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Till 4ever meets no end

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Star James moved from Jersey when she was 9 years old and is now back at 17. sorry I am bad at summaries. I will post a better one later.

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Moving was a big part of my life. The first time I moved, I left all my friends behind. Now my mom is making me move again. Or I should say that she did make me move again. And again she made me leave all my friends behind again. Something that I will always hate myself for doing especially because I told them that I would back sometime, very well knowing that, that sometime will be a very long time. The first time this happened I was only nine and now I am 17. I hate moving because then I got to get used to new things that I am not used to. You know like being around something new and getting used to it is not something that you really want to do. But hey, we all got to do it sometime, right?
Mom says that this move will be good for me because I will be back in the place I haven’t been in a long long time. Yes, 8 years is a long long time. She says that maybe I wont hate her after all. I don’t hate my mom right now, I am just mad at her. But she is right; maybe this will be good for me. Maybe I will see the people I left behind when I left this place when I was only nine but then again, how will I know it’s them? People change and look different after seven years of not seeing them. I sigh.

“Star, can you please listen to me”
“I am listening to you mom”
“No your not. You were off in your own little land”
“No I wasn’t mom”
“Yes you were. Now can you please do as I am telling you and finish unpacking your things before next year?”
“Sorry. I’ll get it done”
“I want all of it done by tonight. You have had yesterday and today to get your things all unpacked”
“Sorry I said I’ll get it done”
“You keep saying that” she said slammed my door as she walked out

Mom is like that. She can loose her temper easily at the smallest things like… now, me not getting my stuff unpacked and she is getting mad and slamming my door.
I got up off my bed and walked over to the pile of boxes that were on my floor and full of my things. I started with unpacking my clothes and then went on. Mom called me down a little while later for dinner. We were having pizza.

“Is your stuff done?” she asked
“I know I know mom. Save it”
“Can you please just get it all done?”
“I will”
“Stop saying that and get it done”
“Stop nagging me” I said as I walked upstairs to my room and closed my door.

I finally finished un packing all my stuff by around 9pm. After that I was kind of debating on wether I wanted to go and walk around or if I should wait until tomorrow. I put on The Used and started thinking about random things until my mom came in

“just checking to see if you are done”
“well I am”
“okay but there is no need to be like that with me”
“well you have been bugging me all day long about getting my room done and I am tired”
“well I am tired to and if I didn’t bug you then you wouldn’t have got it done”
“I would have”
“anyways, so what are you doing now?”
“laying on my bed and listening to music?”
“you staying in for the night?”
“well yeah what else is their to do?”
“I don’t know I was thinking that maybe you would have wanted to go and look around or something”
“naw Im going to do that tomorrow”
“well Im going to bed now so good night”
“night mom” I said and she left, closing my door behind he
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