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Chapter 65

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It was December 14th. Cold and dark. Hester was sleeping in her car seat and Kat sat huddled in the seat beside me. In three weeks she'd changed so much. She was brighter. Smiling and Laughing as I'd played with Hes as I fed her this morning.
We'd gotten stuck into a routine straight away. Sure Kat was quiet and shy for the first week. She hid in the bedroom most of the time. Only taking Hester when I wasn't home or if I was in the shower. But after the first week she'd gotten used to him not being around and we'd started again.
For that first and a couple of days of that second week, she'd slept in my bed and I'd slept on the couch. But in the middle of that 2nd week, things changed.
We'd been out shopping for the day. We'd had to go out of town. She still didn't want to run into him. It had been good. She'd bought a load of stuff for Hes and I'd pushed Hester around in the pram making jokes with her and ridiculing her when she picked up something stupid like a heart shaped ice cube tray or a toilet tissue holder that told you the time. She'd laughed and Hes had giggled with her mother when they made me try on clothes. I have to admit, That day may be one of my favourite days. I'd loved spending time with Kat. It was like old times on tour only this was more light hearted and jokey and I'd like to think that we'd looked like a family, out shopping for the day. Me, pushing Hes's pram one handed with my sunglasses and waistcoat on. Tattoos all on show. My arm wrapped around Kat lovingly. Her dressed in skinnies and a hoodie, her hair tumbling down her back in long black curls.
After a long morning shopping we'd stopped in at Bob's on the way home. Ellie and Will were all over each other and Bob looked a little pissed with them being all loved up but we joked with them and he cheered up. He was still worried about Kat and she kept reassuring him the pills were working. I'd made her go to the doctor the second day she'd been at mine. She'd told me everything that had happened and about the blood. The doc's had put her on medication and only that morning, I'd walked in accidentally on her breastfeeding Hes' in the bedroom. She really was fine.
Kat had cooked us a meal when we got home. A big stir fry. We'd eaten till we were full and crashed in front of the TV for a few hours, watching a thriller film, after she'd led Hes' to bed in my office(her new nursery).
As the film credits rolled I'd taken her from my arms and pulled myself off of the couch. Time for it to become my bed for the night. I'd pulled her up but her hand had lingered in mine. “Come to bed with me.” I'd followed her into my bedroom and let her pull my waistcoat off and my jeans down. She'd taken my hands and they'd unzipped her hoodie and jeans. Slowly. Everything was done slowly. Our lips colliding and dancing as our hands had roamed each others bodies. Her breathing in my ear as she begged me to cum for her. She screamed a little as I did but had then continued to kiss me as before.
From that night on, our routine had changed a little with Hes somehow getting fed and bathed earlier and put to bed quickly so that we had more time for ourselves. Every night the same thing, although Kat was becoming more relaxed so we were trying different things.
Her smile had brightened since that night and her kiss had lingered on my lips for as long as she could hold in private. We hadn't shown any of our friends any notion of a further relationship but I suspected they'd guessed when Ellie had nudged Will in the ribs the next day when we'd gone for a picnic with them.
Yesterday we'd spent the day at Rays house and we'd eaten with him. When we got home Hes' was asleep in her car seat and I'd left her beside the couch as Kat had taken my hand and pulled me towards the bedroom. As she lay in my arms, Hes had began to cry. Kat had pulled herself from my arms and kissed me before leaving me alone for a good ten minutes. When she returned, Hessy was in her footsie Pyjamas. Kat lay her down between us and the three of us had shared the same bed. I'd wrapped my arms around both of them and we'd slept in till 10, only giving us an hour before we had to be at Donna's.
Today was the day I had been dreading. Don and Kat had been keeping in touch with daily phone calls, as Ellie also did, but we had not yet been back to the house. Until today. Ray was taking him out for the day. To the studio. Tour had been cancelled when Kat had left and Mikey hadn't returned so we all had allot of free time to be had. Kat had to see Donna, as did Will and Ellie so they were meeting us there.
Hes gurgled in the back and Kat turned in her seat to check on her. “Everything okay?”
“Perfect.” And she smiled her most gorgeously perfect, sexy smile at me and I was forced to pull over the car. Down into a private drive. No way was she getting off lightly with that. Because as she'd smiled that most gorgeously perfect, sexy smile, I'd felt an urge surge through my veins and somewhere inside me harden and my core explode. I was going to have her right now. In this creepy drive covered in trees, in the front seat of my car. And she giggled as I unbelted her and pulled her onto my lap.

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