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“You were right. The umbrella was useful.”

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“Paisley,” Gerard peered around the basement entrance door.

“Hey,” she called from his bed.

Gerard swore to himself as he walked into his room just as Paisley slid of the bed.

“Hey! So that didn’t take too lo--” Paisley stopped in front of him, her mouth open.

“Yeah. Um, it’s not that bad,” he said putting his bruised hand behind his back.

“It’s not that bad? Gerard your lip is bleeding and your eye is bruised,” she sighed as she walked into his bathroom.

Several minutes later she walked back out with a box in her hands. Motioning for him to sit down, she sat on the bed beside him.

“I don’t know why you felt compelled to fight,” she said as she dabbed at his lip with alcohol.

He winced as she continued her ministrations. When she finished cleaning his lip and bandaging his hand, she place a cold compress ,covered with a wash cloth, over his eye.

“Did you plan this,” Gerard asked wryly.

Paisley frowned, “No.”

Several minutes later Paisley took all of the first aid supplies back to the bathroom. When she reappeared she handed Gerard his keys.

“Take me to where Frank is.”

Gerard tried not to smile as he watched his girlfriend slowly climb up the stairs.

“Frankie Iero!”

Frank and Mikey cringed as Paisley threw open his bedroom door, “Shit.”

“Oh yeah. You know it.”

Paisley swung the polka dotted umbrella at both boys, not caring who she hit or how hard. She tried not to smile as she thought of the scene from the Blues Brothers where they get attacked by the nun.

“Shit. Paisley. Sorry.”

“No. Not. Yet. Anyway.”

“Ow. Damn it.”

After several minutes of swatting, she handed Frank his mother’s umbrella.

“Do you feel better,” Frank asked, gingerly touching the bruise that was forming on his shoulder.

“Oh yes. Tons,” Paisley grinned as she grabbed Mikey’s wrist and drug him out to the Mustang.

“Damn Mikes. What did she do to you,” Gerard stifled a laugh as his brother climbed in the back seat.

“That stupid umbrella you insited she use today.”

Paisley smiled over at Gerard as he put the car in drive, “You were right. The umbrella was useful.”
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