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This is another short chapter. In it, a vampire gets captured. As the book progresses, I am going to make the chapters longer.

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The men sneaked around the building. There was a vampire sighted sneaking around behind it. One man took out a pair of night-vision goggles. He looked around. There it was!

The vampire ran towards a wall and climbed up the side and onto the roof. The first man signaled to the others to wait, and went ahead with his rifle aimed carefully. After going around the corner he signaled that the coast was clear. The men quickly ran towards him.
"Where's our sniper?" The leader whispered.

The men looked around. They turned back, confused. They all spun around with their rifles aimed in different directions. In the back, a man looked back and forth, frightened. A shape formed out of the darkness behind him and crept up quietly. He was suddenly yanked into the air. His gun dropped to the ground. The others spun around.

They began to back up. Then his body dropped from the roof, mangled and ripped apart. Then the other fell from the roof. His blood splattered the others. Several of them looked up and began firing.

It suddenly got quiet. Then the vampire jumped from the roof, landing on all fours. It kicked out its leg and snapped a man's tibia, bringing him to the ground thrashing in pain. The others fired at the vampire, but it was already gone. The vampire once again dropped down and bit into a man's neck, tearing all the way through until his head fell from his shoulders. One of the men ran at the vampire and swung the butt of his gun. The vampire dodged and hit the back of the man's elbow with its palm, snapping his arm backwards. His gun fell, and fired a round into the feet of the others. They collapsed in pain. One man shot at the vampire, but it ducked and ran at him. He spun out of the way, but it caught him and spun him around exposing his throat. It lunged, but he pulled out a knife and rammed it up the roof of the vampire’s mouth. It shrieked in pain and staggered backwards, its hands frantically shaking. The man ran towards the vampire and kicked it down. He put a shock collar on the vampire and took out a walkie-talkie.

"Come in. Come in. The vampire is captured. We need a medic quick! Multiple soldiers are down."

The voice of someone came over the walkie-talkie. "Roger that."

The sound of helicopter blades whirred as one flew around the corner. Several more soldiers jumped out of the helicopter, guns pointed at the vampire. They took the vampire and brought it onto the helicopter.

"A van's coming for you guys!" One of the soldiers yelled over the sound of the helicopter's blades.

He turned around and jumped into the helicopter before it took off. As it left, a van came around the corner and loaded the men into it.


The helicopter flew out of the city and headed for the coast. It flew out above the water. Vampire Island was very far from the coastline.

As the helicopter arrived at Vampire Island, the pilot called into his radio. "Permission to land? We have an unfriendly ready for testing."

"Permission granted." A voice said back.

The helicopter flew down to the landing zone. As they unloaded the vampire, all the turrets pointed towards it. Guards came out of rooms equipped with guns, including the newly invented light-ray.

As the vampire was pulled out, the general walked up to it. He looked at it, disgusted and kicked it. "Get this fucker into the research facility!"

They grabbed the vampire and dragged it towards the door with the knife still in its mouth. The vampire whimpered, touched the knife, and shook with pain. Blood flowed freely out of its mouth. As they opened the door, more guards stood inside with guns carefully aimed, and the vampire lost consciousness.
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