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The Great Egg Adventure!

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Eggactly. A new lesson is about to begin....

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Chapter three. Wow in a span of three days, two updates? This is a first. Haha. Hope you enjoy. RATE and REVIEW!!!

I never thought I would see the day to say I had a good weekend. I mean I mostly spent it with everyone and it sure as hell beat going home, so I lived it up pretty much.

Monday was your typical annoying day. The buzzing of the alarm clock, I may have accidentally broke it into three pieces by throwing It against the wall, but eh what can you do?

I slipped on my neon blue skinny jeans, a black under shirt and a gray Flyleaf shirt, and topping it off with a white hoodie and presto! My favorite pair of Vans. I put my hair in a curly ponytail and off with the makeup. When I felt complete, I grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs where my dad wasn’t there of course. I gave my mom a wave and grabbed a piece of toast as I make my way to the familiar bus stop. A nerd keeps staring at me and I almost wanna flip him the bird, but instead I just glare at him and that suffices. The bus comes and I managed to get on without tripping and I full blasted White Stripes it drives there. The sky is still cloudy and I swore the sun only popped in to say hi for like a fraction of a second and then it disappeared. I rolled my eyes and stepped off the bus and checked my schedule, for some apparent reason they decided to switch my homeroom and second period. Why? I don’t know why.

So I walk into my new homeroom which happened to be health, so I couldn’t complain too much. I took a seat at an empty desk when a tap on my shoulder, I rolled my eyes and turned around to see Shaun smiling, he’s two seats behind me.

“Oh hey.” I said softly.

“Since when are you in here?”

“I honestly have no clue why. I blame the murkins.” I reply casually and he laughs. The teacher gives us a look as she comes in. I stare straight ahead as she takes attendance and grabs a big box. I seriously hope this isn’t like some Sex ED class. The teacher brings it closer and she smiles.

“Well students as you know we’re covering parenting, so here’s your assignment for one week.” she says and opens the box. She pulls out an egg. Oh god not this again! I groan as she grabs one more.

“This is your baby.” she says seriously like it was worth something important. It's an egg lady.

“For one week you will be taking care of this precious little thing. You and your partner will treat this as if it was living breathing child. If this egg breaks you will not be passing this course.” she said firmly. I rolled my eyes as she got to the pairings.

“Umm Roxanna and Eric.” I sigh as I turn around to see a jock looking dude smirk at me. I look back.

“Frank and Luma.” she says and I raise an eyebrow as I turn around again. Oh hey look at that they’re in this class. How did I no see that?

I see Frank eyes flutter before he gasps. “EWW!” he shouts.

“What now Frank?” the teachers asks. Luma holds up her hand.

“Ms. Welsh! That’s incest!” she gasps as the class starts laughing. I giggle as the teacher shakes her head. I smile at Frank as he cringes.

“Fine! Fine! Roxanna, switch with Luma please.” I smile and Luma gives me a thankful look while I nod and switch seats with her. Frank smiles at me and I blush. Oh how grateful I am to have health class….

The teacher rolled her eyes after Luma and Frank's rant. The laughs faded when she glared.

"Alright moving on, Shaun White and uhh Kristina Horton." she said looking down. I smiled at Shaun watching his shocked expression. Poor guy…he must need some.

Shaun’s POV

Did she just say who I think she said? My stomach began to flutter and I smiled as she came over and sat down.

“Hi.” I gave a small wave and she just looked at me. Her nose ring reflecting in the light.

"So umm my name is Shaun." I said softly, she shrugged.

"Kristina." she replied smugly and I nodded and half smiled, she didn't look quite be happy to be here.

"So umm you like it here?" was my lame attempt at a conversation.

"Not really no." she replied and I looked down. This was harder than I expected..

“How come?”

“Cause it’s not my hometown.” she shrugged again. I nodded.

“Yeah I feel you on that.” she nodded and folded her arms across her chest. I inhaled a deep breath as the teacher passed us our egg. I played with it while she remained quiet.

“So umm this should be fun.” I said sarcastically while she scoffed. Feisty…

“Maybe. But I doubt it.” she replied and I smiled…I like em’ hot.

Gerard’s POV

I looked behind me nervously as this chick would not stop staring at me. I swear I think she’s stalking me, I see her everywhere I go. I don’t know what is about her. I mean’s she cute, she’s just creepyish. Gah! What am I saying?

“Gerard and Amy.” The teacher said and I gulped. That was her. I felt a swoosh of wind before I heard giggling.

“Hi Gerard.” she blushed. I smiled awkwardly.

“Uhh hi Amy.” I replied and she giggled again.

“This is going to be so much fun! Especially with you.” she smiled and I nodded.

“Just give me the egg.” I replied and she handed it over. This is so going to be interesting…

Roxie’s POV

Oh my gosh I’m sitting next to him. He’s talking to me but I’m not really listening, I’m just fascinated by his lip ring and his green eyes.

“So yeah that’s how I got in trouble.” he smiled. I nodded.

“So this project thing, kinda ridiculous.” he laughed and I nodded again.

“Yeah it is.” I agreed.

“An egg.” he scoffed as he balanced it in his palm. For a second I thought he’d drop it but instead he grabbed a sharpie and drew a face on it. I laughed.

“This shall be called Junior.”

“Junior?” I asked. He nodded.

“That’s all I can think of for now. Give me till lunch time to come up with something.” he mumbled in a serious tone.

“If you say so.” I shrugged. He smiled. My heart just melted….

Time lapse, Roxie’s POV

I managed to make it through lunch, while Frank had taken over the egg. I didn’t mind as he was still thinking of a name as we all sat at the courtyard. Ray and Vaughnjareya were already creating clothes for their egg. I mean really? Shaun was nowhere to be found, and neither was Luma or Bob. But Mikey was here atleast.

“Hey guys! Check it out. Our baby’s name is Brittany-Galatica.” Ray smiled.

“Brittany-Galatica?” Mikey asked. Whoa, he speaks. Vaughnjareya smiled and nodded. Mikey shook his head and went back to his book. I wonder what goes inside that dude’s head.

“You know what Bob? No.” I heard someone call out. I turned around to see a very pissed off Luma and a confused Bob.

“Babe it wasn’t my choice! I didn’t ask to be paired with her! Don’t be upset!” Bob said softly. Luma huffed and walked off where Bob cursed under his breath.

“Damn it!” he shouted and sat down and sighed. Loudly.

“Whoa man what’s with my sister acting like the Hulk?” Frank asked. Bob shrugged.

“She’s pissed off because I got paired with Summer Whitley. It’s not my fault!” he shouted.

“Summer Whitley?” Frank repeated and Bob nodded.

“Man you know why she’s upset.” Frank put in.

“I perfectly understand that, but do I really have to be blamed with being partnered with the bitch?” Bob asked.

“Who’s Summer Whitley?” I accidentally blurted out. Frank looked at me and shook his head.

“I think Luma should be the one to tell you. In her own time.” He said softly and I nodded confused. Frank turned back to Bob.

“Well who’s she paired with?”

“Umm Eric something.” Bob shrugged.

“Oh I see…well I’ll talk to her alright?” Frank patted Bob on the back.

“Thanks man, I appreciate that. I don’t want her to be pissed at me the rest of week.” He frowned.

“I gotta go. See you later guys.” He waved to all of us. My mind fluttered back to its own world. Who the hell was Summer Whitley? Sounds like a bread brand if you ask me…

Gerard’s POV

I carefully looked around my surroundings. Good she’s not here. I’m more than certain Amy is stalking me. I’m becoming paranoid as I walk slowly. I hear a noise and look over my shoulder. There was no one or nothing there. I shook my head and made it through the double doors.

“Gerard!” someone called and I cringed. I spotted her and ran the other way before she could catch up. Damn why was she so cute, and yet she scared me?!

Luma’s POV

Ugh, I feel like I could shank someone. I was so pissed, and I didn’t even know why. Oh yeah that stupid bitch Summer Whitley. I hated her to the core since she did that stupid prank to me. I was never more humiliated. I do feel bad about lashing out at Bob, but he just doesn’t understand how hurtful that was to someone’s own being. I don’t even know what she had against me.

I sigh and sit down and grab my notebook where I began scribbling down a few lines to cool myself off. I guess I owe Bob and apology…but he’s not getting it right now that’s for sure. I wonder if anyone here has a sharp object? Hmm…

Amy’s POV

That Gerard Way is one sexy man. I wouldn’t necessarily calling it ‘stalking’, I’m just trying show my appreciation to his sexiness. Is that so wrong?

He can run, but he sure as hell can’t hide….

Frank’s POV

“You guys do realize that your baby is an egg .” I asked Ray as he cooed to the child. Ray looked at me as if I was stupid, which am I so not, well sometimes, but not all the time!

“I’m aware Franklin. But you see this is a parenting class, and you’re supposed to care for it as if it was your own, and that is exactly what I am doing.” he said simply while I rolled my eyes.


“But it’s an egg.” I repeated and he rolled his eyes in a rather fine manner.

“Oh Frank…” he shook his head. I scoffed and looked away before my brain melted. I smiled slightly inside as Roxie looked like she was thinking about something. Her black hair softly flowing in the wind…her lip curved upwards…

What the hell are you talking about? You’re not a one girl guy. You could have anyone you wanted, no commitment remember?. I sigh and look away from her…it was true after all. But still….

Mikey’s POV

And yeah...I still want that bean dip.

Ray’s POV

“Ah! Gucci Gucci goo.”

Man this parenting stuff is fun…

Time lapse.

Roxie’s POV

The day was officially over and I managed to see Luma in the rest of my classes, but she hadn’t said a word since lunch, I wonder what was bugging her, I guess she wasn’t happy all the time. She stayed quiet while everyone chattered Bob was not here with us. Shaun looked dazed as usual while Gerard kept looking over his shoulder, what was this guy’s deal? I wonder if I were to smack him, would he stop it….

“You are so lucky you have a whole year before you have to do this.” He whispered to Mikey who looked up slightly.

“I guess…” he shrugged. I may have forgot to mention Mikey was a junior while we were seniors. Poor kid, still has one more year of hell to complete.

“What’s so hard about carrying an egg around?” he asked.

“I think the question is why would you want to carry an egg around in the first place?” Gerard stated.

“Hey! You think this egg raw or boiled?” Frank grinned.

“Erm…good question.”

“Let’s see.” Frank said and before I could stop him he cracked the egg open. I gasped.

“It’s raw.” he said as the yolk ran down his fingers.

“No shit Sherlock.” Ray retorted.

“Dude!” I yelled and he looked at me. Normally I would’ve punched his lights out, but considering I’ve already taken this class, I let it go.


“Umm Frank….you just like totally killed your child.” Vaughnjareya told him.

“Heh, I’ll boil you another one…” he said simply before wiping the yolk off. This guy definitely wasn’t from this planet….

(*What’s going on with Luma? Will Frank murder anymore eggs? Will Mikey ever get his bean dip? Stick around to find out :D)
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