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TIC Meets My Chem.

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“Jeremy!! What the hell is your dirty ass boxers doing in my fucking bag!” Wow, I have never heard Maggie cuss so much. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever heard her cuss.

“Sorry, sorry! We have the same color ba-“

“No, mine is blue, yours is GRAY!” Maggie says as she throws the man panties at his face. I giggle.

“Calm down, Mags. Hey where is Connor?” I say trying to change the subject. Jeremy smirks at me and I nod.

“Asleep, probably.”

“Well, lets wake his silly ass up!” I hop off the couch and lay next to Connor. “Hmm, what should we do this time?”

“Here.” Jeremy is ready with shaving cream and a feather. Ah, the classics. I take them hurryingly. I aim it towards Connor’s hand and squeeze. Maggie stands there with her arms crossed and Jeremy is trying not to laugh. I take the feather and lightly tickle his nose. I count to three in my head and…. SMACK!

“What the hell?!” Connor sits up and wipes his face. Jer and I crack up laughing and Maggie tries to hold back.

“Ahahaha!!...I…couldn’t…help myself..!!”

“Ugh, it got all over my shirt! Man, I wanted to wear this one today!”

“Awe, it’s okay, Connor. You can where one of Jeremy’s shirts?”

“Oh, sick!” I giggle and Jer smiles proudly.

“Where’s Amy?” Maggie interjects. I grin and Connor rolls his eyes. Jeremy eyes the shaving cream.

“No, Jer. You should go use that to shave that stubble of yours.” He nods. “I’ll go wake her up.” He runs into the bathroom. I start walking towards Amy’s room. I pass the kitchen and stop. Go back two steps and go forward three. I stop again. I turn myself around and head straight to the fridge. Left over pizza. No. Salad.. No. Gwrar! There’s nothing to eat.

“Change of plans!” Connor and Maggie turn there attention to the kitchen. Jer pops his head out, half shaven.

“Who wants McDonalds!?”

“Hell fucking yes!” Jeremy answers for everyone. I grab the keys to the van.

“Lets go!”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Maggie interjects with a frown. “You’re not driving.”

“Why not? Oh, come on! That was /once/, and it didn’t even flip all the way over.” I exclaim.



“No.” I frown and hand the keys to Maggie. Dumb bitch. Okay so this is what happened… I was coming up to a light, but I wasn’t sure if I had enough time to turn. Amy- in the passenger seat- told me to floor it, and what did I do? Exactly that. The van came up on two wheels, but didn’t tip too much. So, she has no reason to freak. That was the closest thing I got to an accident in my whole life. I’m usually a very safe driver.

“Ugh. Okay, Taylor. You can drive.” She tosses me the keys. I jump in excitement.

“Whoo! C’mon guys!” I turn around to see Connor take a helmet out of his bag.

“What? I put it in there just incase you were driving.” He smirks, Jeremy chuckles.

“Whatever, man. Let’s go!” We all head out the door, and into the rusty burgundy van. I put the car in reverse and take my foot off the brake.

“So, when do we get to meet my chem.?” Jeremy says in excitement. Maggie scoffs, Connor rolls his eyes, and I sigh.

“Chill, Jer.” He frowns. “You’ll met them soon.” I say positively.

“Okay, okay. So when will that be?” No one responds. The rest of the ride was silent.


“Wake up!” Amy sits straight up rubbing her eyes.

“Oh my God what? What?”

"Are you okay? You were like, mumbling and moaning and talking and stuff." I hand her my McDonalds cup.

“Just a weird dream.” She mumbles handing the cup back.

“Oh.” I leave the cup on her end table and walk out the room to finish my Egg McMuffin. I hear Jer ask, once again, about my chem., and Amy and Maggie argue about Splenda. I grab my food and head back into the room.

"But these are my lucky pair!" Jeremy squeals. I try not to laugh. I take a bite of my sandwich, blocking out Amy’s reply. I look at Amy’s alarm clock. Ugh. We have to go meet these dumb fucking emo pansies at the dumb fucking-

"Ugh! Why do we have to hang out in this stupid mall?" I say annoyed.

"Don't even start," Connor snorts. I frown and take another bite. I hear Amy and Maggie start to argue once again.

“Serious, guys, shut the fuck up!” I interject. Everything goes quiet. Maggie breaks the silence breaks the silence by clearing her throat. Everyone glares at her.

"So I was thinking . . . maybe we should all go try on some clothes or something.” Amy suggested. I raise a brow. "because, you know, our clothes aren't exactly clean." I look over to Jeremy. He’s probably saving all that food on his shirt for later. Then I look over to Maggie. She spilt some of her diet soda on her pants, Connor has ketchup on his sleeve, and Amy has some white stuff on her pants… Well, then. My eyes go wide at the thought. Maggie gives me a look of concern and turns to Amy.

"Yeah, Amy's got a point," Maggie says, standing up. "We're meeting a famous band, and we should at least look like we're actually serious about touring with them." I scoff. I get up and stretch, Connor mimics. Once again we head to the van.

"Remember guys, we don't wanna scare them," Maggie warns. Some one responds and the group laughs.

"No, she's right you guys. Dress to impress, not look like retarded freaks." Amy says, and looks at Maggie. I go ahead and walk into Hot Topic. I don’t really like Hot Topic anymore. It’s WAY to over rated.. and had all this dumb fucking Twilight bullshit. I head towards the shirts. I stop when I see a “Team Edward” poster. I take the sharpie I always keep with me out of my pocket and draw a mustache before anyone could see… well, besides Maggie. She always watches me. I have a tendency to steal. Only got caught once…

“Taylor, what would happen if you got caught right now?”

“I didn’t?” I say, snob-like.

“You’re such a brat.” I stick my tongue out and go on about my business. I stare at the wall of shirts. Hard to decide… Marilyn Manson? No.. I have a lot of his shirts. Oh, hey. Here’s A P!ATD shirt. All right… Pants. I look through the pants. God there are no black skinnies that fit my fat ass. I guess these black and white ones will do. I take the pants off the racks and head toward the cashier.

"Hm..I'd say the purple looks the best. OK, which ones for me?" Amy says holding two plaid skirts up.

“Definitely black and white.” I look away and see the wristbands. Hmm, need something to match this shirt… I walk over there and take a brown wristband of the rack and put it in my pants. No one will know. I grin to myself. After buying the clothing I go in the dressing room, change out of my black basketball shorts and Jack Off Jill shirt and stuff them in my bag. I walk out of the store, out to the van in my new clothes.

"Alright, how much time do we-"

Hold up, wait a minute, put a little love in it!

“Hello?” Amy answers. I press my head against hers to hear the conversation, but fail to make out anything he’s saying. I wonder what Jennifer is doing right now. Man, I wonder if she ever text back. I look at Amy’s phone angrily. Fucking Brian. Fucking My Chem. Fucking menstrual cycle. Amy looks at me. I’m not sure if she was talking to me or not… We drive for a few minutes to see a familiar van.

"Hey, doesn't that belong to them?" I ask stepping out of the car.

"Oh, great! I was just hoping they were still lost, too," Amy says adjusting her skirt. Me- being her best friend- can tell that she’s feeling self conscious. I try to make her feel better.

"Amy, stop fiddling! You're as sexy as Jennifer was in that black thong last night." I joke.

"Oh gee, thanks Taylor. That makes me feel so much better being compared to your girlfriend."

"Sorry. I was just-"

"I know. I was kidding," she sighs. "I'm just nervous." I nod.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Jeremy says as we all shut our doors and head into the Ramada Inn. "I can't believe I'm gonna met Bob Bryar!" I grin.

"So, you ready to meet Mikey? I mean, since you both play bass," Amy says, I chuckle.

"Are you kidding? Ray Toro is my sexy bitch, nikaa!" I giggle but interrupted by a tall manly figure.

"Uh, I'm looking for Amy um..Revenge?" I look up at Gerard, then look at Amy.

“Hi…” Amy says, obviously very nervous. “I’m Amy” I sigh to myself. I hope she doesn’t make us look like retarded fangirls. I look at Jeremy, and giggle. Especially him.

“Nice to meet you. Te rest of the guys are in the business room.” He starts to walk, every one following. Amy turns to me.

"You think he heard your Ray comment?" She jokes, softly elbowing me.

“Psh, I’m sure everyone heard it.” We giggle.

"Are you nervous?"

"Nope! Although you should be."


"Because his ass is just begging for a-"

"Taylor I swear to God. If you finish that sentence..."

We finally arrive to the business room. I groan at the sight of the lil’ pansies. Jeremy practically squeals, Amy start to breathe hard, Connor has his arms crossed, and a small gasp from Maggie.

"Hey, there you guys are! We thought you like, died or something." Frank says getting up. Amy and I stand back a little. I don’t wanna get dwarfism… Is that even contagious? I hear every one try to make conversation. All I can focus on is how poofy Ray’s fro is. Amy looks at me and motions towards the cooler full of water. As we walk by Ray I make my famous slurping noise, he turns around and gives us a funny look.

"What the hell, Taylor!" Amy whispers.

"What? I couldn't help it, he's just!" I say out loud and start laughing. She pushes me and I fall still laughing. I pretend to have a seizure and Amy joins on the floor laughing.

“Pee! Pee!” She cries clutching her stomach. This laugh fest goes on for a minute or two, and I tap her on the arm noticing everyone staring at us.

"Don't worry about them, they do that all the time.” Connor says rolling his eyes. Amy and I grab a water and sit down. Me sitting next to Gerard.

"So you guys are your teens?" Ray says as everyone starts scooting closer.

"Well, most of us. Amy just turned twenty yesterday-"

"Happy birthday!" Frank interrupts. I groan. Is he really gunna be this annoying, all the time??

"-and the rest of us are nineteen."

"Except Maggie," Jeremy points out.

"Yeah, she's only seventeen," Connor jokes.

"Shut up, I am not!" Maggie shoots back. "I'll be nineteen in January."

"Ah, cool. Well then I guess you'll be the only one who doesn't drink with us," Mikey jokes.

"Ha, yeah."

"Aw, you guys bummed her out!" Frank says, then gets up and gives her a hug. "Don't worry, sweetheart, I'll stay with you when you're alone."

"Wow Frank, dirty much?" Gerard says unemotionally. Amy looks at me with a frown. I shrug.

"Speaking of dirty," Bob says, standing up. "I gotta go take the Browns to the Super Bowl." I give bob a weird look as he exits the room.

"Dude, that's so from an episode 'According To Jim'!" Amy points out and I sigh.

"Sorry about that. Bob's just..awkward. Really awkward," Ray apologizes.

"It's cool. You should hear Taylor talk." I grin and turn to Maggie with a frown.

"Uh, no, you shouldn't," Maggie says quickly. "It's really nasty." I grin.

"Psh, not nastier than these two!" Mikey says, pointing to Gerard and Frank. There was an awkward silence for a while, which Amy breaks.

"So uh, where are you guys staying?" Amy asks Ray.

"What? Oh uh, we were thinking about just staying here."

"Oh my God, no. This place is so expensive!"

"Well uh, I hate to break it to you, but we can sorta afford it."

"That's not what she meant, right Amy? It's just really expensive and totally not worth it. You know, there's a motel across the street from where Amy lives," Maggie hinted looking at Frank. Oh, sick!

"Oh well uh, is it nice?" Mikey asks as Ray takes a drink of water.

"Yeah, for the most part," Amy says. "I've heard there are like, tons of murders every month, but the pool works and I'm sure it'll remind you guys of home. Right?"

"Sounds perfect. Just like ol' Jersey. Well I guess we can see if they've got any extra room. If they don't, well.. I'm sure we could dispose of a few people." Gerard says laughing. Every one else laughs with him except Amy. Something’s wrong with her.. She sits there for a second thinking to herself then gets up, and leaves.

"Amy, wake up! Fuck! Mikey, go get help!" Amy wakes up and starts kicking and screaming. Her leg comes up to Mikey’s crotch.

“Fuck!” He falls to the floor. I run over to Amy.

"Amy, calm down! It's okay, you were just dreaming!" I yell smacking her cheek lightly. Every one surrounds and Ray is ready with a phone. Gerard comes over, pushes me out of the way, and holds her. What the hell?

"Are you okay? Do you need help?" He says.

"No no, I'm fine. Honest," I stare at her blankly. "Honestly, I'm fine. I just dozed off and had a bad dream. Ha, probably shouldn't have read Stephen King before bed last night, huh?" She jokes. Nobody laughs. "Seriously, I'm fine. Read my lips; I'M FINE."

"Right. Well, we should probably be heading over to that motel," bob says, helping Mikey. Poor Mikey. Amy apologizes. Great first impression, Amy. Thanks.

"Anyway, the hotel manager wants us out. Something about 'disrupting the guests' or some shit like that," Maggie interrupts.

"Whatever. Let's just blow this fucking place," Amy says, obviously holding back tears. I start to feel myself heat up.

“Nice job, jerk.” I whisper to Maggie angrily. We all climb into the car. My Chem closely behind. I look over to Amy, then back to Maggie. Soon enough we’re home. Amy quickly gets out and runs to her room. I sigh. Her phone falls out of her pocket, and I pick it up. I go to messages. Inbox. One read message from Jennifer.

Really? I’m so excited for you. I hope when you’re rich and famous you don’t forget about me. I love you too. Call me when you can.

I press the talk button. One ring. Two, three.

“Hey, this is Jennifer. I cant make it to the phone right now. Leave a message.”

“Hey, sorry I just read your text. I’m charging m phone right now so I’ll be able to talk to you all tomorrow. I love you!”

I set the phone down and grab Connor’s guitar and softly play to myself.

Hold up, wait a minute, put a little love in it!

I hold up the phone. One new text.

Taylor… We have to talk.
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