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A New Day

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Kali's first day in Orgrimmar is full of new people and things she had forgotten.

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Kali slept once again and awoke to a new day. She looked out the window a moment seeing the busy capital city beginning their busy day. In the Valley of Wisdom, which is where Thrall lived and worked, it seemed more laid back. In front of her lay the way to the Drag, but she could see just how tall the fortress truly was. She saw more of the races coming in and out, a few tauren included. Yet she saw mostly the Darkspear Trolls as well, hearing their strange accent finding it funny to a point.

Thrall let Kali venture out on her own to get used to Orgrimmar alone. She had her armor on and helmet as she looked around. She saw many races, pets, and a host of professions. It was almost all overwhelming. Yet what struck her most was there was no snow. No ice. Just warmth. A warmth that she never felt before, or remembered. She looked up seeing the flying mounts carrying people to and from the place. She saw guards, even was given a free meal for once in her life. She couldn't believe so many people could live, work, and actually connect within these walls of the grand city. It was then she saw a black wolf run past with light blue eyes. Kali watched this in fascination as this wolf transformed into a human looking person.

"Ah, Anya!" an orc called as the girl smiled waving. "Good morning!" she called, an accent to her voice sounding German to Kali's ears. She must've been from the Eastern Kingdoms or raised somewhere else. Anya turned and looked at Kali a moment walking to her. "So you're Thrall's new protege," she said. "Caine told me about you." Kali tilted her head. "The leader of the tauren knew of me?" she asked, her thick Southern accent finally returning. Anya nodded as she pushed back her black hair, which was more like corkscrew curls.

"What's a human doin' here anyway?" Kali asked as Anya snorted. "I'm no human," she said. "I'm a werewolf, but they called me a druid since I'm able to transform into an animal form. I came from Thunder Bluff to get a usual shipment of supplies. Trust me, the flight's a bitch." Kali chuckled softly on that as she nodded. "Looks like it could be," she admitted. "So a werewolf...from what I hear, orcs love wolves." "That's why I'm allowed here so freely," Anya said. "A wolf who can bear human legs and still be as swift on the full moon. Besides, I stay in Thunder Bluff. I owe the tauren a debt...a life debt."

Kali wanted to know more on this. She had never heard of a life debt. But it seemed Anya was in a bit of a hurry. "I hope we can talk again," she said. Anya smiled. "When Thrall allows you to travel, look me up. I'm in the Hunter's Rise of the city," she said. "Just ask for Anya Helsing." And with that, she turned and headed off. Kali watched this a quiet moment. She suddenly felt something rubbing against her and looked down to see a lone white tiger at her side. She smiled and hugged him. "Kamara," she whispered as she petted him. "So you found me." The tiger seemed delighted in that fact as he managed to nose off her helmet and lick the hell out of her face causing her to laugh, a sound that seemed so foreign to her at one point. She was surprised she even remembered how to laugh.

The zeppelin was a contraption run by the goblins. There was rumor these little green men were more for the Horde than the Alliance, but nothing was said up front to that, almost as if they were scared to do so. These ships would carry people to Northrend or Eastern Kingdoms or Thunder Bluff. Kali watched the goblins at work, while keeping from being swindled by them. One goblin seemed to bore her to death while trying to explain to her the quality of certain mining areas, which was one profession she hated to death. She finally managed to excuse herself and walked back into the main gates of Orgrimmar. She sighed and shook her head. " could somethin' so friggin' small be annoyin' like that?!" she grumbled.

It was well late in the evening by the time Kali decided to walk back to the Valley of Wisdom. She looked up hearing a loud voice as a blur ran past her. "Master Thrall!" a female voice squealed as he was thoroughly knocked backwards by a girl. The child, or she could pass as one, had silver hair in a high ponytail and dog ears. She seemed very hyper, yet happy to be there. Thrall chuckled softly and hugged her. "This is a surprise, Yasha," he said. "I didn't expect you here today." "We were passing through," Yasha said as she turned. There in the doorway stood a young man, about Kali's age. He had black hair and eyes and resembled either a rogue or a hunter.

The young man passed Kali, his eyes glancing at her through his long bangs before walking to Thrall and bowed politely. "She insisted we come pay you a visit," he said, his voice quiet and low. "Well, it's always good to stop by and say hello, Shiki, she was only doing what she thought was right," Thrall said as he let Yasha sit on his knee. Kali watched this in amusement. Thrall looked like he could crush the girl under his thumb while she sat there like he was Greatfather Winter or something. "Word has it a death knight is here as well," Shiki continued. "I wish to test his skills."

Thrall looked up. "I don't know where you got such information, but he isn't a male...she's a female," he said correcting him quickly as Shiki blinked. "Last I checked, I still had all the necessary parts that made me female," Kali said walking up as she frowned at him. She pulled her helmet off as he seemed to stare at her up and down. He swiftly charged her as she side stepped watching him fall off the platform with a crash. "I hate it when they think they can immediately begin," she sighed as she put her helmet back on. She walked to the arena as she reached back and grabbed her sword spinning it a bit and got into position, as those around the area watched, to see what skills they both had.

Yasha watched as the battle began. She was mostly watching Kali as she frowned. "I know her from somewhere," she said. Since her capture, she had shown she had amnesia due to a head injury. Part of a wall had fallen on her and Alison, causing memory loss. That was how they so easily could be persuaded into the Horde. Thrall looked at Yasha a moment. "Perhaps you do," he said quietly as he put a finger to her lips and watched the fight. He saw the swiftness of each blow, the power behind every spell and counter. Both of them seemed equally matched.

Shiki was the strongest warrior in the whole nation. His people had been killed in front of him by the Alliance and he hated them with a passion. So he changed from warrior to rogue in order to massacre any that fell in his path. Along the way, he began to tutor and train Yasha, who was just turning twenty-one, becoming an adult in her prime, yet still maintained a small body, due to illness as a child. But he was beginning to meet his match as he fought against a girl of all people. He felt them to be weak to a point. Yet this one had no weak to her, she was strong and her movements faster every given minute. He soon learned how fast when she struck him down her sword pointing at his throat. Yet she didn't kill him. Instead she moved her foot off his chest and sheaved her sword to move away. "Bitch," he growled and rushed to attack her from behind when she turned and used the Ice Chains against him to hold him down.

"An attack from behind," Kali said. "Quite cowardly of you. Especially when the battle is over." She moved off down a side door disappearing into a living quarters as the chains of ice shattered and he panted softly. "She's strong as they say," he said as Thrall nodded. "Yet she has limited control over another part of her," he said. He shook his head. "She hates fighting it seems." "Perhaps she's the prophecy?" Shiki suggested as Yasha looked up wide eyed. Thought flickered in Thrall's blue eyes as he peered down at Shiki. "Never given it much thought, but you could have a point," he said as Drek'Thar snorted. "Such a legend died out over 200 years ago," he said. "Yet we have the shamans to see if it's truthful!" Thrall interjected .

The old orc hushed his arguments on this.

Thrall put Yasha down and stood up. "Follow me," he said as he led them through the same door Kali had recently went through. Kali was taking her armor off a moment so she could breathe, wiping sweat from her face as she washed it off cooling a moment as she looked up seeing the three enter the room. It was then Shiki could see what she looked like under the armor. She had the body of a human, her skin tone pale slightly with a nice tan of someone who was outdoors. Her long brown hair now lay in tiny braids, blue beads on the ends of them as her eyes seemed to glow the blue of a death knight. Her breast size also caught his attention, yet he cursed himself for being so perverted.

Kali stood 5'3 and looked to weigh only 113 pounds. She now wore a white shirt and mail leggings, having removed the heavy plate armor and had it neatly placed nearby along with her sword. Kamara was nearby lapping some cream given to him by one of the cooks. She sat down as she looked at them. "Somethin' wrong?" she asked as Thrall shook his head. "I was wondering if later tonight, you could come to the shamans," he said. "I need you to be tested with the spirits for an important cause." She looked up at this and slowly nodded. "Yes sir," she said. "I will."
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