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Sadie has been stabbed just as the show starts....

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Hello again!
yeah i know i might be writing too quickly but its the only think to do at the moment =]
so im going to try to make this chapter better but theres no tellin how itll come out.
and thank you to the ones that reviewed it means so much to me [gives you a thank you cookie] =]

I looked around at my back and saw only red on the shirt i was wearing that was orignally white,it was then in realized i had been stabed.I just kept looking at my back not knowing what to do.I could scream but it wouldnt do much good being at a MCR show.As i staired at the shining blade i felt my breathing becoming more and more shallow and my eyesight was fading away slowly i looked up in search for Alli but she was nowhere to be seen.Suddenly the knife was pushed in deeper and deeper until I lost all feeling in my body I looked up and just as i started to fall locked eyes with Mikey Way and mouthed "help".The last thing I rember was Mikey suddenly jumped off stage,put his bass down,and caught my body just as it was about to meet the hard,cold floor.

I could suddenly hear things and that terrible beeping sound just HAD to stop or i would go insane.


and AGAIN with the beeping,this will be the death of me.Suddenly i heard voices

"Mikey what were you thinking?!"a male voice yelled

"Gerard calm down i couldnt just let her fall,it just didnt seem right."Mikey replied

Wow the Way brothers were in the same room as me!it was exciting and i had forgot what had happened but suddenly rembered having the feeling come back to my body and once again felt the same pain in my shoulder

"Hey Gee Mikey is right calm down.Dont be selfish,the poor girl was stabbed for fucks sake!"Frank said to Gerard

"Yeah and that really helps,Frank."Gerard replied and you could tell without looking that he rolled his eyes.


It was then that i [finally] realized that i was in the hospital.I moved my fingers a little and knew that if i wanted to i could open my eyes but to tell the truth i was a little scared to do so but decided to stop being a wimp and do it.Slowly,my eyelids fluttered open.Eyeryone in My Chem was there and i looked around the room for a while letting it all sink in.

"wheres Alli?"I managed to croake[spell?]

It was mikey whow walked up to me and took my hand in his "Oh my God,she's awake!"He yelled seeming happy.

"Wheres Alli?"I repeated my question a bit louder this time.

"Whos Alli?"Mikey asked confused[spell?]

"My friend,she was at the concert with me..."I said looking around the room hoping to find anwseres but found nothing.

At that moment the nurse walked in.She was slightly over weight and was dark skinned.

"She's awake?"the nurse asked surprised.

"No fucking shit."I mumbeled quietly and tried to sit up failing and causing myself more pain.

A couple hours passed and the band decided to stay with me and the doctors took blood and gave me sevral shots and pain pills.Just as i started to feel very tired Bob came to talk with me and even stayed at my bedside untill i fell asleep.
I had thought that the sleep would be good but it just brought with it nightmares.I had awoken in the middle of the night and realized there was a very important question that had to be solved.Who did this to me?
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