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Elphaba and Fiyero know that Galinda is in some sort of danger. They just don't know what yet. But can they risk going back?

Category: Wicked - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy,Humor,Romance - Characters: Elphaba,Fiyero,Galinda,Madame Morrible,The Wizard - Warnings: [!!] [X] - Published: 2010-01-03 - Updated: 2010-01-05 - 162 words

Authors note: This is my first Wicked go easy. Please rate and review, constructive criticism is appreciated

This couldn't be happening. The sky overhead was dark, gloomy. Foreboding. Just like the attitudes of the citizens of Oz.
"She betrayed us!"
"And she was queen?"
"I can't believe it."
The whispers were louder to Galinda, who ran and hid from their hating stares. It had all turned around in a split second, with a single sentance.
"She is not dead."
How could she betray her best friend? How could she let the pressures of society affect her mind, causing her to do evils she never wanted to do. Now she wasn't the only one in danger. She had to warn Elphaba.
Had to.
She would die if she didn't know. Elphaba would be furious, but it had to happen. And soon.

This was just a little taste of what's to come. I'll post more when I can. Sorry for the shortness!
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