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“I thought you were kidding about the umbrella.”

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“If he gets hurt, just know you will be dealing with the wrath of a royally pissed, very hormonal, six month pregnant Georgia girl.”

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“Yes Gerard?”

Gerard slowed to a stop as the traffic light turned red.

“You’re quiet.”

“I’m not exactly thrilled I have rules to follow. I mean, honestly, who has their own chair and footstool?”

Gerard laughed, “You do. Plus you’ll be fine. You’ll be in Frank’s care until he has to leave.

“That’s another thing I’m not exactly happy about either. What if you get in trouble?”

“We won’t. I promise.”


“Okay, Paisley. I need to go. Frank will be here in a few minutes with Mikey, mom, and dad. And your chair.”

Paisley stuck her tongue out at him before he leaned in and kissed her.

“Behave,” he said pointing a finger at her while he tried to suppress a grin.

“Sure sure,” she smiled back.

By the time Gerard had entered the building, his parents pulled up.

“Is that my chair?”

Donna pulled the camping chair out of the trunk. Rolling her eyes she nodded.

“Per my son’s request, yes it is. And here is your foot stool, also by his request. Oh and let’s not for get the pillow for you to sit back on.”

Mikey got out of the car behind Frank.

“Also I have a small cooler with several bottles of water for you and Frank has your umbrella.”

Paisley eyed the polka-dotted umbrella in Frank’s hand skeptically.

“I thought you were kidding about the umbrella.”

“Gerard laid this all out for us two weeks ago. He’s been checking the weather for a week. You do know that if it were raining today, you wouldn’t have been allowed to come right?”

“Your kidding, right?” Paisley attempted to bend over and pick up the foot rest, but was stopped by four pair of hands.

“No, I’m not. Don’t let Gerard catch you bending over and definitely don’t let him catch you trying to carry something. He may pitch a fit,” Frank said linking Paisley’s arm through his.

“I’m so glad I only have three more months to go,” Paisley muttered causing Donna to let out a laugh behind her .
“Oh honey, me too. I think Gerard is about to drive us all crazy, but his heart is in the right place.”

Paisley sighed, “Yeah. It was adorable at first though, now I’m trying to debate whether or not I want to hit him upside the head with a frying pan or not. Just to shut him up.”

Donna and Don chuckled simultaneously as the five of them entered the football stadium.

“Paisley, I have to leave,” Frank whispered in her ear.

“Ugh,” was her only reply as Frank handed her the umbrella.

Stretching, Frank yawned, “Hey Mikey. I need to take a leak. You?”

Mikey nodded and following with the façade he added, “Yeah. Hey, mom, go ahead and take Paisley on home. We’ll catch a ride with the others.”

“Ok sweetheart. See you later.”

She and Don gathered Paisley’s ‘necessities’ and began walking to the car. Paisley hung back momentarily, motioning for both boys to come closer.

“If he gets hurt, just know you will be dealing with the wrath of a royally pissed, very hormonal, six month pregnant Georgia girl.”

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