kind sir."

The group turned to leave, only to be stopped by Olivander. "Just one moment gentlemen. Harry your Uncle came to see me before Christmas and asked me to make some new wands for you and those of your friends here in your 2nd year at Hogwarts. Now usally I wouldn't do this, so, " he flicked his wand toward the door, which caused the sign to flick to 'closed' and the door to lock. "This isn't exactly by the books, but it is still within the law, although not many of the common people know about it." Opening and unrolling the roll-bag, Olivander took out 4 wands, 3 that Drace had made from the wood he brought and 1 wands made from his own collection of woods. "Misters Potter, Malfoy & Zabini, these are for you. They are made from an ancient wood called Blackus, its beyound rare, as is the core for Misters Malfoy & Zabini, which is basilisk venom & phoenix feathers, white for Draco & black for Blaise."

Blaise gasped as he took hold of his, as did Draco & Harry, "Wow," waid all three boys, at the power they felt flowing through the wands.

"I had made a spare for Mr. Longbottom as welland he picked it up earlier today. Miss Granger, if you will, " he said, handing her a wand, "The wand is made from Cherrywood, its rather smooth to the touch and can hold alot of energy. The core was alittle tricky, but it has been stablized, with ground chimera scales, suspended in blood from a centaur. I do hope all over you use these wands well and so you know, these are free of charge. Your Uncle traded the the cores & wood as payment for the wands, Harry." Turning and walking toward the back room, Olivander waved his wand, the front door unlocked and the closed sign turned toward 'open' and said before he disappeared completely, "Have a good day lads & Lasses." After that strange happening, everyone walked to the Leaky Cauldren and flooed back to the Weasley's home, in an odd silence.

Black Resort, day of the Weddings
Down on the first level of the resort, there were atleast 20 seats on both sides of the isle, guests of the grooms on the right and back, guests of the brides on the left and back, leaving room at the front for the honored guests, like Albus Dumbledore - on the right - Minerva McGonagall - on the left - and a few members left from the Order of the Phoenix, that everyone knew about and the Ministry tried to make out to be a myth.

Looking around at all the beautiful decorations of white sheets hanging around the room - to close off the weedings to the rest of the level - with inlaid swirls of silver, as some magical weddings had if they were outside. Red, gold and white flowers down the outside of the seating areas, lillies hanging from the celling and a soft trill coming from Fawks - Dumbledore's phoenix and longtime friend - Drace smiled, looking toward the grooms & the brides and smiled, than when he seen Dora starring lovingly at him intently, he quickly wiped away tears and blushed, returning her loving stare - with a small hint of annoiance, when he seen her eyes travle down his robes and the mirth in her eyes, when she seen he was wearing the robes she picked out with flakes of pink through the stitching.

As with muggle weddings as well, magical weddings went along the same lines, the bride or in this case, 'brides', were walked down by their fathers. The music started to play, the traditional 'wedding march' for muggle weddings was replaced by Fawks, as the phoenis started to trill alitter louder as Emiline, in her peach coloured lace dress & her father in straight black robes, began their walk. Handing his daughter off to Remus, he smiled somewhat and sat down with his wife, holding her hand tightly. Shortly after, Hestia, in a light blue lace dress, walked down with her father, who wore the same as Emi's father. Hestia's father looked somewhat hesitatnt to give his daughter away, but after a quick jab in the side from his daughter, he gave her away, sitting next to his wife as well.

The magical world's version of a preist stood tall, maybe over a foot above the others there - half-giant - and started in a clear voice, "We are gathered here today, for the weddings of Remus Lupin to Emiline Vance & Sirius Black to Hestia Jones. I for one, wish these two couples long life, love and care throughout their marriages and lifetimes. If there is anyone here who objects, let it be said now or forever hold your tongue," he waited for a minute, the continued. "Grooms," both men looked from their brides to the magi-priest, "Will you take these ladies as your wives, will you honor, cherrish and be truthful to your wives for as long as you live?"

"I will," both men said, looking at there wives with watery eyes. An emerald ribbon magicly tied itself loosley around the gentlemen's right wrists, as they held their loved one's right hand, as they faced each other.

"Emiline, Hestia, will you take these brutes as your husbands, to honor, cherrish and be truthful to as long as you live?

Again, as the 'brutes' had done, both girls answered, "I will." A ruby ribbon magicly tied itself loosely around their right wrists as they held their loved one's right hand.

Smiling down at the two couples the magi-preist nodded and said, "With the power vested in me by the magic and light bestoyed upon these weddings, I, Priest Zin of the first Druid Community & Church in England, do hereby wed these young people, Remus & Emiline Lupin, Sirius & Hestia Black. May you forever be inlove and may you remember Remus & Sirius, that after each fight, you are always wrong, no matter what you think," that produced laughter from the people around the place. The ribbons on each of the newly-weds hands were tightened and faded into the skin.

The first dance was a huge sucess, even with Remus' two left feet, Emi still managed to dance happily with her new husband, as did Hestia & Sirius. Soon after, the girls parents joined, as did Authur & Molly Weasley, then Lucius & Narcissa Malfoy joined them on the dance floor, followed by Dora Tonks, almost dragging Drace Hartner onto the dance floor - the former soon finding out why Drace didn't wnat to dance, as he looked right out of place, dancing like a tree caught in the wind - with others coming to dance as well.

Back at the joint penthouse suites, later that night
Dora was rushing through the rooms, looking fo things they may have left behind when Drace had packed their things before the weddings. "Did you see where I put my black robes with the green trimming hunny?"

Chuckling slightly before he answered and recieved a swat from Dora, Drace said, "Why yes dear, you are wearing them... OW, what was that for?" asked Drace, rubbing his arm and fake scrowling at Dora.

Looking at her boyfriend with narrowed eyes, she took out her wand and gave a quick flick, swapping his usual non-robe clothing, with the robes he wore at the wedding, only making the pink shine through more and sticking the robes on him with a charm Drace didn't know. Starring down a himself with wide-eyes, Drace shrieked, "CHANGE IT BACK, CHANGE IT BACK!" before chasing Dora around the room and finaly tackling her on the bed, pinning her hands above her head. "Dora, please change my robes back... or else," he threatened, looking down at her.

Biting her lower lip, she smiled up at him, mirth clear in her eyes, "... or else what Dracey?" she asked, using her petname for him. "You wouldn't hurt poor innocent me would you?" she smiled up at him and lent up, kissing him softly.

After the kiss, Drace smiled wickedly, holding both her hands abover her head with one of his hands, he removed his wand and upon seeing her wide eyes as he traced it in an complex pattern, he simply said, "You thought I was going shag you huh... oh well, your loss hunny." He smirked alittle, as he heard Dora gasp, as her knickers started to vibrate & her bra started to shrink, then hopped off her, standing to the side, "Now please change my robes back darlin."

Whimpering alittle, Dora did as she was asked and in a quick move, Drace plucked out Dora's wand - not that it would matter, Dora was riding the wave of pleasure going through her - and pocketed it inside his coat, on the left with his wand. "Draaaace," Dora shivered saying, "... pleassse turn thiiiss offfffff!"

Shaking his head, Drace walked away, grinning cheekily as he packed the rest of their things, than walked next door. Knocking on the door, a topless Sirius answered the door - apperently the couples were playing strip poker and they guys had lost the most - said, "Goodbye you four, congrats on the wedding dance, you all looked great. Dora isn't feeling so well and didn't want to come to say goodbye incase she made you lot sick on your wedding night, so we are heading home now. Remember you newly weds, you have been keyed into Hartner Manor, so return when you want and I'll leave my owls Teal & Arcadia here for you to use... for whatever you like."

With that said and done, Drace headed back to his & Dora's suite, only to be tackled upon walking in and shutting the door, finding himself on the loungeroom floor, after he went over the back of the couch and being molested by a hyper Dora, trying to stip off the ever hugging and ever vibrating undergarments, with Drace laughing up at her. "Its not funny Drace, get these things off me dammit... I wanna shag NOOOW!" ordered Dora, just as she rode another wave of pleasure.

Drace smiled thinking, 'thank the Goddess these rooms have strong silencing charms.' Pushing Dora to the side, as he stood back up, he smiled down at her, grinning cheekily again - knowing that the knickers would start up slowly again and really vibrate stronger over every 5 minutes - offering her a hand up, which she took, starring daggers at him. "Awe, come now Nymphie," said Drace, using his pet name for her, knowing it annoied her alittle, "... alls fair in love & war baby," Drace smirked, taking his wand and waving it at their luggage, then half walking with, half carrying Dora beside him, as they made their way toward the elavator - Dora riding another wave of pleasure and Drace knowing there would be big trouble when he reomoved it - then out to thw lobby, returning their keys and toward the floo system. "Hartner Manor, The Dragons Head," he said in a clear voice, as the pair stepped through.

The Dragons Head
Dora waited until the floo switched off, before she started, "YOU," Drace went alittle white, not expecting to be yelled at so soon. "... take this thing off me RIIIGHT NOW or so help me there will be NO SEX for A MONTH."

Looking at her shocked, than smiling smugly, he said, "Awe come now Nymphie, you know you couldn't handle no sex for that long."

Drace's smug look disapeared when he seen Dora's evil look and her words, "Who says it'd be from someone like you, I know lots of fellers who want shag me."

Signing, Drace took out his wand and removed the spell, then walked away slowly, their luggage following him to their room, as he walked past Dora, he gave her wand back, leaving her in the lobby of Hartner Manor, to think over what she said.

Starring after Drace, she couldn't understand what had happened, then it hit her like bludger to the head, "Drace," she called out, than ran after him, getting to their room and finding Drace standing at one of the 7 windows of the room, with a bottle of firewhisky beside him with two glasses. Softly calling his name, he turned around to her, seeing a few tears in his eyes and came to him, embracing him, "Oh Drace I'm sorry, you know I didn't mean it."

Wrapping his arms around her, he held her tightly and kissed the top of her head, "Its okay Dora, I should have guessed I would have caused our first fight. But it wasn't all what you said then hun," he said, looking down at her.

Dora tilted her head, then said, "Did you See something baby?" Drace only nodded and held onto her tighter, trying to hold back his tears. "Was it us or little Harry?"

Clearing his throat a few times, "Harry... he has some dangerous events coming up in his lifetime and it looks like I may be the cause of one of them. Oh Dora I don't know what to do or say... my coming here looks to be more of a problem then a solution."

Leaning back, Dora said in a stern voice, "Now listen here Mister, there is no need to talk like that. If you hadn't came here than Harry would be still living with those abusive muggles instead of here in this loving home with this loving family," said Dora, as she seen Di & Jasmin, the guard vampire from Romainia, Uri, Tora & the other fledglings coming into the room, "... be that a strange family with our vampire flegdlings and vampire friends, your advisors, their wives, the Malfoys and Zabinis, but a family, none the less. If not for you being here, this family wouldn't have been pulled together. You and I wouldn't have met and been happy together, so perk up Mister and thats an order," said Dora, smiling up at him.

"Nodding and smiling alittle more, "Okay Dora, you win hunny." Turning to the others, he said, "Hi guys, girls... fanged friends sorry we made such a racket then and sorry again for not inviting you to the weddings, but it was a precaution that had to be taken, what with two of you who would deffiently turn to ash in the sunlight and out fledglings, even with taking the blood from myself with my unique blood and that of Dora's, with her metamorph blood, you would still either be badly burnt or again, a pile of ashes with the amount of sun at Black Resort.

Nodding their heads, already knowing it anyhow, Di said, "It is okay my Lord, we already knew before you had told us about the weddings. We do hope they went well and please sir, may my sister & I um..."

Catching to what Di was getting at, ash he seen them looking to his fledglings and the look his fledglings were returning, that of sorrow to see them leave. "Do you ladies wish to be re-Sired?" he asked. Both girls nodded, "Well, you both seen what has to happen, kneel before the one you choose to be with," he said, as both Jasmin & Di stepped forward. Jasmin kneeling before Dora & Di kneeling before Drace, smiling and waiting to join the famililes.

Motioning for Dora to go first, Drace stood and watched. Dora placed her hand on the vampire's head and intoned, "I, Nymphadora Niana Tonks, do hereby accept Jasmin Norc into the Tonks Family, may you forever be known as Jasmin Tonks, Second fledgling of the clan and first guard... so mote it be." A bright violet aura wrapped around the fledgling & Dora, then slowly soaked in to both, Sire & Fledgling. "Arise second fledgling and recive your re-Siring," said Dora, making a small slit on her throat, she held her fledgling at her throat, not feeling the tingling as like she had the first time, but feeling slightly numbed. Then when she released the fledgling, her fledgling's hair became longer, black with a shimmer of pink through it, like Zach's had, but her eyes turned a deep red almost violet colour.

Drace nodded and clapped his hands, "Well done Dora, well done." Looking down at Di, he smiled down at the vampire, soon to be fledgling once more and placed his hand upon her head and spoke in a clear voice, "I, Lord Drace Darrkus Hartner, do hereby accept Di Norc into the Hartner Clan, may you forever be known as Di Hartner, First Guardian of the clan... so mote it be." A crimson and blue aura wrapped around the fledgling and Drace, then slowly soaked in. "Arise, first guardian and prepare for your re-Sireing." With that said, Drace made a small slit on his jugular, holding his fledgling to his neck and feeling her suckle alittle, then as she moved away, her body started to react, her hair changed to jet black and her eyes to crystal blue, shortly after that she stood ramrod tall, awaiting her new Sires orders. "Well do ladies, let us all retire to the master suite bed, shall we," said Drace, wiggling his eyebrows and making Dora blush, as well as his other fledglings. While Dora's fledglings, merely picked rolled their eyes and almost carried Dora toward the magically enlarged bed.

Later that night - after the fledglings & guard vampires returned to their basment areas for the day - Dora & Drace opened their buildup of mail from since they were away at the weddings and Dora found out she had been asked to escort & be security for a lady from the Board of Governers, while she stayed at Hogwarts. "Wow, looks like I won't be around for awhile Drace. Can you handle life with out me," she said sarcasticly, recieving a swat on her right rump cheek. Smiling, she said, while chuckling, "Okay, maybe you can."

End of Chapter 03

AN 1: Okay that didn't turn out as good as I expected it too, but hey, atleast there was alil smut... sorta >.<

AN 2: The wedding was going to go longer, but I guess I sort of got bored with it. Hopefully the next lot is better.

- P.P.
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