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Twinswitch! Ö Boyfriend or not?

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The Iero Twins switch places and Gee's up for a dession, boyfriend or no boyfriend? ...

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Note ::Sorry for letting you guys wait to long and stuf... :s
i wass just to bussy, like always -_-'
Sorry Sorry Sorry, i'll say it a million time ;) Yah know? I'll try to update more. x :: END Note

And so i did. I walked over To rebecca. "So, you're friends whit the lozer now?" She grinned while shewing to much gum. "Yeah, problems whit that?" i said, trying to look like her and faking a gum in my mouth.
I saw Lora grin widly in the background, man i love that girl. She just looked at me in a funny way. "Just don't gossip about my brothers boyfriend, futher boyfriend. I don't like it and you know what happens when i don't like something." I grinned aigan. The school would hate her from now on. She just looked away from me, not knowing anything to say in this situation. "ByeBye, FRIENDS" i said the last word rather sheesy.

When i walked back to the love of my live, Jezus, i'm sounding sheesy today, she just hugged me tight. If she would do that whit frank, i'm afraid he would snap.

After school

I wass waiting at the tree at the end of the domain of the school. That's where he said he would be after school. He wassen't here. He hates me, he told me so. The whole school hered it. 'I HATE YOU! LEAVE ME ALONE!' i remember. It so painfull, when someone tells you those words. I hate those words. But he said them, so i guess i'll be going. i ran over to my car. When i come closer i see a rather short, skinny dude, leaning against my car. "Hi Gee!" the dude yelled. It was Frank. My eyes went wide, he wass here. I just give him a goofy grin and told him to get in the car. "Don't i get a 'hi'?" he asked whit a fake sniffle, this wasn't Frank then i knew. A guy knocked on the window where 'frank' wass sitting. "GET OUT ALEX! YOU'RE DOOMED!" He yelled. "Sorry Frank, i'm sorry!" the guy next to me giggled. I AM CONFUSED. He stept out off the car. "It's time to die my hare..." Frank mutterd, the frank outside. "Hi Gee, this is Alex, my twin brother." He said while poking, who is supose was Alex. "It is time to die your hair" i giggled. "I was allmost making out whit your brother!" i yelled fake scared. They both blushed. "Well, uhm.. bye Alexie, i'll be home at" he watched at his non excicting watch. "what about, somewhere this evening?" he grinned at Alex. Alex nodded and give him a kiss on the cheek and a hug. "I see you this evening hun." he grinned. Then Frank finally got in the car. "What are you two? a married couple?" i said laughing. "No! where brothers, best brothers. We live alone, in an ampartment not far from school." He smiled at me. "Alone?" i asked. "Well, yeah.. He's becomming an great artist,... but yeah, our parents are just never home, so... they dumped us in an apartment." he giggled, but i know, he was meaning what he said. "How awful!" i said grinning wide. I finnaly started the car and started to ride down the road. "So where do you live hun?" Frank said. Sundenly i thought of something. "how do i know you're really frankie?" is said wondering, ignoring the question. "Uhm.. well lets see, I'm the one who's into dinosaurs, you will nothis if you ever see our room, I'm the one who you called an anorexic." he looked away from me. "What colour are you gonna die your hair?" aigan ignoring the question, he asked. "Orange, or something like that, but where do you live?" i ride up our porshe. "I live in a closset." i said while he was looking up an down the gigantic bilding. "It's just big, thats all!" i grinned and let him in. "Mikey, i'm home! i know you're upstairs whit Lora, but i just wanted to let you know!" i yelled at him. He came running downstaires "Lora isn't here!" he yelled and hugged me. I laugh, what is wrong whit him. "Gee! Lora asked me to the springball!!" he yelled ecited. "Oww, the ball where only hetro's are aloud because the girl haves to ask the boy." i said understanding. Mikey grinned at me. "You can say, Frank is a girl." he smiled wide. "Well i'm off to Lora's, byeeee!!" he yelled while opening the door and hoping on his scooter. Yess, he's the scooter kinda guy. "He likes you..." i mumbeld. "How do you mean?" Frank asked. "Just, he likes you, he likes you, he wants you to be my boyfriend" i said grinning. "Do you want me to be?" ...
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