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Do Not Betray Me

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Kali struggles through training while finding out the Lich King has more sinister plans for her.

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"Wake up, young one."

The voice was low, like an echoing beast. Yet when Kali opened her eyes, she was staring into the masked face of Arthas, the Lich King. He removed his helmet, revealing glowing blue eyes, and his face that seemed so pale and unreal, that she trembled in the very sight of him. He raised a gloved hand and placed it on her face. It felt like ice or worse. "Don't be afraid, my child," he said. "You have been reborn are now one of us, a death knight."

"A death knight?" Kali asked in confusion. "Yes," he answered. "However, your gifts still keep you half alive. You will need to work on your control to use it to an advantage." He stroked his chin. "You're in quite a predicament, Kalista. You are half vampire now thanks to that Scourge, but your heart remains beating." Kali had to wonder how he knew her name as she felt a dizzy wave come over her a moment while trying to sit up.

The Lich King shook his head. "Not yet," he said. "Rest for now. I will return later." He stood and she could feel his cloak brush against her as he exited the room. She sighed and laid back a moment her hands to her head. She had no idea what had happened to her. She was once a healer, now it came to this. Yet what if it was her background, her parents slaughtered in Undercity when she was a child, she becoming an experiment and having to escape?

No, that couldn't be it.

By the time Kali woke up again, a meal had been prepared for her. Yet it also had some blood within it, to help satisfy her hunger for it and begin some control. She ate at the meal and moved to clean herself up, now no longer dizzy. She looked at herself in a mirror, her skin tone now slightly pale, her brown hair hanging down. Yet like a death knight, her sapphire blue eyes did glow. That's how she knew she was one of them. She slowly pulled her clothing on and moved out of the room to explore the new surroundings.

Acherus: The Ebon Hold was like a darkened haunted house. She could see creatures of all sorts, men and women of many races around to learn their new skills of what they were. Many seemed eager to choose their paths and serve their king. She looked around quietly when she noticed a human man walking toward her. He was taller than her, had a crewcut like an army man, yet seemed to be observing everyone and making sure training was going well.

The man eyed Kali up and down and shook his head. "Why the Lich King has such an interest in you is beyond me," he mumbled as she frowned. "My name is Razuvious. I'm instructor to the new recruits of the death knights. It's my job to whip you into shape for the master." She raised her brow a moment. "And you believe you can do that?" she asked almost as if showing her rebellious side, which caused the man to laugh suddenly. "Spunky, aren't ya?" he asked as he smirked. "I like that in a fighter. Perhaps I was wrong about you. Now, tell me your name." "Kali," she said. "Funny, he called you Kalista," he said blinking. "That's my full name, but I prefer Kali," she stated.

Razuvious nodded his head in understanding. "Well, first off, we need to get you some armor and a weapon before we train you in your new powers. I'm guessing that your main ability will deal with blood, considering what you are. Or would you rather use Frost?" "I'm confused," Kali stated as he nodded. "Sorry," he apologized. "Death Knights have three specialized talents. Blood, Frost, and Unholy. Some decide to actually use one talent as their main." She listened quietly as she nodded her head finally getting it.

Yet she didn't know which one would be the one to try!

Within a week, Kali was wearing down. She collapsed on her bed panting hard. "This trainin'," she mumbled tiredly. She wore plate armor, matching all the Death Knights, and as her instructor predicted, her talents spurred from the Blood branch. She slid her helmet off as her brown hair fell over her face and sighed sitting it beside her. She walked to a window staring out seeing the Eastern Plaguelands ahead of her. She paused a moment. "Undercity is near here," she said. "That's right," a voice said behind her as the Lich King entered her room.

Kali immediately bowed, yet he shook his head. "No need," he said and walked behind her. "You were created in that place of the undead," he said as she could feel the coldness of his body against her. "I know of your background. escaped and came to find refuge in that miserable human city, Stormwind." She heard a hint of hate in his voice as his breath came closer to her head. "You've become better than that, Kalista. You learned faster than any of my men ever could." She heard him remove his helmet as she stared out again.

"Do you wish for revenge?" he asked as he observed her. His body was now completely on her, her back to his chest. "To stop another innocent child to go through your pain...and stop the humans who had hurt you so deeply." His arms moved around her waist as he pulled her to him. "I can help you succeed in that goal...your thoughts ring to me." He moved his hands slowly down her body, causing her to shiver from the cold of them as he removed the armor that concealed her. She turned looking at him as he pinned her against the window, keeping her back to him. "Just stare ahead...stare and plot your revenge," he whispered against her skin as he pulled her hips toward his.

Kali didn't know what had happened. She felt her upper half of her body against the cold glass, her nipples hardened, her hands against it as she felt pain going through her as the Lich King himself, broke her virginity. Then it was the cold rush that pounded into her. She felt like he was freezing her from the inside, but she stared ahead as he wished, not daring to make a sound. It was the warmth of release that caused her to tire, feeling her own body betray her as it also released for her master. As she lay panting, he leaned into her ear with these words:

"Don't you dare betray me."

And with that, he was gone, now having marked her as his mistress.
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