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Chapter 64

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Ellie's P.O.V

“Are you sure your going to be okay Donna? We don't have to leave?” She continued to hug me but her body was limp and drained of all fight. “It's safer if you leave love. You'll be better off at Bob's. Both of you.” She looked up at Will who was throwing our stuff into our bags.
He was downstairs. Probably killing himself. What did I care. He'd done it. Hurt her. Git. “I promise I'll call tonight, as soon as we get to Bobs, I'm calling Trace and making sure she'd okay. Then I'll call to check your okay aswell.” Will was taking the bags to his car and we'd be at Bob's in minutes. Thank God. I needed to sit down and cry. And not for me but for Kat. Kat and Hester. Donna was weeping and I joined her as we said goodbye. Even Will shed a tear. He'd loved being here with Donna. He'd told me last night as we lay in each others arms that being here was like finally being home. Donna had become his surrogate mother and he loved her like a son would. We climbed into his car and sat in silence. His hand rested on the gear stick and I pressed mine to it. Be sat and cried in silence.

Trace's P.O.V

We pulled up to the apartment within 30 minutes of leaving Donna's. Kat sat crying on the back seat, her head against the window. Would she come back from this. Could she come back from this. And how. Was I the answer? Stop Trace. To much. Not now. She needs you. Her friend. I sighed. Climbing out of the car I took the bags from the back and Collected Hes in my arms. I unlocked the front door with ease. Dropping the case and bags on the floor I gently put Hes on the sofa before going back outside. Kat was stood against the car, her arms wrapped around her tiny body. He'd zapped all the life out of her. She tried to smile as I reached her but it was a weak attempt and she subsided back into tears. I took her in my arms and held her. She rested her head against my chest and sobbed. I stroked her hair. It was darker than the last time I'd seen her but it suited her. She pulled away from me slightly. Before I knew what she was doing her lips smashed against mine. I pulled her back from me and she let go. Shocked with herself as I was, she cupped my face in her cheek. “I'm sorry.” she rested her forehead against my chest. She was so short in comparison to me. I was like a giant looming over her. I wrapped my arms around her tightly. “You have nothing to be sorry for. I'm only sorry I didn't get you out of there sooner.” I walked her in slowly. She collapsed onto the sofa beside Hester but didn't move her daughter. She only sat staring into space. Rocking herself like a child. Fuck. She was a child. And already so broken.

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