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Stephen (Beginning of Part 1)

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Stephen is government employee posing as a journalist for a dying newspaper. With nothing to write about, he begins to think about the first time he captured a vampire at Vampire Island.

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Stephen sat at his desk. He was in trouble if he couldn't find a story to write on. His boss, Phil, walked into the room.

"Did you find a story to write on yet?" He asked.

"No." Stephen said.

"You're a great journalist. That's why I gave you the option to pick your own stories."

"Thank you."

"Don't thank me. Just find something to write about. This newspaper is dying and if we don't find good stories then we're finished."


Phil walked out of the room. Stephen sat back down and took a deep breath. Suddenly he began to think about Vampire Island. It was a shock that the government let him take a job as a journalist, but they trusted him enough to know that he wouldn't tell the public about Vampire Island.

He remembered his first time capturing a vampire. There was a series of grisly murders in Eastern Manhattan. The victims were completely ripped apart by what appeared to be animals. Most of the blood was either on the walls or completely drained. One night they got an anonymous tip that someone was sneaking around some apartment buildings. They sent in a crew of SWAT-like men.

There was a 52 year-old man watching TV in his apartment. A vampire secretly slipped through an open kitchen window. It crept up on the unsuspecting man and was about to lunge, but the apartment door burst open. The man jumped up and spun around. He saw the men pointing guns and then saw the vampire behind him.

The vampire looked at the men, and then looked at his soon-to-be victim, then back to the men. His fingers slowly twitched, and then the vampire grabbed a table and flung it at the men.

Stephen had been downstairs at the time with a few other guards. He heard gunshots and screaming, so he ran upstairs and when he ran into the doorway he saw the vampire grab a man by the neck and pull his spine out through his throat. Stephen pulled out a pistol and fired at the vampire. It spun around and began to run. It grabbed its victim and dove for the window, but a bullet caught it in the back of the neck.

The men walked over, put a shock collar on the vampire and chained him up. They brought him out the window and took him away by a helicopter on the roof.

Stephen was lucky that the vampire survived, because usually it is hard to capture a vampire alive, or even capture one at all.

He had been promoted after that, not because he had saved an innocent man's life, but because he had captured the vampire. No one gave a damn about the man's life. But Stephen did. And he remembered the gratitude the man had.

That had all been before they came out with a new weapon. It was a gun that shot only bright light. It made it easier to capture vampires, but the light could only be released in small bursts or the vampire would catch fire and burn to death.

They brought the vampire's to a secret facility in the middle of the ocean. It was codenamed Vampire Island after rumors about it began to surface. Most people called it that, so that's what it went by from there on.

Stephen had never been to Vampire Island, but he had heard of it. The vampire's were locked in cells, but not like the ones in an average jail. It was a very big island, because the cells had to have at least 10 feet of concrete between each one as a precaution. The cell doors were also foot-thick steel doors with no bars. There was a small slit with just enough room to let air in.

That was all Stephen had heard. He was never told what actually went on down there.

Stephen sat back up in his desk. He looked at the clock. It was time to go home. He got up and left the building. As he was leaving, a car sped past his almost pushing him into a wall. He watched it and saw a police car speed after it. The car suddenly spun out of control and rolled over. Several men crawled out of the car with rifles and dove for cover. They began firing at the police car. He had his story.
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