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21. Hanging by a moment

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True to his word, Ryan picked up Faith next morning and took her to his apartment, where a full breakfast followed by a nice warm Hubble bath were waiting for her. Ryan even admitted to get up at seven, just to have things ready for her. Faith thought it was cute, cheesy, but cute.

“When are you gonna get rid of this hideous thing?” Faith said, walking out of the bathroom wrapped in a very ugly paisley robe. For some reason Ryan loved that robe and refused to throw it away.

“Right now I’m not very fond of it.” Ryan said kneeling on the bed, eyes dark with lust. “Its keeping me from seeing you...” He said, pulling on one of the strings, dragging Faith close. She giggled.

“Aw, you were waiting for me naked? How thoughtful of you.” She said, caressing his shoulder and kissing him.

“Saves time, you know?” Ryan whispered, peeling the robe off her body and letting it fall on the floor before trapping her waist in his arms and lie Faith down on the bed.

Having sex with Ryan was special. There never was a learning process, a getting to know each other. Their whole relationship started with a few drinks and a casual fuck, but somehow both knew exactly what to do and when to do it to drive each other crazy. There was something special about all being driven by instinct, by the fact that if you asked them, they couldn’t say either. It was one of those things that just happened.

And it happened several times that morning, until exhaustation got the best from Faith (after all, she had been working the night before). Ryan didn’t care, though, he was just as happy to hold her in his arms, knowing this time she was his, and watch her sleep until he fell asleep too.


“I’m going to jump on you.” Faith chanted, walking a few steps behind Ryan, who chuckled. “I mean it, I’m going to jump on you!” She repeated, speeding up a few steps and jumping on Ryan’s back.

“Ouch!” Ryan chuckled, holding her legs around his waist, carrying her through the, fortunately, empty hall that led to the Pediatric ICU. “Not here, honey!” Ryan squealed when Faith bit his neck playfully.

Aiyana was humming a song and smiling while scribbling on the daily chart when she heard someone come inside the changing room. Through the glass, she saw Faith getting off Ryan’s back and she raised an eyebrow at the couple as they entered.

“Hello, cousin!” Ryan said, holding Faith’s hand. Aiyana chuckled.

“Well this is new.”

“Yeah, don’t act so surprised!” Faith said.

“After all, you made this happen.” Ryan added.

“How did I help? By giving up and letting you two dummies figure it out on your own?” Aiyana said, balancing the clipboard on her hip.

“By being an insisting little bitch. After all, what do you think I did after I left your birthday party?” Ryan smiled sweetly.

“I thought you would pussy out, to be honest, but I was HOPING that you’d tell Faith that you loved her and had make-up sex all night.”

“Well I was working that night, so the make-up sex had to wait till next day.” Faith stated. “And we had a make-up sex day!” She kissed Ryan’s cheek and Aiyana laughed. “Anyway, we didn’t come to discuss out make-up sex day, as good as it was... Ryan said you mentioned a double date with you and Mayer and since he’s been bugging me 24/7--”

“Snitch!” Ryan interrupted her, but Faith ignored it.

“--24/7 about details I thought it was a good idea.” Faith finished and Aiyana glared at Ryan

“Didn't i tell you to mind your business?” She said, hands on her hips. Ryan rolled his eyes. “But I'm sure we can manage that.” She said to Faith.

“Great! I think this weekend we’re off. I’ll call you later so you can tell Mayer, okay?” Faith said.

“Sure will.And you better not fucking embarrass me, Ryan.” Aiyana gave her cousin the pointy finger. Ryan opened his mouth to speak, but Faith pulled his hand.

“He’ll behave, don’t worry.” Faith assured Aiyana. “Now, we have to go work. Call you later!”

Ryan gave Aiyana a look and followed Faith back to the changing room, only to see Brendon getting in.

“Hey guys.” Brendon said with a voice that didn’t sound like his at all.

“Doctor Urie.” Aiyana said fixing her eyes on the chart. Ryan looked at both and pushed Faith outside.

“Obvious tension there...” He muttered once they were outside.

“Nothing more than he deserves.” Faith stated, shooting glances backwards as they walked away.
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