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Until now she was just a fan,little did she know that night she would become a very big part of the My Chem family.[p.s. this is my first fanfiction so it might not be good at first]

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I just wanna say thank you for reading this.=]
This is my first fanfiction so please review so i know if i should keep going.
If i get good reviews then i will be updating soon =]
and im also very sorry for typos and words being spelled wrong,i try my best.
Thank you again it means so much to me that you read.
I was running all over my room trying to find my My Chemical Romance t-shirt,my friend Alli and I were going to one of their shows tonight.Just as i got it on Alli came bursting in to room.

"Come on Sadie,we're not gonna make it to the show!" my gosh like i didnt know that!

"I know,now lets go!"I replied laughing giving her a playful shove

We ran out the door and got in the car.While I was driving I kept thinking about how the show was going to be,what crazy things would Gerard do?It was just so exciting yet I just wanted the miles of road would go by faster.It was about 5 hours till the show and 4 hours left to go till we were in LA.We turned to radio on and listened to the local rock music station and when there was 3 hours left to drive we pulled into a gas station and got gas,candy,sodas,and energy drinks.Alli and I traded places and she drove for awhile when the song playing on the radio stoped and they started talking about the My Chem show that was now only a few hours away,shrotly after they had the band in the stodio for an interveiew they asked the band questions everyone seemed to asked and then asked what Gee planed to do on stage.I swear to God when i heard him giggle I almost screamed with joy having a feeling I knew."Well i think we might just surprise you." Frankie giggled.God i had a feeling her had something to do with it.We listened to the rest of the interview and by the time it was over we were in LA getting ready for the concert in Alli's mini van
"oh my god im so excited!"i yelled breaking the silence,bouncing in my seat

"me to!"my bestie screamed back at me and starte going over the lyrics to some songs.

we had planed to sing along to every single word.We sat there fixing our hair and going over lyrics for about 30 minuets and it was time for the show.We were inside the building were the show would take place and were some of the first ones inside so we were up front.Minuets passed and the place was already packed as lights dimmed i could feel my heart racing.As the band took their place on stage and Gerard sang the first note i swear my heart stopped beating and suddenly a sharp pain was on my back.I looked around at my back and saw only red on the shirt i was wearing that was orignally white,it was then in realized i had been stabed.
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