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Okay, so this is what went down.. Our freshman year Amy and I were having our usual "name-calling sessions". After calling me a few names I lifted my hand up to smack her, but instead of her face, my right hand was greeted by a kitchen knife. So, after a couple years, It's time for some pay back!

"Just fucking hold still!"

"Sor-ry! It's not everyday I let my best friend stab me!" Amy whines.

"It'll only take a second, okay?"

"Kay, just do it, dammit!" before I raise the knife she utters out, “No! wait, wait. Um… okay now.” she places her hand back out in front of me.

“Are you sure?” I ask impatiently.

“Um… yeah. Okay, do it.” She squints her eyes and watches intently.

“Okay, one…“ I raise the kitchen knife.

“WAIT!” I sigh loudly.

“Seriously, Amy, just let me do it.” I say smiling and bringing her hand back on the kitchen counter.

“Okay… okay,” She takes in a few deep breaths, “Okay I’m ready.” She closes her eyes and mutters something to herself.

"Alright... One.. Two.." And without saying 'three' the knife goes into her palm. Better to do it when she doesn’t expect it, right?

"MOTHER FUUUUUCKK!" She runs into the bathroom.

"So, did it hurt much?" she smiles and shrugs. "Oh come on, you big liar, you know it hurt. Just a little?"

"Nope! It actually felt pretty good."

"Can I see it?"

"Uh, sure? I mean, since you're the one that did it, I do suppose you have a right to." She removes the blood-stained cloth.

"Oh man, it went pretty deep, huh?" I poke it, hard. Not on purpose! I swear..

"Ow! Mother fu-"

"What's going on here?" Maggie asks, walking up beside me.

"Nothing really," Amy says in monotone. Like I didn't just stab her.

"Then why was there screaming?" Amy lifts up her hand, and a single drop of blood lands on Maggie’s bare foot. "That's so freaking gross!!" She freaks and runs out the room.

"Dude, why did Mag- your bleeding!" We both nod. "Can I touch it?"

"No! It's one thing for Taylor to do it, but-"

"Pwease?" Frank gives his puppy dog face. Amy orders to get a bandage. I decide to leave also when Ray walked in and did the


It‘s not alright… No! It‘s not alright… no…

"Hello?" My ear is greeted with Jenny's soft voice.

"I see you finally got your phone charged.."

"Yep. What are you doing?"

"Nothing.. I spent my day with my mom."


"Not really.. Her friend brought her son. He was hitting on me the entire night." My heart skipped a beat.. My worst fear is losing her to a man..

"Oh.. Did you flirt back?"

"What kinda fucking question is that?"

"Watch your fucking mouth!" Not that I care if she cusses.. Just not at me.

"You think I'm gunna cheat on you?"

"Well, It's always a fucking possibility.."

"Whatever, dude... Maybe I will!" She hangs up.
I try not to tear up. Mikey is looking at me weird, and I really don't wanna embarrass myself to soon. I decide to just lock myself in the bathroom. I try really hard not to cry, since I had already done my make-up. Don’t cry… don’t cry… don’t cry I think to myself. I keep repeating the words to myself, just because it keeps my mind off of Jennifer. I mean, what if she is cheating on me. Especially since I’m not going to be seeing her for quite some time. She’s not really one for long-distance relationships, and neither am I, but I can make it work… I have to. Now I’m back on the verge of tears, but before long my phone goes off again. I look at my phone. It’s a text from Maggie.

Hey… can you do me a favor and not make out with Jenny in front of Brian… thanks.

Ah, leave it to Maggie to be a bitch. I think it’s just to me though. I’m not so sure why, but she’s not my biggest fan. I try not to let it bother me most the time, but the text made me angry. I wish I could think of something to tell her. But at the moment all I could come up with is…

Maggie, could you go fuck yourself? Thanks.

I guess that’ll have to do for now. I realize that the dinner with Brian is in two hours. Fuck. I don’t want anyone to be like ‘Oh, why isn’t Jennifer here?’ I hate when people point that shit out. Like, do you think that’s something I wanna talk about? No. So, I suck up my pride, and call her.

ring… ring… ring…

“Hi, you’ve reached Jennifer-” I hang up before I hear the rest. I try again…

ring… click. ring… click. ring…

“Hi, you-” Fuck. She’s on the other line with somebody… Probably her fucking boy toy. I bet you they’re having phone sex. That fucking whore…

It’s not alright… No! It’s not alright… no…

I answer my phone.

“Hello? Jenny?”

“Yeah, babe. Sorry, I was on the phone with my mom.” C’mon! How long can she use the ‘mom’ excuse before it becomes ridiculous?

“It’s, uh, okay. Look, I’m really sorry about earlier… I know you wouldn’t cheat on me. Are you still coming?”

“I’m already ready, babe.” I smile. It’s always on and off with her. Or maybe it’s me?

“Awe, good. I can’t wait to see you. You want me to come pick you up?”

“Yes. I’ll see you when you get here. Love you.”

“Love you too. Bye.” I hang up and immediately go out into the living room. I see Connor trying to decide what shirt to wear. Both are weird shades of green. Ew. Anyway, it’s a perfect opportunity to take his car. I don’t have one… I figure I could just use Amy’s car whenever… until that accident, but I swear it wasn’t my fault! It wasn’t anything too serious either, but now no one will let me drive their car. Connor will get over it. Besides, he doesn’t even use it, the pansy. I get his car keys outta the pocket of the pants he was wearing yesterday and leave. Now off to Jennifer’s.


I get back to the house with Jennifer and Connor’s car. He’s waiting outside when I get there with his arms cross and eyes rolling.

“Taylor, what the fuck!” I giggle a little. I can’t help it. The word ‘fuck’ sounds so funny coming outta his mouth.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I needed to pick her up.” Jenny smiles and waves.

“Hey, Jenn,” he says sweetly and looks back at me and scowls, “Could you stop just taking my car? I’ll drive you if you want, just ask.” No, you wouldn’t.

“That’s weird. I don’t really like being driven around. It’s okay, Connor, I got it back in one piece.” He sighs and shrugs. He holds out his hand and I place the car keys in them. He holds on to them like they’re his children. I almost think he was going to kiss them. I take Jennifer inside and introduce her to the My Chem boys. She already knows Jeremy and Maggie, and of course Amy. She doesn’t really like Maggie either. There was actually this thing where she accused me of sleeping with her, which is crazy, ‘cause she’s as straight as a… a… straight thing. Whatever. They exchange hello’s anyway. Jeremy holds his arms out to hug her, but I stop him.

“Jer, you smell. I don’t want your manly odor on my girlfriend. Go bathe.” He frowns and agrees to shower. Yes! I got Jeremy to shower! I hear him mention something about Amy catching Gerard’s attention. Oh, god. This isn’t going to turn out well… Anyway, about thirty minutes later we all are ready to leave, except Amy, of course. She says she’ll meet us there. Since Maggie is a freak about being on time, we leave without her. We arrive at this place called Blue Willow. I’m the first to get out, followed shortly by Jennifer. She’s wearing a cute black dress that goes just above her knees and the jacket I bought her the previous week. We all actually look pretty good tonight, with the exception of Connor’s green button up shirt. Still ew. We walk in and Gerard is first to greet Brian.

“Hey, Brian. Thanks for inviting us to dinner.”

“Of course. Plus, we still have a lot to discuss, but for right now, let’s just have a good time.” We all take our seats at a very large table. Jennifer sits to my left, there’s an empty seat next to me for Amy, then it goes, Gerard, Mikey, Bob, Ray, Frank, Maggie, Jeremy, Connor, and Brian. Frank starts telling a story and Maggie listens intently. Oooooh, she likes him. Jennifer grabs my hand from under that table. I smile and whisper in her ear.

“I’m really glad you came. I love you.” and I kiss her cheek, which earns me an ‘ooh la la’ from Jeremy and Connor. I flip them the bird when Brian isn’t looking. Then the door opens and the dark restaurant lights up. We all turn around to see Amy, who is wearing a small, tight, cleavage-showing spaghetti strap and ripped jeans. Like really ripped. Like they might as well not be pants. I take a quick glance at everybody’s reaction. Everyone is staring, mostly surprisingly. With the exception of Gerard and Jeremy. Guess she got what she wanted. Usually I don’t condone attention-whore-ness, but she looks pretty skanky, and everyone’s face is priceless.

“Hi guys." She says smiling.

"Amy! What are you wearing?" Maggie hisses at her, but she ignores it.

"Sorry if I'm late. Couldn't decide on what to wear.” Ha! It was probably like ‘Skanky dress… no…. Skanky skirt? No… Skanky top and jeans? Yes. "Hi Brian. My, aren't you looking mighty fine tonight," She says in her cutesy voice. Is she hitting on Brian?? He doesn’t seem to mind too much and chuckles.

"Well, aren't you looking sexy this evening," he suggests. I look back at him with disbelief. Isn’t this the kinda shit you’d get yelled at for? Ugh, men. Fifteen minutes of semi awkward-ness, Gerard taps on Amy’s shoulder and points toward the door. Guess she earned herself a lecture. I guess that’s what you get. You wanted his attention, you got it. Plus, it looks like he’s got a ’problem’ in his pants. Anyway, we still have a good time. Jennifer is starting to warm up to the idea about me leaving, but will probably change her mind as soon as I leave. Oh well, I’m just going to enjoy the rest of the night. Though I really need to pee. So, I excuse myself and head to the bathroom. When I’m finished with my business I walk out of the bathroom just to be greeted by Jennifer. She pushes me back in and locks the door.

“I’m going to miss you so much, baby.” she says softly while playing with my hair.

“You know I’m going to miss you too, Jennifer. So much, but we can’t do this in the bathroom, you silly.” I smile in hopes she would too. She attempts but ends in a frown.

“Like,” her voice is shaky, “I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.” I stop smiling.

“What do you mean?” she looks down.

“Well, I mean… it’s not all about the sex, but it’s a big part, y’know?”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Nothing, baby. I’m just going to miss it.” I sigh.

“I know, babe. If I could bring you I totally would, but it’s not like I’m going to be gone forever, baby. And since you’ve been helping your mom out so much I’m sure she could send you out to one of our shows.” I wait for a response. Yes, I still think she’s lying about being with her mom all the time. I’m human. Sue me.

“I guess so. We should head back.” You can’t tell me that’s not suspicious.

“Yeah we shou-” She cuts me off with a kiss. I smile and open the door, finding a very angry older woman waiting for the bathroom. I hear a ‘fucking homosexuals’ escape what seemed to be a sweet lady. Oh well. When we get back to the table Amy and Gerard are back in their seats, seeming quite content. Maybe they made out or something? Anyway, we finish our dinner and head home, on the way we dropped Jennifer off. We had a long good-bye, if you catch my drift. Even though I had a good night, I’m so glad to be home with the band. Unfortunately My Chem is still here. I was hoping they’ed sleep on their bus or something, gah.

As soon as we walk in the house Connor bitches about losing his tooth brush. After freaking out on Jeremy he reaches in his back pocket and pulls out his ugly green Hulk toothbrush. I roll my eyes and Amy tries not to laugh. Ugh, what is up with that boy and ugly green things…

"You done bleeding now, Connor?" Maggie jokes. Connor laughs.

"Yeah, if I ever started. But I bet Amy still hasn't yet," he says, and Amy and I laugh.

"No, I haven't, but I'm seriously thinking about asking Taylor to stab me there, too." She looks at me and I shrug.

"I don't think that's a very good idea, Amy."

"Yeah, besides the fact that I would absolutely LUFF to do it, I already stabbed you today. Maybe tomorrow?" We all share a giggle and Amy sits down.

"So anyway, as I was saying, I'm totally stoked for tomorrow," Jeremy says after the bathroom door shuts.

"Yeah, same here dawg!" Frank says in a wanna-be gangster voice, causing Amy to shoot the water she was drinking out her nose. Also landing on my face.

"Oh my God, did you have to do that?" I complain, wiping my face.

"You still luff me, right?"

"Uh, I do?" She smacks my arm. "Ow! Of course I still luff you, Amy."

"That's what I thought. Alright, so does anyone have any laundry that needs to be done?" she starts gathering cloths from everyone, except me. I don’t like when other people do my laundry. It’s just… weird. I lean back causing my shirt to lift enough to expose my belly. So… white… it’s blinding! I quickly put my belly away. I look around the room to notice Frank checking Maggie out. Ew. And it’s obvious cause some one else mentioned it. Maggie giggles and out of reflex I mock her high-pitched giggle. She shoots a glare at me. Frank goes outside with Amy with the door slightly open.

“What?” I ask stupidly.

“Is there one day when you don‘t mock me?” I scoff.

“Is there one day where you’re not a total bitch.” A few people gasp. I didn’t mean to sound so serious.

“Okay, seriously, I’m so sick of you right now.” Again I mock her. “Amy, I don’t understand how you put up with her.” I look out to the yard and see that Amy doesn’t hear her, or she’s ignoring her. Good choice.

“Fuck you, Maggie. I don’t even know why you’re so fowl to me. I didn’t do shit to you.”

“Uh, yeah, you and you’re girlfriend drama ruined my spring break last year! She actually thought we had sex. I would never have sex with some one like you even if I was gay.” That time Amy heard. Everyone heard and is now staring.

“You know what? I’m not even going to go there.” I get up and leave the room, punching the wall on the way out. I sit in her room for awhile. Just long enough to calm down. After about twenty minutes I walk back out into the living room. I don’t bother apologizing to Maggie. She should apologize to me. I sit next to Mikey, which is dozing off. Amy and Frank eventually come back in.

“Dude, I want sushi!” I say and Mikey seconds it.

“Taylor, you like, just got done eating. How can you possibly be hungry?" Jeremy asks, and my stomach rumbles.

"Well, it's sushi. Who could possibly resist the fish?" Mikey agrees again. "Besides, you're like ALWAYS hungry."

"You know, I could do with some ol' dead fish too, buddy," Amy says, grabbing her wallet.

"Yes!" Mikey and I cheer in unision. We get dressed and head out the door. Amy behind us.


When we get home, Mikey, Amy, and I scarf down sushi. Connor looks at us in amazement, and Maggie looks in disgust. I’m too deep in sushi heaven to care. Eventually she goes outside and joins Frank on the hammock. Oh grossly cute. Soon Amy goes into the room to change into pajamas. After finishing my sushi I walk into the room just to find Jeremy has taken my spot. Amy shrugs and so do I. I go back out into the living room to find Mikey passed out halfway on the table. It looks comfy, so I decide to join. When I’m almost in dream-world, I feel Amy moving me to the floor, and I’m too tired to fight it. When my face greets the carpet I fall into a deep sleep.
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