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Nice Colour

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"Mikeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyy!!!" Lora yelled, not in a mean way. "Loraaaa!!" i giggled. "I wanna go inside! It's cold!" she giggled back. I pressed my ear aiganst the front door, no noice, no voice, no TV, no coffeemaker. It was very silent. I open the door. "Ger..?" i wanted to yel his name but he and Frank were in the hall, Frank's face was stressed. Gee's was amused, kinda. "Hellow?" i said while walking in between them to the staires. "Lora, comme over here, there just... stairing at eachother or something.." i giggled. "Well,.. Yes!" Gee sundenly said rather calme at Frank, who was now just grinning. "What was that about?" Lora giggled and skipped to the staires also. "We Will be upstaires,... Bye Weird Men." Lora giggled when i said that with an englisch accent. I pulled her upstaires, now we were in the upstaires hall way. "Youre sure?" i heard a shokking voice, Frank. "Of course,... I'm so sure.. I'm more sure as that cupcake" is supase he wass pointing at a cupcake. "is sure about the fact that theres cream on top of him." that was a weird sentence by, Gerard. A giggle from Frank and now we hear nothing anymore. "About what the fuck was that?" i hear Lora giggle. "No idea." i said blankly. She opened my bedroom door and walked in, i just folowd like a litle dog. She puts her bags on the couch, yess, i have a couche in my room. Her smile grows to a grin and she lays herself on my bed. I'm standing in a corner, watching her every move, she is to fasantating. Her Eyes flash from me, to her shoe's, to the wall, to an old Misfits poster and back to me. Her beautiful grey eyes. Filled whit love, not like Kelly's eyes. she's diffrent. She walked over to me and put her hand on my face. Her Head a litle to the right. We ended up in a close hug.Why am i planning on hurting her so much?

I wass looking at my shoe's, he just kissed me. The best kiss in the world. Well, i don't know. It was my first one. So maybe there's a boy somewhere out there, who can kiss threetousand times better. I'm not planning on checking out. I really like Gee. He's not like any other guy i've been whit. He was not like Benji,... Benji just wanted a boyfriend, so he could be special, diffrent you know. so, thats not a good example. I'm staring at the wall now. "Nice colour, you have on your sheeks." Gerard Said
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