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“Well… we have… What’s flan?” Bob says scratching his head. “It’s like a dessert for old people or something.”

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After A Long While I'm Back! Here's Chap4 ^_^

“Dude, I’m so hungry!” I hear Jeremy complain.

“Well, we have nothing to eat.” Connor snorts.

“Why don’t we just go to McDonalds?” Frank suggests. I groan.

“No way, we’ve had McDonalds for the past two days… I’m so sick of it!” I complain rubbing my eyes.

“Well… we have… What’s flan?” Bob says scratching his head.

“It’s like a dessert for old people or something.” Ray replies. Bob takes it out of the fridge and examines the dessert. We all blankly stare at him as he uses his hands to take a bite.

“So? What’s it taste like?” I ask.

“Mmm… like my shit.” He says in a very monotone voice.

“Okay, then… How about Taco Bell?” I say excited. Everyone smiles in agreement.

“But Amy and Gerard are still asleep?” Maggie interjects.

“So? They should stop being lazy?” Jer says, his stomach growls louder than the TV. Connor already has his keys and heading out the door.

“Connor wait!” Jer and I cry out in unison. We all run out the door and manage to fit every one in perfectly.


We walk into the room. Everyone has finished on the way back except me and Maggie, and yes I did get something for Amy from Jack in the Crack. But not Gerard… he’s a pansy. I smile to myself. I hear Gerard and Amy yelling about something, then a crash on the floor, then Amy laughing her ass off. I feel a sudden pressure in my lower stomach.

“PEE!!!” I run to the bathroom.

“You bitch!” Gerard shouts, Amy still laughing.

“You guys high or something?” I yell from the toilet seat. I hear her faintly, but not enough to understand what she is saying.

“You made her your famous blueberry waffles, and didn't save me any? Gerard, how could you!” I hear frank whine. I walk out of the bathroom, Jack in the Box bag in hand. I pull out a breakfast burrito and hand it to Amy. She raises a brow.

“Shut up! They’re the only ones who serves breakfast all day, besides, it’s not as gross as McDonalds.” I take a bite of my burrito and eggs spew to the floor. Frank giggles and I shoot him a glare. I decide to pick up the remaining eggs on the floor and shovel them into my mouth.

“Jeez, Taylor. Jennifer forget to feed you last night?” Connor jokes. I trail off. I need to call Jennifer back… who knows what she wants to talk about… Amy takes a big chug out of my Mountain Dew. I didn’t even want mountain dew. But I left Jeremy in charge of getting my drink. I hear some one say something about him.

“Oh shit! We left him at Taco Bell!” I giggle to myself. Heh, karma. He knows I hate Mountain Dew.

“Wait, you guys went to TB too? Ugh, why didn’t you wake me up!?” I think of Connor rushing out the door.

"Right, whatever. So Jeremy was, I presume, flirting with a girl and didn't hear you when you said 'Jeremy, we're leaving!'?" Amy asks. Plopping down next to me, causing more of my eggs to spill out. I close my eyes and breathe. I get annoyed very easily, but I try not to let it get the best of me. She laughs at me.

"Yeah yeah, I'm not the one with the hideous bags," I say just loud enough so she can hear.

"Dude that's so not funny!"

"I know, buddy. I'm sowwie!" I hug her, pressing my greasy burrito up against her shirt.

“Dude, I just washed this!” I giggle and shove the rest of my burrito in my mouth. Eh, I might have put to much in my mouth, I can barely chew! I finally get it down.

“Mmm! Best fucking thing I had since yesterday.” I say rubbing my belly. “Hey, Amy?”

“Yes, paininmyassTaylor?”

“Scratch my tummy!” Heh, inside joke.

She scratches my stomach and stands up. I walk over to my phone and take it off the charger. Surprisingly, Jennifer hasn’t called yet. I look back through my texts. Taylor we have to talk. I click options, then reply.

I got your text, I would call you, but I don’t know if your busy, so call me if you want.

Amy takes another drink of my soda, and smiles.

“Dude, I feel like ima start bleeding any minute.” Amy says stretching.

“You and me both. Maybe if we stab each other in the vag-”


“-ina, we’ll bleed.”

"Hm..I dunno.. As much as I really wanna let you get me back for the whole ’stabbing your hand’ thing, I don't wanna risk my baby-making ability." We sigh, and Mikey coughs. Amy smiles and Amy apologizes. My phone vibrates.

I’m out with my mom. I’ll be home soon. I’ll call you then.

“Anyway, when are we touring?” I hear Amy ask. I turn my head to see frank counting his fingers.

“By the end of this week. Possibly Monday.” Gerard responds. Then he goes onabout how there will be very few showers once we’re on the road. Great, I HATE smelling bad. I’m pretty sure Jeremy wouldn’t mind much. Not unlike myself Maggie freaks out when she doesn’t shower for a certain period of time. Ray clears his throat semi-loudly.

“Yes, Ray?”

“Oh, nothing. There’s just a spi-”

“OH MY GOD!” Frank jumps up and runs across the room. I hate spiders, too. But that boy must have had some extreme hatred for the eight legged freaks. Frank glares at Ray and runs toward him. I decide to ignore what happens next when my phone vibrates.


“Hey. it’s Jennifer.”

“Oh, hey. Did you have fun with your mom?”

“Yeah, I guess. Listen, I have to talk to you about something.” Oh God. Hear it comes.


“It’s about this ‘band’ thing.” I sigh in relief.

“Oh, what about it?”

“Well, your gunna be gone for awhile, I presume?”


“Well, what if I said I didn’t want you to go?”

“Are you serious! You know how hard I’ve worked for this! And your just gunna make me throw all of that away?!” I realized how loud my voice got and take a deep breath.

“No, baby. I’m just gunna miss you a lot…”

“I understand that, but there is no way in hell ima give this up. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“I guess. I never asked, who are you touring with?” I sigh.

“My Chemical Romance.” she starts to crack up. Her laughter lasted a good three, four minutes.

“I’m h-happy for y-” She continues to laugh.

“Hey! They just so happen to be very famous and we’re gunna be playing in front of a very big crowd.” I say a bit annoyed.

“I know, I’m sorry, and your right. You do what you what you want. I’m happy for you.” I smile.

“Okay, babe. Well, I’m gunna go. These guys are getting pretty roudy and they’re giving me a head-ache.”

“Okay, I love you.”

“Love you too. Bye.”

“Bye… I love you.” I giggle.

“Okay, babe. Love you too. Bye.” I quickly hang up. I feel my head throb. Gerard sits next to me and my headache gets worse, causing me to get more annoyed.

“Well, I think it’s safe to say that we’re done here.” I push Gerard off the couch as I stand up and stretch. He groans and I grin.

“Night, ya’ll, and shut up. I need a nap.” I leave the room and jump on the bed making my head throb even more. Ah! When will it end! I pop a few pills and pull the covers over my head. Everyone’s voice becomes faint and I fall asleep.

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