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Double Agent

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Kali is asked by Darion to become a double agent to the Knights of the Ebon Blade with nearly deadly concequences

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By morning, Kali's whole body was sore. Even bathing seemed like a chore as she struggled to comprehend what had happened to her. "Damn," she whispered as she finally felt the tension disappear from her body, leaning back into the water. "What the hell did he do to me?" Of course, she knew the answer to that one, she was choosing to be an airhead and not even deal with it. She frowned staring at herself. She never thought herself as one who was pretty. Her main feature was her large breast size, but she doubted that's why he wanted a piece of her.

Damn perverted undead idiot of a bastard of....Kali's mind called him everything but a king.

Once she was out and back in her armor, Kali decided to spend the better half of the day training. She wanted as far from him as possible, yet knew his watchful eye was on them all. That's what killed her the most. She sat on the cliff below the fortress watching some of the undead attacking the Scarlet forces near the mine as she raised her brows. Underneath her helmet, it was hard to actually see how she was feeling, but she hated the fighting.

Today's chore would be the most difficult, or so she would think. She was to get her first horse to become her Death Charger. This was going to be hard, because she would have to steal it from the nearby village and get it away from the stable master before he knocked the good living shit out of her. Sure, she could probably take it like a rogue, but that would be too easy. Nope, she knew she would have to fight to get over there. She stood up and slid carefully down the cliff as she could see the men cutting wood nearby.

But as she approached, she saw them cower in fear of her, screaming for mercy.

This wasn't what she expected.

Kali had lived life when she was in Stormwind as an outcast. The people there treated her like she was more from the Horde than Alliance. That's how badly she was treated. Yet finding her own way was the way she had followed. Except when she met her best friend, Alison.

A new type of pain came at the thought.

Alison was a year older than she was and a warlock. Dark skinned with blonde hair and striking gray eyes, she lived with her older brother and her fiancee. His younger brother and adopted daughter also lived with them and they had taken Kali in as a foster sister. Yet her and Alison were like sisters. They even traveled a good bit together, training and whatever they could do. Last she heard, Alison and the daughter had been taken prisoners by the Horde during another war and separated from their loved ones.

Kali had every intention of finding them, hoping they wouldn't scream themselves silly like these humans...or rather poop in their pants, since she could smell that sickening smell of feces off a few of them. She shook her head at this as she moved to the stables, taking a back road to keep from being seen. She had learned such tricks when she would go into enemy lines, taking a back route always meant less of a chance of getting your ass killed than anything else. She had to admit, the horses all looked well groomed and were healthy. A young black stallion walked to her and nudged her as if he knew the situation and was saying to take him. She blinked at this as she reached out petting him. This brought a smile to her face as she felt him lean to her touch. Yet then she heard the voice of the stable master as she dove into a nearby pile of hay to hide.

The man was a blonde, probably no older than forty. His hands calloused from his work in the stables, he also was well built. He looked at each of his horses with pride, checking on a pregnant mare before he came to the corral that the black stallion was in. "My favorite," he said as he put in some fresh oats for the horse to eat. Kali knew that would be his last meal and let him enjoy it as she watched from the safety of the hay at the human man. He looked like a family man as well. She wasn't about to kill him whatsoever.

The bad part of being in hay is first, it can itch like hell. Second, it could make you sneeze. And third...snakes could hide inside it. For Kali, it was more the first two options because the third seemed so out of the way in a stable this clean and well kept. With hay getting into her armor, she had to resist itching before she felt a tickle against her nose. She suddenly sneezed, causing the man to look up from the corral next to the one she was in. The horse snorted, seeming unphased by the situation. The man took this as he just imagined things and returned to work. "Good night, my beauties," he said and turned out the lantern as he exited the stable.

Kali watched this as she slowly popped out of the hay and sighed. "They're never gonna let me forget this," she whispered as the horse nuzzled her. She looked at him. "You should be afraid of me...I'm the big bad death knight. Everyone else is, why not you?" The horse snorted gently. She bit her lip and nodded. "All right, I guess you'll come with me," she said as she slowly moved opening the stall door and led him out quietly. She looked around and saw a back door open from the nearby house as she moved to ride the horse bareback. Unfortunately, she was spotted by none other than the stable master as he gasped in shock to see who she was riding. "COME BACK HERE, YOU DAMN BITCH!" he roared as he grabbed his shotgun to shoot at her.

Kali dodged a bullet as she dodged a branch at the same time, holding onto the horse's mane as he galloped away. Yet a second bullet shot through her shoulder as she gripped it in pain, the horse quickly making it to the area as she winced. "Damnit," she whispered as she looked seeing the High Lord appear. She believed his name was Darion Mograine or something to that nature. He slowly eased her off the horse, which followed them as he walked in a tent. "I mean no harm," he said as he slowly lifted her shoulder armor off to examine the wound. "It's deep," he said. "Yet the bullet is no longer in your shoulder."

Kali shut her eyes a moment. "I'll survive," she said. "My power heals me. But one like this, might take overnight." He frowned. "No person can heal automatically without the aide of some elixir, not even one of us," he said in disbelief. "I'm no ordinary person," she said seriously. "Ah yes, you're the Lich King's new pet," he said in a taunting voice as she growled her fangs showing. "Don't you dare call me such a thing!" she snapped.

Darion smirked in amusement. It seemed her own alliance with the death knights was wavering. She was on the line of being under the Lich King's control and being freed of it. "Does he know your will is not his own?" he asked quietly as she stared at him. "How did you know?" she asked. "Your manner isn't like the others," he said plainly as he sat down to wrap her wound. "Yet you manage to play your game very well." She just stared at him a moment. "Get close to him," he whispered suddenly in her ear. "Find out his purpose. Then report to me."

"Just who are you?" she asked. "I'm the leader of the Knights of the Ebon Blade," he said. "Death Knights who have broken free. My job is to help more and more of our kind do the same and join our return to our factions and join them against the Lich King. That's why he can't read my thoughts, nor yours, but he chooses not to read yours." He finished his job and stood up having her amour repaired. "You're no ordinary person. Half dead, half alive, yet have the characteristics of a death knight. Don't you realize who you are, Kalista? You're the Chosen One."

Kali scoffed at the notion. "That's a silly children's tale," she said. "Told by their parents to ease their fears in time of war." Darion shook his head. "No, it isn't," he said. "The 200 years have passed. It is you who is to bring peace against our war. But for now, I want you to work for me." "As one of your knights of this Ebon Blade?" she asked.

"Yes, or would you rather be his sex toy than anything else?"

That night, Kali lay in bed staring at the ceiling as she was recooperating from her injury thinking of what Darion said. Thankfully, the Lich King had laid off her tonight since she wasn't well. She moved her pillow looking at the necklace he had given her as proof of her alliance with his men and women. "The Chosen One," she whispered. "The ancient prophecy told by Origrim Doomhammer. He said the Draenei came up with it, but both Alliance and Horde know it's truthfulness. That the one who walks the line of life and death would deliver them to peace from war." She shook her head. "That's not's a fairy tale." She put the necklace on and laid down again. Her eyes closed as she allowed sleep to overtake her body.

Training grew harder every given day. The harder it got, the more of the challenge Kali enjoyed. She was becoming quite a warrior and the Lich King knew it. She now had moved into his palace and was placed as one of the royal guards. Icecrown was just as the title She found herself slipping every five steps and catching herself as she was beginning to see how hazardous things were. Thankfully, she had a room to herself and kept a correspondence with Darion to report any changes that were happening. The times she knew the Lich King had her mind was when he wanted no more but to use her body as his own. Those times, she would space out, unable to think for herself. But once she gained her mind back, she was usually distant from everyone.

Kali considered Darion her friend and only comfort that she had. She would write to him whenever she felt like she couldn't handle things anymore and he would write back encouraging her to do her best. As the days went by, little by little, Kali felt the Lich King's grip on her fading. Yet she could tell he hated it and took it out on her, abusive to a severe point. There was one time she had fallen unconscious due to one severe lashing. The abuse led to Kali beginning to feed on things other than her given blood. She took out three Night Elves at one point. Gnomes and Dwarves were more than miniature snacks. The Draenei she never feasted upon, she had an upmost respect for them since they were survivors like she was. She also had a few Blood Elves as well. The body count was rising as the Lich King's anger was taken on her.

But freedom was soon to come.

"Kalista! Come here!"

Kali was awakened in the middle of the night hearing the Lich King's voice. She sighed and rubbed her eyes as she shuffled down the hall, her armor making noise as she soon arrived in the throne room. She bowed in front of him. "You summoned, sir?" she asked. "Do you remember your first night as a death knight?" he asked suddenly as she raised her brows. "Yes sir," she said. "Do you remember the words I said?" he asked leaning back in his throne. Her stomach twisted in knots. She was realizing the situation.

"You said for me never to betray you," Kali said keeping her voice even. A frosty mist emerged from his helmet almost as if he was glaring at her. "How do I punish you? My favorite...the one who I thought would be the one to assist me in forever, transforming this kingdom into a world we'd be proud of and rule as my Queen. To get your revenge on those who harmed you." He stood up as she took a step back. "You've become a traitor, siding with those bastard fools of the Ebon Blade!" he roared. His hand swiftly grabbed her by the throat as she struggled against his grip, her helmet clattering to the floor.

He stopped himself inches from snapping her neck in two. His free hand smoothed her hair from her face as he put her down. She coughed hard as she picked up her helmet gasping for air as he watched this. "Wretched fool...choosing to breathe instead of giving the blessed gift of the undead," he muttered rather disgruntled. "However, there is a final task you will come with me on. Then I will free you." She looked up at him. "Free me?" she asked rather confused.

"From my reign forever."

He walked to a portal as he activated it. "Come," he said as he beckoned her close to him. Kali felt his hand rest tightly on her shoulder as they appeared in the Alterac Mountains. She looked around a moment as he began walking, his boots sinking deep in the snow as she followed. She knew that there was a clan of Frostwolf Orcs that lived in the area as well, which worried her since they could attack them if they spotted them. He finally stopped and turned to her as he handed her an elixir. "This will keep you invisible from attack," he said as he watched her drink it. Yet her hand shook as the vial dropped to the ground before she dropped to her knees feeling completely numb. She looked up at him. "Y-You...tricked me..." she gasped out as he knelt down lifting her chin in his hand. "Die well, my pet," he whispered. "Die and become one of us fully." He let her drop into the snow as he disappeared.

"And it was then I found you," Drek'Thar said as he listened to Kali finish her story. "The poison hadn't finished it's full potential, yet we managed to save your life." She nodded slowly. "The memories are fadin' fast...I'm surprised I could remember that much," she said as she laid back again. Thrall nodded as he watched her. "You said the humans saw you almost as one of the Horde," he said. "As warchief, I can make that possible. That you join us as part of the Horde, and be welcomed and embraced with open arms, rather than fear." Kali sighed softly as she looked at him. "I wish to serve you, Master Thrall...teach me your ways so that I can fulfill what it is you seek," she whispered. "I ain't gonna be any trouble, I swear." He smiled as he looked at her. "Then you will be my pupil once you're fit to train," he said. "The ways of the orc are tough, yet I have faith you can fulfill them."
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