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“The fits definitely going to hit the shan.”

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“You have the wickets,” Mikey asked as he and Frank made their way into the school building.

“Yep. In my locker. Ray and Gerard should be slowly making their way to Coach Harden’s class which where we will meet them at.”

“The fits definitely going to hit the shan.”

“You’re telling me. Here, take this.” Frank opened up his locker and handed Mikey one of the four wickets stowed in there.

“Great. Let’s go take care of the jocks so we can go home and have graduation cake.”

“They’re gonna be pissed,” Frank said gleefully as he adjusted his sunglasses, twirling his wicket.

“Why,” Mikey asked?

“They are only expecting Ray and Gerard. And for them to be unarmed.”

“But thanks to Frankie, we’re definitely ready for them.” Gerard added.

“Actually I think it’s more like, thanks to Paisley for wanting to come to the school.”

“Or that. Though I still can’t believe you let her walk all the way here in the heat,” Gerard admonished.

“Hey, she’s a bit scary right now--”

Gerard held up his finger, silencing Frank.

“What the--”. Nicole’s boyfriend and his gang stopped short in front of Gerard and co.

“How did you. Why are they--,” a blonde haired lacrosse player stammered.

“It doesn’t matter. We’ve put up with you and your people’s shit for the past four years. I could deal with it when it was just the four of us,” Gerard motioned to the three guys behind him, “But the minute your girlfriend started in on mine, well it became personal.”

“That’s touching loser, but I think you have it backwards. That little slut of yours started mouthing off to Nicole.”

The minute the hulking lacrosse player said ‘slut’, Gerard forgot about everything around him. Rage boiled up inside him, all sense of reason disappeared. Dropping the wicket he jumped on the other boy.

Following Gerard’s lead, his friends did the same and took on their own lacrosse player.

“Dude, Paisley is going to kick my ass,” Frank whined as they left the jocks in the hallway, moaning over their own injuries like pansies.

“Why,” Ray asked, covering his black eye as they stepped out into the sun.

“Look at Gerard.”

All four boy stopped, while the other three looked Gerard over.

“He’s got a black eye, a busted lip, and look at his left hand. It’s bloody and starting to bruise. She threatened me with the rage of a pregnant woman.”

Mikey started to laugh but it was cut short, “Daaaamn.”

Frank glanced at his friend, “Yeah, your lip is pretty busted up too.”

“Well, our injuries are much less than theirs. They are going to be hurting for awhile.”

“I feel pretty good, if I do say so myself,“ Gerard smiled as he climbed in his Mustang.

“You should. You went ape shit on that guy.” Frank replied as he sat down in Ray’s passenger seat.

“You not coming home with me Mikey,” Gerard asked?

“No, I don’t want to experience Paisley’s wrath. I’m hanging out with Frank for a day or two till she calms down.”

Gerard chuckled to himself as he started the engine.
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