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“We’re going to fight back. With wickets.”

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A/N: Hey guys. After many months, "The Pages Are All Torn And Frayed" is slowly coming to an end. There will be only a few more chapters after this one. I predict atleast 5-7.
On another note, I tweet so if yall wanna talk at me, tweet me at @xoxoDani :D

As Frank was walking back from the boy’s restroom, he saw Nicole’s group talking to their lacrosse player boyfriends. From the sound of the conversation, it didn’t sound good. When Frank heard Nicole mention Paisley’s name, he froze. Pressing up against the wall, he tried to listen in.

“So, we walked in to go get a bottle of water and we saw Paisley Walker sitting on a bench. And all I did was say ‘hey’ to her, and she started calling me some pretty ugly names. Then she started telling me I was a whore. For no reason. I think we should teach her some manners.”

Nicole’s boyfriend glanced at her, “Um, isn’t she pregnant? Hurting pregnant girls goes a bit far, don‘t you think?”

One of the other lacrosse players spoke up, “That tall kid with the afro that she hangs out with. He bumped into me during practice and had the nerve to just keep walking.”

“Yeah, her boyfriend is the same way,” another one replied.

“Well,” Nicole said sweetly, “I think they all need to be taught some manners. You should ambush the guys tomorrow after the ceremony. It will just be the two of them since the others are underclassmen. And the way Paisley and that boy are attached at the hip, nothing would hurt her more than for him to get hurt.”

Nicole’s boyfriend smiled, “Finally getting even with those losers. After four years. Here’s how we should do it. We’ll intercept them in the ‘A’ hallway and attack them with our crosses.”

“How are we going to get them into the ‘A’ hallway? No one is going to want to come back in the building. They’re going to leave,” a black haired boy asked.

“Easy. Coach Harden confiscated that sketch pad of Way’s not too long ago. He told him he could get it back after graduation. He and Toro will go get it together and when they try to leave the school, we attack.”

“That is such a great plan baby,” Nicole squealed before giving her boyfriend a loud kiss.

Frank shook his head as he turned around and ran outside . ‘This is ridiculous,’ he thought, ‘and stupid. I need to tell the guys.’

“Wait, what? Why are you here. Where’s Paisley? Did the two of you walk here?” Gerard bombard Frank with a multitude of questions after the younger boy filled him and Ray in about the planned attack,

Frank glared at Gerard, “ The jocks are going to attack you and Ray tomorrow once you get your sketch pad back. Mikey and I are going to back you up and counter their crosses with wickets. I’m here because Paisley wanted to come here. She is resting in the commons. Yes we walked.”

“Come on,” Gerard grabbed Frank’s shirt and pulled him into the school with Ray on his heels.

“Paisley, we need to go get Mikey. Come on,” Gerard helped Paisley up off her bench,

“Has something happened?”

“No, but the shit’s going to hit the fan tomorrow after graduation.”

Paisley shot Frank an inquiring glance. In return he shook his head and signaled for her to wait.

The four of them piled into Ray’s car and set off for the Way home where they found Mikey sitting on the couch.

“Mikey big problem,” Gerard said as he made Paisley sit on the couch and put her feet up.

“What,” the younger Way asked?

“The jocks want to fight me and Ray tomorrow after graduation. With lacrosse sticks,” Gerard replied from the kitchen as he rummaged around in the fridge for a bottle of water.


“Stupid reasons. One being that apparently Paisley started calling Nicole names after she said hi to her. Which is a lie,” Gerard said as he handed Paisley the bottle.

“So what are we going to do?”

“We’re going to fight back. With wickets.”
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