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I'm Not One For Love Songs (Part 21)

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Author's Note: Two updates in a row in less than 24 hours! I'm amazing, I know. ;) Consider it a New Year's Ever gift!

noregretrn23- Yes!; Joe and Jaycee ARE quirky and rash though, so you cant be too surprised. p.s. Natalia is pretty much driving the Dirty Thoughts Express. nbd. ;D

Song Reccomendation- DJ Earworm- United State of Pop 2009 Mashup--

I'm Not One For Love Songs

“ME AND JOE ARE GETTING MARRIED!” she screamed into the phone mouth piece, and I was sure that the chuckle in the background had been Joe laughing at her enthusiasm.

“OMG! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! AHHH! I SO CALLED THE BRIDESMAID SPOT!” I screamed, ready to start planning the wedding. I love weddings!

“Well, I mean, we're getting married in December, but still! We're getting married!” she exclaimed, a bit more calmed down, but still practically screaming at the top of her lungs.

“You are aware that that's like a year away, right?” I chuckled. She had made it sound as if she wanted to have it done in the next month or two. At least this gave me more time to plan! And more time to find someone to put Joe's cat into a cute little tuxedo so that it could carry the rings down the aisle. Who needed a ring bearer when you have a cat?

“Yes! We decided that a long engagement would be best so that we can adjust properly and not feel rushed,” she said as if she was sure that was what was best for them, and it really seemed like it would be the best choice for them.

“I'm proud of you dude. Little Miss Commitment-Phobic has finally found enough self peace to be capable of settling down,” I said proudly.

“I know, right? I'm proud of myself too, and I mean, I think it is really the way it's meant to be. I love him with all of my heart man, and I figured why say no to him when I'm sure that I'll be saying yes eventually anyways. It's my time, I'm ready to be a grown up,” she said, stating it as fact.

I was almost speechless, almost, “That's good Jay, very good. I'm glad you've reached that place finally. And I do think that this is what's right for you. Now tell me- how did he propose?!”

She started giggling like a school girl and I almost wanted to start laughing at her, “Well, I was screaming at him while we were eating diner about how the stupid cat had pissed all over the floor, causing me to slip and get this nasty bruise on my leg. And I had told him that if he wanted me in his life then adjustments would need to be made. Then I started accusing him of not caring about me or wanting me in his life. Then he just looked up from his food with a raised eyebrow, and reached in his pocket placing some velvet box in the middle of this table. He had opened it and said, 'Shut up Little Miss Know-It-All. if I really didn't want you in my life forever, then why the hell would I have spent this much money on a ring claiming you as mine until we either die or reach a midlife crisis and divorce because I spent too much money on my sports car and you spent too much money on your plastic surgery?' and simply asked him I'd marry him cause the cat was already out of the bag, thanks to the stupid cat. How 'punny' is that?”

I couldn't help but crack up as I placed the pizza in the over, setting the timer for 15 minutes. She laughed along with me lightly, also seeing the obvious humor in this situation. What a story to tell the grandchildren. Lawl.

“So I'm assuming you're moving out soon?” I came to realize.

“Yeah, I'm sorry man, I know I should have probably given you more notice to look for a smaller place or something in case you didn't want to pay the rent all by yourself, but I mean, this was kind of a surprise to me. Of course I'll pay my half for this month though,” she was quick to assure.

“No dude, seriously, don't even worry about it, I'm sure that Gabe would be more than happy to take your room over and pay your half, he's already offered,” I informed her.

“Oooh, moving pretty fast there, aren't you guys?” she teased. I was one hundred percent sure that she was wearing a smirk on her face. No doubt about it.

I wasn't going to lie to her, “Jay, I really just want to jump on him, and then just like cuddle afterwards forever. I don't know why, but I miss him whenever I'm not near him, even if it's just to go to the supermarket!”

“Oh really?” she asked.

“Yes! And whenever I make him smile or laugh, I can't help but smile or laugh. Whenever he's in pain when I'm checking his wounds, or feeling like shit before and after his medicine, I just want to put that stupid little cocky grin back on his face!” I exclaimed quietly, finally able to release all of my confusion and frustration.

“You love him, end of story,” she stated simply.

“That's actually quite impossible, just saying,” I responded back, just as simply.

“And why is that?” she asked skeptically.

“Because of our past,” I kept up with the unexplained, simple answers.

“Jesus Christ Nat! Just freaking fuck him! Even Joe can feel the tension! And you are falling, if you have not already fallen head first in the dirt, in love with this guy, and the sad thing is that you don't even realize it! I know you guys have a past, but should that really stop you two from having a future together?! Maybe the past was supposed to teach you something, maybe that was a sign. What are the chances that he would be delivered to your hospital, hmmm? You cannot even attempt to convince me that it's not fate that has brought you two together again. Fuck serendipity, you two are like freaking magnets!” she said with as much enthusiasm as she had had for her engagement announcement.

I really had no clue what to say, because deep down I knew the truth, but it was being squashed by fear and unsureness, “Maybe you're right, or maybe you're not. Haven't you ever heard of coincidence?”

“Psh, fate stomped all over coincidence when it comes to you guys. There's no way that you guys can even try to separate, fate will just pull you right back together, whether you want it to or not,” she said surely, and I really couldn't help but almost agree with her.

I overdo denial like Lady Gaga overdoes her makeup.

“Whatever you say Jaycee, I'll talk to you guys later, tell Joe I say hi, cause I'm well aware that I'm on speaker,” I chuckled a bit.

“Just go do the dirty! You both need to release all that stress!” I heard Joe yell encouragingly from the background.

“Shut up Joe! She needs to make up her own mind! Don't rush her,” Jaycee reprimanded him, although she has been doing the same thing up until now.

“Alright, by you bamf mofo,” I called to her, trying to stop her and Joe's argument for a second to say goodbye.

“I'll be over tomorrow to start collecting all my shit, now go get laid!” she said before hanging up and the last thing I hear was Joe complaining about double standards.

I laughed at the most dysfunctional couple I had ever met, knowing inside me that they would make it through. They wouldn't be one of those short marriages, or even a shaky one. They wouldn't fit right with anyone else, they were lucky to find each other.

With a sigh, I grabbed the pizza from the oven, getting a slice for both Gabe and I and walked out to the living room. He was sitting in the same spot, really not able to move much anyways because of the broken leg, watching a really old episode of Jackass where they were driving across Europe for some Gumball race or something.

“Here,” I said, handing him his plate and another water bottle, making sure that he stayed very hydrated.

“Thanks Love,” he returned, taking the offers and pulling me down on the couch next to him to watch the stupid antics of the Jackass crew that you just couldn't help but love.

When the next commercial came Gabe turned to me with a look on his face that I couldn't quite figure out, causing me to lift my head from where it had been laying on his shoulder.

“Yes?” I asked curiously.

“So apparently the cashier seems to fancy you,” he lifted the receipt to show the back of the supermarket receipt where my cashier's name was scribbled sloppily with a number written down below it.

“Mike,” he said flatly, “what a generic freaking name,” he mumbled.

“Jealous?” I asked teasingly, with a hint of curiosity. How very interesting that the idea of some like 18 year old cashier hitting on me pissed him off.

“Kind of, I'm not going to lie,” he said honestly, with a shrug of his shoulders as he munched on the rest of his pizza.

“He was just some kid trying to flirt with me. He couldn't be a day over 18, and I'm almost 5 years older then him, sorry, I'm not that much of a creep.”

“Still, I don't know, maybe you shouldn't go to his register next time, it's just a suggestion!”

“What's up with you?” I asked puzzled, as I went to grab his medicine so that he could pop that pills now that he had eaten, “there's no reason for you to be jealous, you and I are only friends,” I had purposely made is so that I didn't see his reaction when I had uttered those last few words. And I definitely didn't want him to see how hard it was for me to say them.

He just stared at me blankly as I walked back over to him, handing him the three different pills, and swallowed them with what was left of his water before he decided to respond, “Bullshit.”

“Excuse me?!” I asked, shocked.

“You heard me, bullshit. We're more than friends, only we haven't exactly wreaked the benefits just yet, no rush though, I foresee it happening in the near future. You're my woman, I'm your man. I'm tired of trying to sit here and feed your little state of denial. I understand that you might not exactly be a commitment girl, and I'm not much of a commitment guy. But honestly, I want to commit to you, and I don't care if it's one sided, but it's happening now. I'm yours, that's it, and there's no taking me back to be exchanged or refunded,” in his huff of a rant he had gotten up to stand on one leg as his broken leg, covered with a cast was lifted off the ground, making balance quite hard to reach.

I'm pretty sure that my mouth had formed a perfect 'O' right then.

After about a minute and a half of silence I got control of myself enough to respond, “Alright.”

Next think I knew, his mouth was covering mine, and I was helping him limp towards my room, trying to get there without breaking our embrace. Once we reached the room the door slammed shut, and lets just say that the bed sure didn't stay made...
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