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I Know It Was Her.

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Unlike what most people think, the cemetery is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.

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So, I got some pretty decent feedback, i hope you guys enjoy it.

My alarm clock goes off at 11:50. I didn’t set it; actually, I’ve never used it. I angrily hit my alarm until it falls on the floor. I hold my breath as it makes a semi-loud crash. I keep holding my breath for the next few seconds and let out a sigh.

“Great, probably broke it.” I whisper to myself. I feel a rush of cold air come over me. I pull my covers over my head and close my eyes. I hear something else hit the floor.

“Who’s there?” I call. I look around the room, but all I can see is darkness. I keep staring blankly til’ my eyes adjust to the darkness. I see Rose on my bedroom floor. I quickly get out of bed to pick her up. I hold her against my chest and stroke her pretty black hair. I lay her on my bed. I turn around and yelp as I see a ghostly figure.

“Sh, Honey.” His voice was soft, but I couldn’t make out his face.

“Wh- who are you?” I whisper. He turns around and looks at Rose. I hold my breath once again, my heart starts to beat faster and faster by the second. He looks back at me. He walks over to my bed side and leans in. His face is white, no facial features except for a mouth. He strokes my hair with cold clammy hands. I close my eyes and the coldness leaves me. He left. I pick up my alarm clock; it reads 11:56.


“Sophia…” I open my eyes to see a cute, tiny, worried face. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, Amy, I’m fine.” I get up and look at the clock.

“Mom’s gunna wake up soon, Amy. Are you ready to leave?” She nods.

“But church is almost over.”

“I know, hun. We’ll just go visit Dad instead.” She smiles and puts on her coat. The thing is… It’s not her real dad. Her real dad is my mom’s current boyfriend, Gerard. He’s a complete asshole like my mom. That’s probably why they get along so well. He’s also an alcoholic, but nicer than Mom. When I found out she had gotten pregnant I was so mad. I actually planned to hit her stomach with a bat to kill it. My mom ended up falling down and I thought she had taken care of it for me. Thank God she didn’t. I love Amy like she’s my full sister. Even though she has minor brain damage, she acts like any other five year old.

“Sophia, are you ready?”

“Yeah, I just need to get Rose.” As soon as I touch her an icy feeling goes through my body and I shiver. “Wow, It’s cold in here…”

“C’mon! I wanna see Daddy!” I giggle.

“Okay, hun, I’m ready.” I fix Rose’s dress and put her in my backpack.


We arrive at the cemetery. Unlike what most people think, the cemetery is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. Amy runs over to Dad’s grave and sits next to the flowers we place there last week. She starts talking to the tombstone.

“Daddy! I love you! I told you we were gunna come back, but you didn’t believe me did you?” She hugs the tombstone. I feel a cool tear runs down my cheek. I quickly wipe it off and walk towards the grave.

“Do you ever get lonely under there?” Amy asks putting her ear to the ground.



“Can I talk to Daddy alone?” She looks down a frowns.

“Well… He’s not very talkative today.” I giggle and she sits on the nearby swing. Not the ones you see in parks… the ones that are like a car tire and rope. I sit down and take Rose out.

“Hey dad… I brought Rose. I still have her. I’ll always have her. Oh, and dad,” I pause for a second waiting for a ‘Yes, Sophia?’ I pretend to hear a response and continue, “Can you tell whoever was in my room last night to let me sleep.” I try to joke, but results in tears. I try to come up with something else to say until I heard a familiar voice.

“Sophia!” I turn around. It’s Gerard.

“Amy… Sophia, mom’s in the hospital.” I make no facial expression; actually, I feel a warm feeling in my stomach.

“Why?” Amy replies.

“I think it’s best to let the doctor explain.” Without another word said we leave without saying good-bye to Daddy. I hold Rose close to me and I get the same icy cold chill I had gotten before. I look down at Rose and those pretty blue eyes were no more. They were still blue, but they seemed dull. Her hair wasn’t as shiny… wasn’t as soft. I looked over to Amy who is smiling and singing to her herself

“Dammit! Why is traffic so bad right now?!” Gerard doesn’t have an ounce of patience in him. I go through my backpack and find my journal. I open it to where I had left off.

12-19-2009 Sunday

I don’t know why I chose to write again. I don’t even know how to write… any way.. There was some one in my room lasnight. I couldn’t tell who it was. It was just a white figure with a mouth. He called me honey… what it was my dad again? He never told me who he was but I bet you anything it was! I saw him!

I stop writing for a second to think about what I saw. It wasn’t really his voice, but of course he was whispering…

So mom’s in the hospital. don’t feel bad for her >.< whatever happened to her she had it coming like I said. It was probably dad getting back at her for killing him. Yes, I really do think my mom did it. I mean who else? Nobody disliked him, he doesn’t dislike anyone either. I know it was her. I just know it.

I dont know why these keep coming out so short... WORD makes everything seem longer >.< i promise ill make the next one longer And Sorry Thst Its Taking Me Awhile To Write This Next Chapter.. Im Having A Severe Writers Block..
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