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Chapter 2

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I woke up the next morning to my music still blasting and a splitting headache.

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I woke up the next morning to my music still blasting and a splitting
headache. I remembered back to last night and just laying here on my bed
and listening to music. Guess its just one of those days that you wake up
feeling like a plane had hit you.
Mom came in a few minutes later, turned down my music and told me that
she wants me up now and that she means it. Caleb, my younger brother, came
in after my mom left but I shooed him out so that I could get showered and dressed. Who ever knew that a nice warm shower could feel so good when you have a splitting headache?
After my shower I dried off and got dressed in my black green day tshirt, a pair of
black ripped-at-the-knees skinny jeans, a studded belt and some wristbands. I went back
into my bathroom and did my make up and put my hair up in a ponytail but leaving my awesomely emo cut purple bangs down like usual. Most of the time I tease my hair but today I didn’t feel like doing so.
I went downstairs to find Caleb in the kitchen eating a bowl of lucky charms. I grabbed myself a bowl even though it was like almost afternoon. So what?

“Hey you” I said to Caleb as I sat down at the table with my bowl of lucky charms
“Wheres mom?”
“I dunno. But she said she will be back in a few minutes”
“Can we do something today?”
“You and me?”
“Sure, what do you want to do?”
“I don’t know” he said as mom came back
“Hi Mom. Where were you?”
“I just went to the store to get something” she said as she put a bag down on the counter
“Caleb and I are going to do something today”
“What are you doing?”
“I don’t know. I was just thinking that maybe I would take him to walk around and see everything since he doesn’t know wnything around here and plus I want to take a look and walk around to”
“Alright sounds good. Then that way I can finish getting everything else unpacked. Not much more to do” said mom as Caleb and I
got our shoes on “don’t be out to long”
“We wont” I said and we left

“Do you remember things around here?” asked Caleb as we walked
“Of course I do”
“Did you like it here?”
“Of course”
“Are you happy to be back here?”
“Of course I am” I said and noogied him
“Don’t noogie me” he giggled
“to bad I already did”
”your mean”
”what do you expect? I’m your older sister”
”yeah but your still mean”
”mean enough to take you in here?” I said as we walked inside starbucks
”awesome” he said as we stood in line
”strawberries and cream frap?” I asked him
”yes please” he said as we got up to the counter
”and what may I get you today?” asked the girl behind the counter
”two medium strawberries and cream fraps please”
”will that be all?”
”Yes please”
“That’s 8 dollars please” she said and I handed her
the money “thank you. Your drinks will be ready in just a minute”
“Thank you” I said as we waited for our drinks

as we sat at one of the tables and drank our fraps, caleb laughing because I was making
him laugh, a group of guys walked in. I watched as they ordered and then sat down at a
booth across the way. One of the guys kept looking at me as he and his friends talked and drank there fraps or coffees whatever they had. It couldn’t have been who I was thinking of.
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