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I'm Not One For Love Songs (Part 20)

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Author's Note: I haven't updated in forever, I know. I can't apologize enough. Hopefully I'll finish this story up soon though. There should only be about 5 more chapters, maybe a bit more. Review please!

chocolatechortle22- There's bound to be some major Gabe/Natalia action in the next few chapters, I think you'll enjoy it immensely! ;D
ixamxnotxaxnugget- It was very AWWWW, wasn't it? And I'm very sorry that my updating can be so inconsistent. I suck, but hey!- I'm working on wrapping it up soon! So hopefully lots of updates!
doyleangel- Yes, I decided it was time for Natalia to start to see the light! :D hehehe.

Song Reccomendation- Break Even- The Script

I'm Not One For Love Songs

So a few days had passed and I pretty much coexisted with Gabe, quite peacefully actually. Yes, only I had coexisted, because it seems as if Jay has pretty much fallen off the face of the Earth. Now that her and Trohman are all daisies and smiley face suns and shit they can not seem to separate therfore she has pretty much been a permanent fixture in his apartment, only coming back here to grab new clothes. All I can say is that they better have bought enough rubbers to keep them going. But don't let Jaycee know I mentioned that, she doesn't like sharing about her sexual life. I found that out the hard way in the form of a hissy fit after I asked her about the leopard, fuzzy handcuffs that I had found under her bed. Enough said.

So as I was saying, Gabe had been behaving very well. I had set up the couch for him the past few days, feeling terrible about it. I tried to get him to sleep in my bed, trading off to sleep on the couch. He had refused that I needed the comfortable, good night's sleep saying, “Love, if you're going to be taking care of me, then you're gonna need all of the rest that you can get”; I had decided that I would ignore the innuendo in that and just focus on the sentiment and sweetness of it. Speaking of Mr. Maturity, I had just opened the door with all the groceries to find him playing with a Gameboy DS.

“Wow, you're totally 8 years old and I don't find it strange at all that you're playing a Barbie princess game on a purple Gameboy,” I said sarcastically.

“You're right, that means no groping my bod or else it'll be counted as rape, cause I'm still a minor,” he said with a straight face, not even looking away from his game as he laid out on the couch.

“Have I told you lately just how strange of a person you are?” I mumbled to myself. He didn't even acknowledge me as he started cursing at the Gameboy, having lost his round.

“Usted juego estúpido! ¡Mierda! ¡Quise a la varita rosa del hada! ¡Yo no atravesé ese paseo que jode que hace de compras juerga para nada!”

“Uhm, alright. Where did you even get a Barbie Gameboy game from?” I said slowly as I sat next to him on the couch and flipped through the channels, trying to find something moderately entertaining.

After shutting off the video game and throwing it across the room, only to land in his old bowl of cereal from this morning, he decided to acknowledge my existence, and question, “I stole it from Ryland last year while we were touring, and I just kind of never gave it back. But don't tell him about it, I think he might have forgotten by now. So, did you get anything good from the store? I'm really craving some bananas, or maybe some mangos,” he said thoughtfully.

“I'm gonna be the bigger person here and not pull a Gabe and make perverted comments about that last statement. Okay? Cool. Anyways, nothing really good, just some eggs, milk, necessities, and I picked up the refill for your prescription from the pharmacy while I was out because you've only got enough to last you until tonight.”

“Aren't you just the best nurse in the whole wide world,” he said in a baby voice as he pinched my cheeks.

“Obviously,” I said with a scrunched up face as he kissed my forehead and pulled away, leaving me to rub my cheeks, working on getting feeling back in them.

“Oh! Jay called while you were out and told you to call her back as soon as possible because she has something tres important to tell you. And let me see the receipt from the store,” he said absentmindedly as he swiftly stole the remote from me and started flipping through the channels himself.

“Okay, thanks. And Gabe, I told you- I do not want your money! Jesus! I would be buying these groceries anyways, even if you weren't here. You paying me is really not necessary,” I told him, trying to make a point. Since he had gotten here he has reinstated the rule that everything I buy, he will pay half of. Every receipt I've had has been properly split down to the penny. And he even decided that when the bills come in, and the rent is due, he will happily pay half of that, though he was willing to pay 75% while I paid 25%, which I had spent two hours talking him out of. He explained to me, in a 34 minute lecture, that a man was supposed to be the main provider in a home and that it was their duty to make sure that the woman was taken care of.

I had ignored all of the lightly sexist assumptions and traditions because of the insinuation that he thought of this as his home and me as his woman. But I mean, we could never date, that would just be awkward. Especially with our past record. I should completely disregard my urges to jump him and pretty much rape him every single time I helped him change his shirt and pants, refusing to help him take off any of his undergarments.

Anyways... “Gimme the receipt, now,” he said stubbornly with his palm out.

I just sighed, “Fine,” I said with a roll of my eyes as I handed the thin piece of paper over to him, feeling the warmth off his fingers as they brushed mine. If only I could grab that hand and place it right where... OH MY GOD. Where are these thoughts coming from all of a sudden?! Okay, maybe not all of a sudden, but they're definitely a lot more, erm, aggressive than before! Stop it Natalia, Gosh!

I all of a sudden I saw the same fingers I had been fantasizing over snap in my face, knocking me out of my internal battle.

“Mega dazing out going on right here, isn't there?” he smirked, “now take your money, jeez. I really wish you would be more of a Jew like me, seriously,” he stuck his tongue out trying to be sassy. Oh how I wanted to take that tongue and... OKAY, JUST KIDDING.

With the money already in my palm I sprung up and headed to the kitchen, not able to stay this close to him for much longer without doing some, uhm, rash things.

As I safely reached the kitchen, I decided that I would stick one of the frozen pizzas in the oven for dinner, since it was already 5:30 and he couldn't take his medicine on an empty stomach without getting extremely nauseous. We had made that mistake the first night and guess who had to clean up the mess... Bleh, the downside of being a nurse.

As I turned the oven on to preheat I picked up my cell from the counter and hit speed dial for Jaycee, placing the phone in between my shoulder and ear as I tried to open the tricky/complex pizza box. Pretty complicated for a cardboard box.

“OH MY GOD. I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU!” was my greeting as Jay answered the phone on the first ring.

“Oh! Okay!” I said, a bit startled. What in the hell could have her THIS excited.

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