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Saide is still in the hospital with the guys.Could she be falling for Bob?

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Okay my readers are awsome! =D
Thank you so much for your reviews it means so much that you like the story.
As i lay there I kept on going over the same question.Who did this to me?Why would someone do this to me?Could it have been Alli?It was all just so confusing.Another question.Where the hell was Alli?I had know that the concert had stoped and what had happened to me had been all over the news,so why wouldnt Alli come looking for me?So many unanwsered questions.I looked around the room to see Gerard sleeping on a mini couch with Frankie on one side and Mikey on the other,Bob right next to me with his head on the bed and Ray in a chair with his head tilted down making it look like he was all fro.I giggled quietly at that thought.

I thought about other things before deciding[?] to go to sleep.After all the nightmares passed there was a dream that could be good if I had understood what it meant.It was simply Bob and I kissing backstage at one of MCR's shows.Well that woke me up.I nearly shot up into a sitting position[?] only to find that all the guys were awake now and had turned to stair at me making me blush bright red.

"Hia sleepy head!"Mikey said giggling

"Hey"Why was he being so nice to me?His brother was acting like I was the worst thing that ever happened to him.

"Gerard don't you have something to say to her?"Frank urged[?]

"Yeah,uhhh sorry for being so rude yesterday,I can be that way sometimes."He was really apoligizing[?] to me?

"s'okay"I replied to him smiling a little,even with the fact i had been stabed this was pretty awsome.

So today was pretty good.I was now best friends with mikey and at least friends with everyone in the band.Bob seemed to be acting like he wanted to be more than friends and every time we talked i seemed to rember the dream.The kiss,it just seemed so real,the passion,the love,God i hoped he liked me.A few hours passed and the nurse had to take blood again.Just as she was about to take out the needle a woman came in the door saying i had a visitor.I didnt know who it could be but I didnt think I wanted to find out.
Okay so I just wanted to say thanks again,it means so much to me that people like the story.=]
So whos do you think is going to be the visitor?
Guess you just have to keep reading =P
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