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The beginning

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Galinda finds Elphaba and Fiyero and destroys their perfect peace.

Category: Wicked - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Boq,Elphaba,Fiyero,Galinda,Madame Morrible,The Wizard - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2010-01-04 - Updated: 2010-01-05 - 1220 words

In a mad haste, the citizens of Oz followed the wisp of blue that always evaded their sight. Around corners and through small shops, she sent them on a wild goose chase that had most of them panting and out of breath. The others were fueled by their anger.

"She is the enemy! She betrayed you all! Don't let her leave the city limits!" Madame Morrible screamed from the rooftops, fueling their anger, which didn't help Galinda's position at all. Her breath was limited, her cheeks turning a rosy shade of pink from lack of oxygen.

Damn you, Madam Morrible. If you wouldn't have meddled in my room all this would have been avoided.Galinda stopped and weighed her options. On one side of the ally she had shoved herself into was a bar that she wasn't quite fond of, but it's low lighting and smoky interrior could hide her long enough so she could change out of her dress and hide it. On the other side was a road leading back to the main street, where people would eventually run back to.

She heard the mob quickly apporaching and made her decision. She ducked into the bar and ran up the stairs that were on the opposite side of the bar. The only people in it were too drunk to realize who she was, and the bartender had his nose in a book. That is, until he heard the door close. His face went from annoyed, to shock, to confusion in a matter of seconds.
"Galinda? What are you doing in here?"
"Well I'm-" The angry mob grew closer. "Can I go upstairs please?" The man's eyes narrowed.
"What's going on?"
"Get them out of here and I'll explain everything. Please, sir. I'm in trouble. I'll give you honors, money, anything you desire." He eyed her suspiciously then nodded.
"You'd better have a good explanation, Galinda."
"Thank you, so much. Please don't tell them I'm here."
"Then you'd better hurry upstairs." Galinda curtsied to him and ran upstairs, shutting the door just as the one downstairs opened.
"Where is she, pretty boy?" Came the harsh voice of...of...
"Who?" The bartender sounded convincing to Galinda, but that could have been wishful thinking.
"Galinda, you fool. Where is she?"
"Why would a person like Galinda come in here? Her snooty butt hates the grime of the city. This bar is the lowest of the low."
"If she needs a place to hide, she would."
"I haven't seen her." There was the shuffling sound of a struggle, then the bartender's grunt.
"Don't toy with me. I've been waiting so long to get my revenge on her. She always snubbed me, always made me feel insignificant. So now's my chance, and I'm not letting her get away. Where. Is. She?"
"Man, I don't know. Search the place if you have to. She's not here." Galinda held her breath. If they came searching, they would surely find her. She'd be doomed. Maybe the bartender wasn't going to keep her safe. Maybe he hated her just like the rest of the citizens. She had tried to get rid of the bar, after all. The place was miserable looking, and probably didn't come to code. If he came through for her, she would have to declare the place a landmark. Well, if she made it herself.

Footsteps came closer and closer to Galinda's location. She looked around frantically for a place to hide. They would look in the wardrobe and under the bed. Those were obvious places.
Then she saw the door. On an off chance, it might lead to a safe haven or a closet where she could hide among the clothes. She opened the door quickly and quietly, and saw blackness. She walked into it and closed the door behind her. At first, it seemed nothing was there. But as her eyes adjusted, she saw the outline of something against the far wall. She felt the outline of it. It was tall, carved with some unknown decorations. But she had no time to decode these decorations. Angry voices were outside the door.
"Search the whole room. She's too smart to hide under the bed or in the wardrobe, but check anyway."

Sweet, sweet Boq. He had a schoolboy crush on her back in high school. Who knew how far he would take her rejection? She had been queen of the school, had her eye on the mysterious prince, Fiyero. He had to expect the hierarchy of high school. She would take it all back though. Everything. Back then she had been vain, too concerned with reputation and popularity to care about a "nerd" like Boq. He wasn't a bad kid back then. Now she could barely recognize him by the fury in his voice. He had changed. Maybe being Nessarose's slave changed him. Maybe seeing her rise to glory did him in. Or maybe the fact that Elphaba had turned him into a tin man and the fact Galinda helped her escape did it.

The mysterious object was her only refuge as Boq's hand slowly turned the door handle. Galinda slipped behind whatever the object was and gathered her dress about her. She closed her eyes and hoped Boq wouldn't explore too much. His footsteps walked around the room, each step coming closer and closer to where Galinda hid. She held her breath so he wouldn't hear her breathing. His footsteps stopped in front of the object that hid Galinda from his view. He stopped just in front of it, his fingers tracing what she had only a moment ago.

Suddenly his face was in front of hers. A smile spread over his lipsand his eyes darkened.
"Well, well, well. Look who I found." He whispered.
"Boq! Please!" He put a finger to her lips.
"I don't want them to catch you." Galinda's eyes widened in shock.
"What?" Boq chuckled quietly.
"I hate you. With a burning passion. You let Elphaba run away with that pretty boy Fiyero, when she murdered Nessarose and turned me into a tinman! I don't have a heart! And you ferried her off with her loverboy so she could live happily ever after and the rest of us could pick up the mess she left behind!"
"You think that was easy for me to do?"
"All you cared about was becoming 'Galinda the Good' so everyone's praise would drown out your guilt. If you had any."
"I'm letting you go. Even though I hate you, part of me still feels for you. I don't know why, but it does. I curse that side every day. But I can't turn you in. So I suggest once we leave here you get out of the Emerald City and go find your precious Elphaba and Fiyero."
"What can I do to make it up to you?" Boq stood up and looked over his shoulder.
"The bartender guy was right. She's not here. Let's go check the main road." He shouted, then turned back to Galinda with misty eyes.
"Make sure I never see you again." And with that, he turned around and walked away.

Hey guys! I think this turned out really well, and I'm quite proud of it. Tell me what you think. Or don't. I'll write anyway :)
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