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"He probably had it coming."

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So I haven't written in awhile, but I got inpired to finish this chapter, which I started a long while ago. Anyway, here it is. Reviews would be awesome:)

I wake up, still with a headache. I look over at Amy’s alarm clock and it’s already noon. I hear a distant yelling coming from the yard. It’s definitely a guy. I know it’s not Jeremy cause his yelling is more like whining, and Connor never yells. He always resorts to rolling his eyes and burying his face in a book. So, I guess it’s one of the My Chem guys. I really hope this isn’t an ‘everyday’ thing… I’m definitely NOT in the mood today.

"You know what, if it's so damn hard to accept that I actually have other friends, then I guess you've got major issues. Yeah, I guess we are.. No, I didn't want this to happen. Yeah? Well fuck you too, bitch!" I hear from the yard. That sounded like Gerard. Lady troubles I presume.. It’s quiet for a second, then more of Gerard’s annoying voice. I decide that it’s going to be impossible to sleep anymore and I get up. I don’t bother changing clothes. What I had on yesterday will do just fine. I walk out into the yard to find that Amy’s little brother is done setting up for our practice today and Amy is trying to get Gerard off the phone. I walk over to Connor and sit on the ground next to him.

“Hey there,” I say in a very preppy way, “whatcha dooooooooin?” He looks at me annoyed.

“Trying to tune my guitar, if you don’t mind?”

“I don’t.” I say with a smile. As he tries to tune his B string I start singing very off pitch (not that I’m ever ON pitch.)

“Dammit, Taylor!” I can’t help but giggle.

“Fine. I’ll leave you be… for now.” And just in time Amy comes over.

“Hey guys, you almost ready?” I look back to see Connor still trying to tune his B string.

“Uh, about that…” Maggie starts, and Amy sighs. She should know by now that there is always an ‘about that’ with her.

“What’s the problem?”

"Well there isn't exactly a problem, it's just.. Well, Jeremy- all of us, really- are a little concerned about who might hear us playing. And I bet you just about everyone in this neighborhood knows My Chemical Romance when they hear it. We're just worried that people might come and try to rip us- or them- apart, or something like that," Connor interjects. Maggie and Jeremy nod and I half smile, pretending like I was part of the conversation. Why am I always outta the loop?

"Well I know that, but honestly we need to practice. I don't have a basement. I wish I did, I mean seriously that would be so much easier! I don't care, we're doing this. Are the guys aware of this?" Amy says while kicking a rock around. I totally space out for a moment, staring at the rock, waiting for her to kick it again… but she doesn’t. I snap out of my haze when some one mentions my name. Something about me playing for Mikey, cause he doesn’t really wanna play out in public for the fear of the fan-girl mobs.

“No, it’s okay, I’ll play.” Mikey says smiling. Amy makes her way back to us.

“How did you get Mikey to give in?” I ask kinda already knowing the answer.

"I just mentioned that our sexy bassist knows how to play his stuff. Seemed to convince him." I frown at the fact that she revealed my used-to-be obsessed-ness with their music, but I get over it quickly. “Is this thing on?” Amy says into her mic. I notice that it’s not plugged in all they way, and decide to fix it, and just in time for her to try again. “I said, is this thing on!” The loud screeching causes everyone to flinch, and Ray yells angrily. This get’s me all pumped up.

“Well then, let’s get this thing started!” I yell and run over to my mic. Everyone else gets the their instuments.

"You guys ready back there?" Amy asks the My Chem guys. They all smile and give us a thumbs up. "Alright, how 'bout you guys, we ready?" Everyone, including me, starts playing randomly and loudly. Hopefully the whole neighborhood is up now. "You guys really ready?"

“Fuck yes!” Connor and I yell in unison.

“This is Darling.”

Don't lie don't lie to me now!
Now I'm erasing you
Throwing those memories out!
Out to start something new
I'm throwing those memories!

Don't lie to me!
Don't lie to me!
Don't lie to me!

Darling! Dooon't

Breathe in slowly now
Darling don't lie to me
Breathe in slowly now
Darling don't lie to me
Inhale truth I plead
For your my only hope
Don't lie don't leave

Mind set on failure!
The road you chose!
Told me you loved me!
Told me nooo!

Take your time I'm only dying!
Patiently I kneel here dying!
Curse the blind you curse the bliiind!
Deep inside is where it lies!

Connor plays a solo, and I add some killer bass. Maggie joins in on piano, though you could barely hear it. Then came time for Amy and I to sing. Me doing the back-up.

Don't mind me I'm only dying
Don't mind me I'm only dying
Don't mind me I'm only dying (What got me into this mess that devoured me)
Don't mind me I'm only dying (Lies and deceitful actions keep promising)
What got me into this mess that devoured me
Lies and deceitful actions keep promising
What got me into this mess that devoured me
Darling don't Lie
Lies and deceitful actions keep promising
Darling don't Lie
What got me into this mess that devoured me
Darling don't Lie
Lies and deceitful actions keep promising
Darling don't Liiiie!

And with the last word, Amy bends over while screaming. It helps her when she needs to belt it out longer than five seconds. I give Connor and Maggie a high five, and Jeremy a thumbs up. I look over to the My Chem boys and wait for a response. They all smile genuinely and applaud. Jeremy adjusts his crotch and Connor and I crack our fingers to get ready for the next song.

"Alright, should we do Friend Requests?" Amy asks, and we all nod. "Okay, this one's called Dressed For Friend Requests!"

See through the wreckage
Into the fire
Inside my heart

Bullet to the head
Soon you'll be sleeping
Pull this trigger to your antidote
Bullet to the head
Soon you'll be sleeping
Pull this trigger to your antidote

She's dressed to kill
I don't know what to wear
She's dressed to kill
She's dressed to kill

She had the eyes of an angel
With a heart like a traitor
And a gun with a trigger
In her hand pointed at her
We always knew you'd go up in flames
We always knew you'd go out with a bang

We're going nowhere fast
We're going nowhere fast
We're going nowhere fast
We're going nowhere fast
Yeah, (you're just jealous)
You're just jealous
(You're just jealous)
Yeah, (you're just jealous)


More clapping and some lovely ‘fuck yeahs’ from Frank. I retune my bass for the next song. Amy and I wrote this one together and It’s one of my personal favorites.

"Alright, here's our newest one. It's not as.. screamy.. as these last two, but it's pretty chill. Hit it!" As soon as Amy says, Connor starts playing, and I come in with a slow deep bass. Eventually we all come together.

Late at night
When the city is asleep, you cry
And late at night
When you're walking all alone, you cry

Oh why should I keep living?

You're scared and all alone
Or so you think but there's an angel by your side
Says "Don't be afraid, I'm always with you and I'll never ever leave"
My darling, I love you

I do!

Fast asleep
Even in your wildest dreams you can't imagine
What's in store
So don't you worry 'bout a thing I've got it all planned out

Don't stop dreaming



It starts to break down. Jeremy stops playing and Maggie comes in with a soft melody. Connor and I stop at the same time and let our last note ring. When the song is finished, My Chem comes up to us with excitement. They congratulate us with hugs and high fives.

"You were really good, you know. All of you," Mikey says, smiling, and he winks at me. I smile. It means a lot coming from him. "Man, I can't wait to get back on the ro-" He’s interrupted by Gerard’s phone. Wow, the bitch is right on time. Him and his girlfriend, Eliza start fighting. I stare at him, almost a death glare, in hopes that he’ll just hang up. But to my surprise, Amy grabs the phone…

"Listen, sweet heart, I'm sure you love each other. But Gerard's a little busy right now, so he'll call you later. Chao!" Amy hangs up the phone and hands it to Gerard. He stares at it and disbelief. Next thing y’know he’s screaming at her. Normally I’d intervene but I need to call Jennifer. One ring… Two rings… Three rings… Half a ring and…


“Hey, babe. What’re you up to?” The yelling behind me gets even louder.

“Um, not much… Is everything okay over there?” I giggle.

“Yeah, it’s just Gerard being a bitch, and Amy yelling at him,” I turn around to see them fight and as soon as I do, Amy’s fist greet his jaw. I can’t help but laugh out loud. Maggie looks at me with concern.

“Are you okay?” Maggie asks. I shrug my shoulders and nod, trying to stop laughing.

"Yeah I'm fine. But he's not!" and I keep laughing. Pretty soon Amy is laughing and before long everyone is. "Congradulations, Amy, you've officially knocked out your first man! How does it feel?"

"Actually, it feels freaking great! And yet my hand hurts like hell.." Everyone shares a giggle. I realize I’m still on the phone with Jenny.

“Sorry, babe,” I giggle again. “Amy just knocked Gerard the fuck out.” She starts to giggle also.

“Hah, that’s great, babe. But I need to talk to you about something.” Oh, God, not again.

“Um, okay, hold on. Let me get inside.” I hurry onto Amy’s couch. “Okay what’s up?”

“Well… When are you leaving?”

“Not til Monday.”

“Okay, good. ‘Cause I wanna see you before you go…”

“Well… you can come over right now? You can meet everybody. Well, except for Gerard… He’s out cold in Amy’s yard.” I smile to myself.

“I’d like that, but I can’t tonight… I… have to help my mom…” Her small breaks make me nervous, but I try not to think to much of it. My head starts to hurt again.

“Um…Okay, well there’s a dinner with Brian tomorrow. I want you to come.”

“Sounds good, but I have to go. I love you, bye.”

“I lo-” I hear the click before I could finish. What the fuck is going on with her? Oh well… I’m not going to think about it. Everyone walks in and Bob sits on my left, Amy on my right. “So, how is he?”

“Bob, told me to leave him out there.” I give Bob a high five, and turn back to Amy, who is smiling.

“He probably had it coming.”

[*Hah. He's knocked the fuck out. xD REVIEW PLEASE!!!!!!!!
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